Saturday, January 31, 2009


So I was checking Google Analytics, as I often do.. and I see that in the last month, I have had 31 visits (approx 1 per day) from Arcade. Is it someone I know? Please ID yourself, my friend. If it is not someone I know, then we should meet as I live 5 mins from Arcade.


I'm still getting mad hits from Saskatoon too. Holla to my buddies out that way too, eh?

I dunno where that last sentence came from, please ignore it and let's move on.

That's about all I have for the moment.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I forgot all about the Hockey SAB last night in the debacle that was the Sabres game. But never fear, I gathered lots of likely suspects during the All-Star Skillz competition. Yes, I always spell it with a Z cuz I'm street like that. ;)

Anyway here ya go:

-Mark Streit from the Islanders


-Actor Martin Henderson, shown here in the movie "Flyboys".. which is quite an enjoyable movie. :)

Separated at Birth? You be the judge. And that's it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


from this article about Ovie taking that nasty fall into the boards last night... (which really looked scary though he seems to be good)

“Forget the breath. I lost my mind,” the coach said. “The more you see it on the replay, just to see how tough he is—he went in fast and hard. I was a little disappointed in the (Boston) Garden faithful, I mean, booing him when he was down. There wasn’t a person in the stands that could have taken that kind of hit and got back up.

Yeah, that's classy.

I'm disgusted. I don't care who it is, if there is a guy on the ice, you DON'T effing BOO him! Geez.

this is our beer

I love that they kept showing Molson Canadian (best beer ever) all game. Except that now I want one and we have none. Blah. Oh well.

Um.. Sabres.. what the HECK was that all about? You tie it up nicely in the 2nd then forgot to show up for the third. That was ugly. Please don't do it again.

That's really all I feel like saying about this game. It was icky.

Love, Sam

OH MY GOODNESS and can we PLEASE stop showing stupid commercials with stupid Carrie Milbank (who had to read HOCKEY FOR DUMMIES when they hired her so she could pretend to have a clue what she was talking about?) Yeah I don't want to look at her. She makes me sick. And the commercials are STUPID. Yeah, stupid.

Time to go read. It will make me feel better.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wow are the Oilers this bad or are the Sabres this good? It's 4-0 Buffalo with 17 mins in the 2nd period. The boys scored on 2 of their first 3 shots.. this is sweet. Roy, Staffy, Paestch (say what?) and Hecht with goals so far. As my sis Brett said.. "Roloson needs to take nap. Or maybe he was napping." LOL Of course if anyone could blow a 4-0 lead, it would be the Sabres.

It's not too horrible watching a non-Sabres feed. It's not like we have RJ to listen to anyway and these guys are decent.

I have never even heard of half of the Oilers.

OOooh no Mair is broken now. Well, at least he's not a defenceman, but I hope he's okay anyway.

Watching western games always brings me back to the beginning of my hockey fandom, when I was dedicated to the Vancouver Canucks. They were not often on ESPN but you know that when they were (particularly the playoffs in 1994, the very beginning), I was staying up way too late and watching them. No matter that I had to be up at 6 for school, it was hockey and it was MY team and there was no chance I was missing it. Those were the days when I would watch any and all hockey I could get my hands on. The margins of my math and science and even occasionally history notebooks from high school were covered with hockey stats and facts and whatnot. I was obsessed and nothing made me happier than watching hockey. The love of hockey hasn't changed, though my notes are now online in the form of a blog and I don't watch the random games as much (evenings tend to be busy around here) but it's still hockey and it's still fun. ANd of course I live in the Buffalo area and watch as many Sabres games as I can but it will never be quite like the early days of hockey watching. I was thinking about that while watching the all-star game. It really made me miss Pavel Bure. I've babbled about Bure a few times on here so I'll spare you but he's been on my mind lately. I would pay good money for a DVD of Pavel Bure highlights. LOL

Okay.. back to the Sabres. Holy whoa there have been 137 coaching changes in the NHL since 1997 when Lindy Ruff was hired. He's so the man.

OH MY GOSH it is now 7-1 Sabres. This is hilarious but I feel kinda bad for the Oilers. Only a little though.. the Sabres need a game like this- perfect timing for it.

I just put a bid on an old Canucks Bure jersey. I own a black Canucks jersey (the old black, red and yellow ones) and I own a Pavel Bure jersey (Panthers) but I always wanted a Bure Canucks jersey so it's time. It's going for really cheap (I put a bid up to $25 cuz I don't need it but it'd be cool to own) and the bidding ends in 2 days so we'll see what happens. There are some sweet Pavel Bure items on ebay right now, including lots of white 'Nucks jerseys- which I always really wanted- but they are a lot more expensive. There is also a Pavel Bure watch, made by my Pavel's Great-Grandfather for the Czars of Russia. Mad sweet but way too expensive for my budget. It would be soooo cool to own one of those though, seriously. Oh well.

Hey guys, did I tell you that I'm going to Ottawa on Feb 6-8? My sis and I are participating in a triathalon- as a team- that includes an 8km skate on the Rideau canal (I'm doing that part), a 5k (I think) run (Renee' is doing that) and a cross-country skiing thing too (my sister's friend is doing that). Pretty sweet, eh? it should be fun. Our sister Brett is also coming along for the fun. We will be going to the Sabres/Sens game that Saturday night. I'm super excited about that because Sabres/Senators games are always fun and it's a great time to cheer for the other team- plus it's HOCKEY in Canada which is just brilliant. ;)

Wow Goose is bustin the commercials- Go Green and promo-ing the Infiniti car place. It's all good, he's looking rather dreamy so I'm not complaining. :)

Wow the Sabres really haven't played in Edmonton for 2 years? Weird. I def. like the whole every team plays every team thing. Good stuff.

Let's go around the NHL: Hot dang Rick Nash was the man tonight. He scored all 3 of CBJs goals, including the game winner in OT which was a sick goal too. Well done brutha.. OOoooh Ovie took a nasty hit to the boards but he came back later in the game so.. I hope he's good. I like him, I can't seem to help myself. And geez could the Caps have left Krejci any more ALONE to score that OT goal? That was lame horrible defence, my friends.

I really want to see CBJ go to the playoffs, it would make my Ohio-loving heart very happy. As of the moment, they are in. (dude on the broadcast just called him "Steve" Nash- no you ijdit[yeah I spelled it like that on purpose], it's RICK!) Ahem.. anyway I like the Blue Jackets, even though they always seem to play really well against us. I wasn't born there but I spent more time in Ohio than any other state (about 16 years) so I claim it as "home" and I want my "home" team to do well. They have amazing fans who always get made fun of (for no reason), a great arena (and a thriving Arena district in what was once the ghetto of Cbus), fantastic and well-liked ownership and Columbus is one of my favorite cities so it's time for them to get some love that doesn't start with The and end with Ohio State University.

Man I'm full of random tangents tonight. Okay boys it's 7-1 now and if you give it away, I will cry and disown all of you. Got it? That being said, continue to fire at will. :)

Staffy scores his 2nd of the game. 8-1. Ha. Make that a hat trick. Stafford just nailed another one and it's 9-1. Insane. Maybe Edmonton will put Roloson back in? LOL

Wow it's a good night for my fantasy team, even though I forgot to update. *I thought I checked but I guess not* Well all I missed out on was 2 goals (one was a PP) but overall I'm pretty set. It helps that Royzie has a goal and 2 assists and Pommer and MacArthur also have 2 assists each. Marc Savard (forgot he was on my team LOL) has a goal, as does Elias. Sweetness. We have 12 pts tonight. It kinda sucks though in my other league, because Rick Nash has 3 goals (which is sweet) but I forgot to set up Nabokov as my goalie and he's working on a shutout! Grrrr.

Whoa Edmonton scored. Ha. They cheered pretty heartily for him though.

Sweet move, Timmay-a shortie even! It's 10-2 now my friends. What a lovely game. There have been worlds of penalties though. Oh well, doesn't seem to be hurting the Sabres at all. LOL They are even playing good D even though it totally doesn't matter at this point.

Sick game, boyos. It was a blowout but it was still quite well-played, all around. REMEMBER THIS FEELING WHEN YOU CONTINUE THIS ROAD TRIP, MY FRIENDS. :)

And with that, I'm off to shower and get some sleep. I went sledding and playing outside for 2 hours today, I'm tired!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

hilarious randomness

Oh here we go with the NHL Skills Competition. Good times. I missed the trick shot (why did they do that first?) but I just saw that Ovie won it. What was he wearing? He's so random.. I love it. His hair is out of control.

And how adorable is Marc Savard? Who knew? Oh yeah, he's a Bruin. Gross. I don't like those guys, but like Pookie and Schnookie point out, it's okay to like enemies during the all-star festivities.

I should be paying attention. This is a prime chance to collect some Hockey SABs for the future.

For some weird reason, I can't ever remember what Ilya Kovalchuk looks like. I'm always surprised when I see him. It makes no sense but there it is.

The accuracy shot is kickin. I have no idea how they do that.. it's amazing. I love how they are playing the Mission Impossible theme during the shooting.

Aww these commercials are too cute. I liked the Ovie, Chara and Savard one where they were saying 'you're watching the Honda Super Skills competition on VS" in their own languages, that was sweet. And when I saw the commercial a couple of nights ago where they had clips of the big guns and "Bonjour Alex", "Bienvienu a Montreal", etc. It almost made me cry. No idea why, but it was one of those moments.

YAY Stevie Yzerman won the "Bridgestone Captain" award. He totally deserved it. Stevie is the man.

I love how ppl are just tossing stuff over the glass to be autographed. So fun. I want to hit an all-Star game one day..

Holy Whoa- Chara hooked it up with 105.4! That is serious.. and good for him giving money to his charity for winning.

I wonder how many players (I know Vanek is one) who are here tonight DON'T have a letter on their chest. We have a lot of Captains and a lot of Alternates.

By the way, Sheldon Souray is smokin.

Oh wow, Vanek's shot in the Elimination Shootout was sweet! I liked his swirly move over the puck before he shot. Good stuff. He lost in round 2. Awwwww. Love the hair, did Royzie help him out with that? LOL

I am getting mad ideas for hockey SABs.. this is good because pickings were slim there for a while.

And it's over. Doan won the Elimination Shootout. That was pretty fun. I was totally pulling for Savard because he was so darn cute with his commentary but oh well. I really enjoy Doan too so it's all good. At least it wasn't someone icky like Hedjuk.

Ah hockey.. and hockey boys all up close and personal. How fun. Now it's time to do something else.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Freaky friday

There have been several occasions on this blog where I've alluded to the practice of writing Hockey Song parodies. I have a few that I wrote some years ago, and maybe I'll get around to posting them eventually if I can find them- I think they are on a file somewhere.. but Wed night when I was at work composing that brilliant disseration with DRoy and creating characters for a play that I'm writing, I heard a song on the radio. Well I heard lots of songs on the radio.. and I was struck to write one. I tried my hand at "Love Story" (the only Taylor Swift song I can stand) about Patrick Sharp, but it wasn't going anywhere.. and then I heard "Wherever you will Go" by The Calling. (actual lyrics found here ) and since it's a song that I actually know and enjoy, the ideas just started flowing. So here you are:

"Whatever They Will Shoot"

So lately, when winning, who is guarding the Sabres net?
Way back there, last line of defence, and right now the best
If the d-men should fall, don't give up on them all
Cuz Miller is on call and he's playing like a wall

With blocker, or goal stick
He'll stop whatever they will shoot
Try top shelf, or five-hole
He'll block whatever they will shoot

The Sabres are back in the picture, holding down a playoff spot
With close games, some shootouts, their wins are keeping it hot
Miller keeps down the score, and the forwards all score more
The team's play is making the fans cheer, now it's becoming clear

With blocker, or goal stick
He'll stop whatever they will shoot
Try top shelf, of five-hole
He'll stop whatever they will shoot

Saving shots from the point
Saving shots from the slot
Catching pucks in his glove

It's late now, don't worry 'bout the other team scoring any goals
He's stalwart, still in it, right down till the final buzzer goes

With blocker, or goal stick
He'll stop whatever they will shoot
Try top shelf, or five-hole
He'll stop whatever they will shoot

Even in overtime (he'll stop whatever they will shoot)
Try him in a shootout (he'll stop whatever they will shoot)
He'll stop whatever they will shoot

Good? Bad? Lame? Let me know. I had fun writing it and maybe I'll make it a feature on the blog, but not ever week, I don't think. I have a hard enough time with the Hockey SAB. LOL

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm a legend in my own mind

Okay so.. I was really really bored at work yesterday. I do various things for Subway (eat fresh) and one of them involves going to a Subway restaurant and surveying the customers to find out where they are coming from and going to in order to track traffic. I have to be there at lunch (11:30am-2pm) and dinner (5-7:30pm). It's interesting enough, the questions are very easy and most people are quite helpful. But sometimes, like last night, the store is unbearably slow and I have to sit there between customers looking for ways to entertain myself. Only 20 people came into Subway last night in 2.5 hours. That left me with a LOT of downtime. Luckily, I was feeling creative. So, when thinking about how lately I've been ignoring my love of Derek Roy in favor of slightly goofy, extremely dashing Patrick Sharp, "Derek" decided to call me out on it. The conversation went something like this..

Derek Roy (henceforth known as DR): Sam, I've noticed that lately your attention has been wandering. I mean, out of the last 10 or so posts on your blog, only 3 were about me but 4 were about him.
Me: Him? Which "him"? *whistles*
DR: *glowers* You know who I'm talking about. That... that BLACKHAWK! Patrick Sharp.
Me: Ooooh.. him. (guiltily) Well, Derek, I really didn't want it to come out this way, but there *is* another guy. I know, I've been pretty faithful to you for a few years now, you even won the favorite "active" player from Marty Brodeur, but lately, it's like you aren't even trying to keep my attention. The Sabres have been better but your game is still inconsistent. And you only score goals when I'm not watching. And what about post-game interviews?
DR: Don't you care about intangibles? I've been HITTING people! I thought you liked scrappy Royzie.
Me: I do. It's just that.. well there are other players out there that are fun to watch too.
DR: *mutters* I don't believe this!
Me: And I hate to tell you this, but maybe being a popular player is hurting you here. The Sabres powers that be on the website and the Sabres Show only seem to want to profile the lesser-known guys. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but maybe you should do something to make them want to talk about you...I mean, he's got the "Pick (on) a Teammate" gig, the "all-star" ad, this guy cranks out video. He's really connecting with his fans.
DR: But.. he's in Chicago. How is that connecting with anything?
Me: The internet makes everything smaller, my friend. Still, you must know this wasn't easy. I tried to fight it.
DR: Then WHY, Sam? What does he have that I don't?
Me: Well, for starters, he's tall, dark and handsome.
DR: Not fair! Genetics, man. I'm NOT short! I'm.... fun-sized, yeah. Good things come in small packages? Okay so I'm not tall... I'm not dark.. well we all know this isn't my natural hair color.. I could go back for you, no more highlights. But I'm handsome, right? I could grow my beard again, I know you like the red beard.
Me: I'll take it under advisement. You can't beat his hair though, so don't even try.
DR: What else?
Me: Let's look at goals. He had 36 last year to your 32. He had 7 shorties last season. 7! Lead the league. Shorthanded goals are HOT. You had 3. Not bad, but not league-leading. Also of note, he was a +23 for the season on a team that didn't make the playoffs, and he had 9 PPG in there. SO he was on the ice for a lot more goals for than goals against. Just sayin.
DR: Live in the now.
Me: Ok-This year Sharpie has 21 G and you have 18. He has 7 PPG, you have 4. You do beat him on Game Winners and you have more points, but he has more goals. And I like goals. So he wins there. And I've got both of you on my fantasy teams but he can play C or LW so he gets an edge there too. Versatility. He's good in the circle, too.
DR: Fine. I had 81 pts last year in 78 games and 44 in 47 games this year. He's not that good.
Me: Not yet. But what about off the ice? The only non-hockey I can find of you are "look at my beer belly" shots and some really disturbing pictures of you wearing women's clothing. Ugly women's clothing. I really hope you were drunk when those pictures were taken. Try to explain that one?
DR: It's not my fault! My friends are mean. It's not the 'real' me.
Me: Not buyin it, buddy. All I see of Sharpie are some random pics with fans (he's wearing his JERSEY) and some oh so foxy modeling of Team Canada World Championship jerseys. You played on Team Canada.. didn't see them picking YOU to represent.
DR: But I did score 5 goals.
Me: Didn't see 'em so they don't count here. Moving on. Patrick Sharp is always filming things for the Blackhawks website. I barely see you on the Sabres..
DR: I showed you my HOUSE!
Me: I know. And your personal assistant.. really?
DR: I can explain!
Me: Save it. Humility, my friend. You'd do well to learn it. A little self-deprecating humor wouldn't hurt either. Say.. do you have any footage of your time in the band Power Struggle with Ryan Miller back in the Rochester days? That might win you some points.
DR: No. But I was on the All-Star Ballot! Didn't even have to write me in.
Me: Are you on the All-Star team? Your first part of the season was pretty forgettable.
DR: I've picked it up! I scored 2 goals last night!
Me: Again, when I wasn't watching. You've got to coordinate this better. I've not giving up on you.. just know that there are other gents out there worth a look. And I will be looking. I want to see some good, feisty, goal-scoring Derek Roy (that helps the Sabres WIN games) and maybe a little fun on the side.. do something to get yourself on the Sabres show, will ya? Then we'll re-visit the topic. I do still have your jersey (and no, I haven't bought a Sharp one and don't plan to.. yet) so you are still #1.. barely. Don't push me.
DR: Thanks. I'll see what I can do. Oh, I might be firing my PA soon.. want to put in an application?

And there you have it. I thought it was funny but I'm sure I'm just crazy. Tomorrow we'll visit Ryan Miller and the song I wrote about him.

you know it

Um we don't want to talk about the Sabres game. Roy had 2 goals, that was hot but the rest was a sloppy mess. Yick.

I do have some funny things to share, like an imaginary conversation Derek Roy and I had (I wrote the whole thing tonight at work when I was bored out of my mind!) and a song parody I wrote about Ryan Miller. (I think I jiinxed him- whoops!)

But I am very tired and it's late (early?) so I will only share this week's Hockey SAB, suggested by Anne. I think it's great:

-Dave Andreychuk- of several teams, including a long stop in Buffalo but most recently before retirement of the Tampa Bay Lightning


-Former Lightning coach (and ESPN analyst and keeper of one of the best mullets in hockey) Barry Melrose.

Anne, I like the way you think. Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge.

More tomorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2009

why does he do this to me?

No cheating on the Sabres tonight.. (the Hawks lost 4-1 btw, I jumped over there after the Sabres game)

Anyway I was perusing the Blackhawks video offerings again and I found this gem:

Vote Patrick Sharp for All-Star.

("I'm Patrick Sharp and I don't get it either")


And seeing old vs. new videos of him, I think I actually like the short hair better. I was kind torn on it for a while.. the long "hockey hair" looks good but the short hair is better, I think. And I can't figure out what color his eyes are.. sometimes they look green, sometimes blue. Oh Patrick Sharp.. how you plague me. We may have to have a throw down between Royzie and Sharpie. Stay tuned. ;)

Glad I'm blue

Paul Gaustad is a Goose.

So says my 2-yr old nephew. And he KNOWS these things.

Speaking of Mr. Goose.. he's been awfully quiet tonight. Are we sure he's playing? Did I miss something? He sure is dreamy in the Green Team commercials though.

Roy seems like he wants a goal. None yet but he's been kind of all over the place tonight. (and he's got the scruff back so it's about that time)

Oh and just in case you missed it, David Booth is a "slippery customer" according to Harry. Where does he come up with that stuff? That's awesome. LOL

It was the Butler did it! (Sorry, I just can't help saying that every time I hear Chris Butler's name. I'm a nerd. I know this.)

I am hearing some Let's Go Buffalo up in that piece. That is great.

Seriously though, if we are talking about the game... I don't know that Booth should have had a penalty shot. I mean, a penalty sure, but that didn't look like a clear breakaway to me. Oh well I'm not in charge, am I? But how boneheaded can we be- 2 penalties on the same play? Bad news.. 5 and 10. Eeeks.

Ewwww Nathan Horton scored. Now it's tied. Argh. C'mon Buffalo. Get it together guys.

Right about now would be a sweet time for a goal, Royzie. You can't let your BFFFF David Booth take all the glory tonight.

Oh and YAY for Birthday Boy Thomas Vanek with a goal. Good job buddy. I'm glad you could celebrate your bday in style. That must be fun. It's not usually fun to work on your birthday, but I guess when "work" is playing hockey AND you score a goal, that's not so bad. Heh. I'd just like to GO to a hockey game on my bday, but that isn't something that happens when your birthday is August 26. LOL

Roy REALLY wants a goal here. Yeeks Sabres iced it with 17 secs left. DON'T GIVE IT AWAY HERE BOYS! Be smart. Be smart.

Awww the little Sabres fan is cute! There are many Sabres fans at the game tonight.. I love it!

And we're going to Oooooooooovertime! *phew* Are we gonna get another fancy shootout tonight? Well we get at least 1 point so that is good. We need all the points we can get against Florida.. now we need to steal 2.

I feel that Pominville needs a goal tonight. It's been a while for him. I guess we'll see what happens. Here we go.

Wow it's pretty fast and furious so far in the OT. Some chances on both ends.. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA what just happened? Miller made 2 saves with no goal stick.. Butler neatly tied up Booth (without drawing a penalty..that was really cool) and somehow.. somehow the Sabres are still in it.

*Anyone notice the kid behind the FLA bench with a Penguins Winter Classic sweater on? RANDOM.

Yeesh we are going to a shootout. Man, Booth was all over the ice for the last minute and a half or so. That guy is crazy.

Woohoo Miller stones Horton and Booth on the first 2... and with a goal by Kotalik it's all on Royzie....... AND HE SCORES!!!!!!WOOHOOO Good job my man. :) That's 2 SO in a row that Roy had the game winner. Too bad that doesn't count towards his goal total. (but it counts in the big picture which is the best..)

YAY! Not too bad of a game, all around. Well done boyos. :) Let's do it again in Tampa, shall we? See ya there.

**Now hold on a minute here. They gave the deciding goal to Kotalik. But that's not fair because if Roy hadn't scored then there would have been another shooter. So shouldn't Royzie's be the deciding goal? Hmm. **


First.. sending some good mojo to Fla:
C'mon Sabres, you can WIN tonight.. do it do it do it! It's the Panthers, for crying out loud. I know they (somehow) beat y'all early this year.. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! You are better than that. Right? RIGHT?! That's what I thought..

-Seriously, does YAHOO! have people proofing their updates on Fantasy Hockey? I saw this the other day and it made me cringe:
Columbus rookie goalie sensation Steve Mason said Friday Brodeur was his idle growing up.
Really? C'mon. I'm pretty sure Brodeur wasn't doing too much "idle-ing" when he was growing up.. don't know about Mr. Mason but I doubt he was either..

Tell ya what.. I'll offer you a deal Yahoo! I will come work for you and proof the hockey notes? Just tell me where to apply and I'm in!

Meh. Sorry I'm a bit anal about proper use of words and grammar and such. Just one of those things.

-And Sabres.. my "other" team is playing on VS tonight.. and if you don't play like you want me to watch YOU, I may have to change the channel and stare at the hotness sweet, goal-scoring, hilarious-video-creating machine that is Patrick Sharp and the rest of the 'Hawks. Then you'll be sorry. (Psst.. don't tell the Red Wings, k?)

Enough of that. See y'all after the game!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Now that was refreshing

The Sabres actually played a GOOD GAME! Not one of those we'll play 20 minutes or 40 or 55.5 but an actual, 60-minute effort from the whole team. I LIKE it! Very well done, boys.

I really enjoyed Miller's post game interview as well. He seemed so relaxed and... happy. Not giddy like when snatching victory from defeat (i.e.Dallas) but just happy with the way they are playing. It's so refreshing to see the boys not looking all defeated and lost all the time.

See how much more FUN winning is, fellas? You can do it.. YOU CAN DO IT ALLLLL NIGHT LONG! :):)

I like it!

And that's really all. I don't want to re-hash the game. They played complete hockey for the first time in a long time and damn it felt good.

Friday, January 16, 2009

the goose is loose

Wow last night's game was something else. I'm glad I wasn't liveblogging because this place would have been very angry. Instead I barely watched the game.. more listened to it because they were making me sick.. and I was working on a new puzzle I got for Christmas. But I was paying attention to the game and I was super happy when they finally got their act together and started to play like they actually wanted to win. Goose just owned everybody last night. Good job!

Royzie played decently and his shootout goal was sick. He had a lot of chances. Woohoo for Yo-Yo to finally get one.. and I'm glad MacArthur was able to contribute too.. he's been awfully quiet of late on the scoresheet. Miller was good when he need to be (though there were some questionable moments for a bit there) The boys really put the pressure on in the 2nd and 3rd and were able to get the 2 points to show for it. It was an admirable effort to come back from a 3-0 defecit and take it in the shootout. *phew* And check it- they were SHOOTING THE PUCK! And they scored 4 goals... coincidence? I think not. (oh, btw Miller says THANKS GUYS for scoring more goalz)

Did anyone else catch the comment that.. I think it was Sylvester made when he said that Lindy was asked after the Chicago game about the execution of his team and he said it would be a good idea. I got a nice LOL about that one.

so.. yeah Carolina tomorrow. I hope we stomp them. I guess we'll see. Go Sabres!

I think that's about it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm a blogging fiend!

Read the last 3 or 4 posts if you feel like it.. I've been a little spazzy on the posting here in the last day or 2 but I seem to (suddenly) have a lot to say!

So, Buffalonians, take heart! Remember last year when we were having that (I shudder to remember that) 10 game losing streak.. and then the bustin win over Atlanta (ha) then the immediate return to crappy hockey. Well.. the real turning point for the 2nd half of last season (and Roy's personal season) was the game against Dallas- when Royzie had 2 goals and the boys won a hard-fought, nasty game in Dallas. I would love to see that happen again tonight. Heck, we could blow them out of the water if we want, I just want to see some good, hard-hitting, playing like WE CARE ABOUT WHETHER WE WIN OR LOSE hockey. Is that too much to ask for? Sometimes, with the Sabres, it is. I hope they decide to show up tonight.

and I say again, to the team that has scored 3 goals in 3 gameson behalf of Ryan Miller:

the end.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

found it

YAY! I got one..

How about this?

The aforementioned Patrick Sharp of the Blackhawks:


Patrick Dempsey- AKA Dr. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy.

I'm feelin that. A whole lotta McDreamy Patricks up in that piece, eh?

So a little stalker info on Sharpie- his mom is Canadian, Dad is Scottish. (HOT) His bday is December 27, 1981. (Hometown of Thunder Bay, ONT) Ooh a younger man, but just by a couple of months. That's totally do-able. ;)

The Blackhawks win for the funniest behind the scenes videos- including quite a few about team prankster Sharpie. I love it.

He went to University of Vermont for 2 years then signed with the (eww) Flyers, where he spent 02-03 to 05-06 with them then went to Chi-town where he has been since. He won a Calder Cup with the AHL's Phantoms in 2005. He's an alternate Captain and he's also #10 (my favorite number!) And don't even get me started on his eyes and his jawline. I will disgrace myself and this blog and never be taken seriously again. So I'll save those thoughts for the private journal. HAHAHA

It's a match made in heaven.

I gotta go before I embarass myself.

I guess we'll file that one under boys will be boys then..

So I was going to watch the game real-time, but we actually went to a St. Bonaventure basketball game with some ppl from church so by the time I got home it was the 3rd period. But I did dvr the game so..

This is a sorta but not really "live" blog. I am watching the game on a dvr-delay but I know that late in the 3rd the Sabres were losing so basically I'm watching the game for something to do and only sort of paying attention.

Ah the Sabres scored- that's an intersting line: Mair, Gaustad and Kotalik? Well it worked. 1-0 Sabres.

Ew the 'Hawks scored. At least it was Patrick Sharp, who is on my fantasy team.

Blah. WHY is Chris Butler sitting? He has earned a spot. He is playing better than several of our veterans.

MMmmmm Sharpie. Oh sorry, I was distracted there by a closeup. Sorry feeling very hormonal and it just needs an outlet sometimes.

Who am I kidding? I know the Sabres lost this game but it's been so long since I've watched hockey on tv that I feel like I need to see it through. We'll see how long it lasts. (probably till I get bored of writing this entry.)

EEK that second goal was nasty. Poor Lalime. He just can't catch a break. He really is a better goalie than the numbers would make it seem.

Awww a little *squee* in HeatherB's direction for the piece on Hank. *aside to Heather: I've got it on the DVR, want me to dvd it for you?* Wow his kids are adorable and it was way too cute the way he was talking about sledding with them!

Why is the color so off on this broadcast? Is the lighting in the United Center all whacked out or something?

Why do the Sabres suck on the power play? Seriously. To paraphrase Harry, you need to "sniff out those rebounds" boys.

Can we get over Soupy already? I'm done. I've been done since last year before he left us. Enough Already.

Oh Patty Lalime- I'm sorry dog but Havlat just undressed you with that 3rd Chi goal. He picked his spot and ripped it in. :( It burns us!

Is anybody else annoyed by the Blackhawks goal song? I like ours much better.

How gross is that lung cancer commercial? Puke city. Ha that commercial followed by a Tim Horton's commercial.. that's just wrong.

ugh this game is just lame. What happened to our bustin New Year's boys? Where did they go? I'm currently searching out pictures of Patrick Sharp (there aren't very many, what is UP that with?) because I want him to be my Hockey SAB because he is SO VERY LOVELY but I haven't decided who he looks like yet.. besides what I'd like to see every night before I close my eyes. HAHA how lame was that? I thought it was kinda funny actually. It's good to make yourself laugh at least.

Just caught a close-up of Royzie and it looks like he shaved. Guess what? NO points for Mr. Roy tonight. He is just futhering my theory. Derek, don't you read my blog? Haven't you noticed this trend, because I surely have. Yep. You lose.

Okay I am done rambling because I have nothing to say about this game. The boys aren't able to get anything done and it sucks. I may or may not finish watching but really... you have 6 minutes (in a row) of PP time and NOTHING? NOTHING? ARGH! Lindy was probably not happy after this one.

Yeah I'm off to internet-stalk Sharpie and find him a celebrity look-alike. Later peeps.

Thanks Bucky!

Great article about Derek Roy in TBN.

Yeah, what he said. ;) Derek Roy has been quietly going out and getting the job done this year. He started off very slowly but has been consistently producing over the last 25 or so games- and he's really been on fire since the New Year. I like this Derek and I hope he continues. One telling stat is his goals-assists ratio. Like a good centerman, he has more helpers that goals. (16G, 24A)

He is turning into the leader (at least on the ice, even if he doesn't have a letter) that the Sabres knew he could be.. and he showed flashes of in the past. This is the guy who led his OHL team to the Memorial Cup. This is the guy who can lead the Sabres into the post-season again. And as Bucky points, out, he's great "bang for the buck". The Sabres are known for bargain players and I guess our little Royzie is no exception. It's just to see what we knew he could be finally starting to show.

Keep it up, Derek. We like what we see. The rest of them will follow you- and you have a great group around you. Become those plucky guys who gutted out games back in the first 2 seasons after the lockout. Forget Captain America and the little French-Canadian that could. This is now- the boys need to BE in the now and play like they mean it and for Heaven's Sake- SCORE SOME GOALS! (see previous post) If they do it.. they will make the playoffs. Right now they are (precariously, but it's there) clinging to a spot and as everyone knows, it's not which seed you are in the playoffs, but the fact that you are IN that matters. Anything can happen once the second season starts.

But that is still a few months away. The boys need to play each game with desperation (and we are finally seeing signs of that, if you discount Saturday's game in Detroit) and like it's game 7 of the finals, score some goals and let Miller worry about the net behind them.

Okay I dunno if that ramble made any sense at all but there it is. I feel like I haven't seen the Sabres in ages. (I was AT the game a week ago yesterday and one a week before that) I haven't watched them on tv since.. last year? LOL it really was though, the last game I saw on tv was the game in Washington- what was that, Dec. 26? Yeah I miss the boys. I am excited about today's game. I like the Blackhawks to a point- they are pretty plucky themselves ( i think "plucky" is the word of the day), they have lots of young talent and they have turned the team around from the brink of non-existence into a real contender. As a fan of hockey (not just the Sabres), I can appreciate that. However, I really want the Sabres to win tonight because it will be good for them. And I don't like Brian Campbell. I don't particularly have anything against him (except for all those times he got burned on D because he was too busy spin-o-rama-ing or pretending to be a forward) but I'm glad he is not in Buffalo anymore because I think he's pretty overrated and we didn't have to pay too much money for him. Thank goodness.

Now I'm out.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ain't I been sayin it?

Derek Roy plays better with a beard.

Seriously- I've said this many times.. for whatever the reason, Royzie plays better when he's scruffy. Whether it's a day or 2 worth of growth for here- he seems like he's going for all out mountain-man action- the hairier Roy's face is, the better he is playing. Hmm.. maybe he gets less attention from the ladies, therefore less distraction? haha I dunno but whatever it is, KEEP DOING IT DEREK! (plus, I think it's kinda hot, I'm not gonna lie. Usually I'm not into guys with beards, but for Derek, the look just works.)

Okay.. enough of that. It's just a trend I have noticed on more than one occasion.

So.. random hockey statbits for you. Chris Osgood has a 3.25 GAA in his last 6 starts.. and yet the Wings are 4-1-1 in those games. DAMN. They can score! Take note Sabres- because Milsie's numbers are better than that I think.. if you would put a few more biscuits in the basket you might be able to scrape up some wins. What happened to our run and gun lead the league in scoring team from parts of last year and the year before? That was fun. Let's SCORE MORE GOALS! Do you think Ryan Miller ever feels like the Chik Fil A Cows? Like, does he stand around during practice with a sign saying:

I dunno.. maybe that would work. The Sabres seem like a bunch of idiots at times..

Now that I have amused myself enough for one night.. it's time to do something else more productive.. like unpack all my crap from the SF trip. Wooo. (or, more likely I'll waste a bunch of time online and then read my book. LOL I know myself too well..)

P.S. Any word on Patrick Kaleta? I miss seeing him on the ice.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Thank you Roy for scoring a goal.

Once again I did not view the game but I like it when my man scores. YAY!

That is all, thank you.

I will be in the land of the Sun (Cali) until Monday.. then I will return to the snow and cold of WNY. Can't wait.. hahaha

I do miss my Sabres though..

Friday, January 9, 2009


So, the Sabres won tonight against the Gross Badguy Rangers. Well done, boys! I did not see the game (since I'm in SUNNY, not snowy San Francisco!) so I have nothing to recap.

Roy scored again. He is really starting to turn on the points.. I like it! Keep it up my man.

Miller played tonight.. will he be in net tomorrow too? That's 3 games in 5 nights.. is he up to it? I guess we'll see. Then again, he's been pretty solid lately so maybe we should roll with it.. when you get a hot goalie sometimes it makes sense to go with him.

And that's about it. I won't be checkin tomorrow either so let me know what happens!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new and improved

Good. That nasty biting punk Ruutu got 2 games and a nice fine for his antics last night. As it should be. I think that's a reasonable punishment. Plus he's on Petey's shit-list and the laughingstock of the sports world right now. Sucks to be him. (I think it would suck to be him anyway because he seems like quite the loser but still..)

Yay I finally found a Separated at Birth.. after a short (er... 3 week?) hiatus for the Holidays, etc, everyone's favorite FFITB Feature: Hockey SAB is back! (you know you missed it dearly.)

Oh and in my absence, my good friend Rachael did a few of her own on her Sticks-n-Stilettos blog if you want to check them out. I think they are pretty clever. :)

So yeah.. this one is a bit on the crazy side. Today's Separated at Birth requires a little reaching.. Imagine if Scott Wolf

And Bill Murray

had a love child. Yeah, weird, I know. Stay with me here. Don't you think it would look like this...

That's Vernon Fiddler of the Predators. He used to play in the ECHL but he played for a team I didn't care about so I'm never excited to see him in the NHL *unlike my boy Sloaner* in anything other than a "cool, I saw him play in the minors. I think he scored a hat trick on my team a time or 2." sort of way. LOL did that make sense?

But seriously, tell me I'm wrong about that. At first I was thinking just Bill Murray but then I realized there was something else there too... wild stuff, eh? Maybe I need some sleep. LOL

they did it!

OH YEAH baby the Sabres actually won a game that I went to! Huzzah! (I think I figured it out- the secret weapon is my nephew Christopher. See, I've been to 5 games this year, but the only 2 they've won are when he's with me. Hmm....)

It was a fun one. We were a bit late.. got in as the anthems were happening so we did not see the first goal but we heard it. The second one was a thing of beauty with Royzie taking the puck and sending the perfect pass to a streaking Staffy.. man that was a smart play. And then Roy's goal was nasty but great and Van iced it with a very patient, deliberate empty netter. WOOHOO!

The 2nd period was a little scary though, I gotta say. Spacho was killin me there with his (lack of) defence.. and when he Sekera got BURNED on the Spezza breakaway I was afraid all the Sabres were toast but they collected themselves admirably and managed the win.

A few things:
-How about that Matt Ellis guy? Pretty sick, eh?
-I really like Butler. He's pretty solid, especially for a rookie!
-Vanek looked like he had feet of cement, especially in the 2nd period. I dont know what was up with him but he did not want to move for half the game. It was pretty annoying to watch. He picked it up a bit late in the game but yeesh.. that was ugly.
-Miller was good when he needed to be but I really could (and I think he would agree) have done without that first Sens goal. That was brutal. I'm less inclined to be hard on him for the breakaway but he maybe coulda had it too. He did own in the 3rd so he's alright.
-Poor Petey! That was some jacked up madness with Ruutu. I mean seriously- it was obvious to everyone in the arena that he was bit but the ref (who was RIGHT there) said/did NOTHING?! And then Peters gets the unsportsmanlike? SAY WHAT?! Yeah. I am interested to see what happens on a league standpoint from that one. Man oh man.
-Goose was awesome tonight, as usual.
-I'm so happy to have Rivet back. He was being nasty there.. taking on everyone on the ice during the one shift.. that was great! He wanted to get his hands dirty but no one would dance. His toughness carries over to all the guys and it's something that we so desperately need. I love it!
-I love Derek Roy. (duh) Seriously though, he had a great game tonight. A goal, 2 assists.. he was in the play, didn't take any dumb penalties, played smart hockey. His faceoffs could maybe use a little work (seriously like.. take some classes my man!) but otherwise I was very happy with his game. And I'm not just saying that cuz I like him.
-I wasn't feelin Kotalik. It seemed like every time a Sabre made a boneheaded play it was him. I don't know what it is about him.. but he is bugging me lately. Yuck.

okay I really need some sleep but before I go, here are some pics from the Winter Classic II game and some from tonight-
Check it out!

and if you're on facebook, feel free to add me as a friend. :) Peace!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

going TO the Sabres game tonight. They will probably lose because that's what they do when I'm there.

I hope I'm wrong, but time will tell.

See y'all after the game.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

this is cool

Check it guys- I made the Red Wings website!

Go Here and read it or scroll down till 1:20.

If you don't want to read it... "Talking with a fan from Buffalo, who is decked out in a Team Canada jersey with Steve Yzerman’s name and number on the back. Said she couldn’t get tickets last January, but so glad she made the drive this New Year’s Day for the Wrigley experience."

That was ME! :) No picture, but it was cool to be mentioned. I'm famous!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sabres won again? And they beat Boston, no less. I like this new thing you have going on here, boys. Please continue it.

Whoa so I just checked the Caps website... and they sent Tyler back to Hershey on Jan 1. So they really did just call him back up for MY game! It was fate. I'm still really happy about getting to see him play in the NHL.

I'm very tired after a drive home from Chicago today and catching up on all the blogs and such I missed when I was away so I think it's bedtime. More to come soon..

Friday, January 2, 2009

Winter Classic II

Wow that was fun.

Possibly not as much fun as any of you had in Buffalo last year but this was a great game in a really neat venue and it was a wonderful time. It was very cold but we didn't get any snow. The game was well played- lots of scoring and lots of scrapping and just general dislike on the part of both teams. It was everything an original 6 rivalry should be. Lots of Red Wings fans, of course tons of the hometown Blackhawks fans- they are great!- and just a fantastic atmosphere. And everywhere I looked were Patrick Kane jerseys.. hehe I always enjoy Kaner since he's from Buffalo and all.

It was just so cool. There was a whole plaza set up outside the ballpark with live music, photo ops, food, drink, free giveaways and facepainting going on. And throughout the whole thing were people walking around taking pictures. Those should be up on this website soon and I'll share them with you..

I have tons of pics, and some videos too that I will be uploading at some point in the next few days.. Just wanted to tell y'all that I am alive and well after today's game.

Oh and I was interviewed by a guy who writes for the Sports and Leisure magazine.. I was wearing a Sabres hat with my Steve Yzerman Team Canada jersey and I got a few comments. So this dude asked about the hat and when I told him I was from Buffalo he asked to interview me.. pretty cool, eh? I will let y'all know when it hits the press. I also had my pic taken for the Wings website... don't know if it made it there either.

Life is good. Still chillin in Chicago until Saturday so I doubt I'll post again before I get back to Buffalo. I hope everyone had a great New Year's eve/day celebration..

And it looks like the Sabres got things started off right today with a 4-1 win. Roy and Pommer each had 2 goals? That's pretty great, really. I guess Lindy's comments after Tuesday night sparked something? Probably not. It is the Leafs after all. ANyway I'll take it as a good sign that they are finally going to start playing well and just leave it at that. (until the next game.)

I am desperately tired so it's bedtime for me. Goodnight!