Saturday, May 31, 2008

gaaaaame 4


Why must Pierre McGuire yell all the time? He annoys me.
The City of Pittsburgh is actually kinda pretty. I like all the bridges.
Whoa Lidstrom is missing some teeth?
The dudes in the Dockers commercials are kinda hot.
By the way, that hit from Hal Gill on Holmy in game 3 was pretty ugly. The contact wasn't the issue, but Gill took his stick and upended Holmstrom and that was NOT necessary.

Eww Pittsburgh scored 3 mins into the game. Oh well, there is plenty of time.

I would like the Wings to win tonight so they can have the 3-1 lead, then let the Pens have #5 so we can have 6 games and 'Nee can see one.

Double Eww they are bustin the Ossssgooood chant. Rude.

I don't like that Edge shave gel stat about the team who scores first winning every game but one. That's no good. C'mon Detroit, break it!

*I really like this running commentary blog thing. I should do this more often. Good thing my sis has a laptop. *

Yay Detroit scored! 1-1

WHAT? WHAT? FLeury is one of the Dockers impact players? HIs record is 1-2, he has a GAA of 3.00 and his save % is .865. Not exactly great. WTF homies? You jsut couldn't find anyone else from Pittsburgh besides Cros and you wanted to be fair? Madness. Idiots.

Whoa the dude in the Heinken light commercial is HOT!

It's MICHEL Therrien! YOU IDIOTS! And will you please leave him alone while he's coaching?!?!?!

Oh my gosh I hate the camera angle that's like under the jumbotron or whatever. that's a horrible way to watch hockey. thank goodness they switched it back to the right way.

Detroit has been a little back on their heels this game. They aren't pressuring the way they had in games 1 and 2 and parts of game 3. They need to get with it!

oooooh wow Crosby picked up a new stick when his broke? Whooooa how revolutionary! Who would EVER have thought to do that? Give me a break. It's not rocket science.

Detroit we HAVE to be ready for rebounds cuz McFleury is leaving some JUICY ones out there. Jump on that fellas!

Wow this 4-on-4 is bustin. And where is Malkin these days? He has been absent for the whole final. And when they show him, he looks totally drugged out. What gives, Geno?

Why are they re-making the Incredible Hulk again? They just did that like 4 or 5 years ago. 2003 it was. Weird.

I have barely been paying attention to the 2nd period but it's still 1-1. Here comes lame Pierre again. Leave the coaches alone fool! They are in the middle of a game. I haaaaaate that!!

Some good shots around the 5 minute mark. The goalies are pretty on tonight.
* I hate that I'm sayin this, but I'm ready for this game to be over. Not that I don't love hockey, because I do, and I even enjoy the wings, but there is this great cheezy Robin Hood show that I love on BBCAmerica, that was on last year. I just discovered that It's back for season 2 and I need to go watch some episodes. I'm a nerd but I can't watch 'em till after the game. *sigh*

Malkin looks like he isn't even trying. Bad news for him. I can't believe there isn't more backlash for his non-existantness in the finals.

In other hockey news, it's 2-2 in the Cincinnati Cyclones/Las Vegas Wranglers series. Game 5 is Monday in LV, but Game 6 and 7 are in Cincinnati, on Thurday and Saturday. I could probably go to the game on Thursday and I may even do it. :) Woohoo hockey in June!

Wow this entry is epic.

I think I've ranted about this before, but why does the NHL seem to think that the people watching games are old men?! I am SO tired of the cialis, viagara (on CBC) and flomax. Yo- I don't need or want to hear about all that crap! Whatever happened t the old days of beer and Dodge commercials? That's good enough for me. OOh look an amp energy commercial. YAY Ryan Miller! :)

Mike Babcock is creepy looking. He's got those beady eyes, kinda like a bird of prey or something. There's an idea for a hockey SAB... hmmmm. WOW 17 Penguins are under 30- 14 Red Wings are over 30. that's a bit of an age gap. (There are 20 Sabres under 30. We Win!)

OOoooooohh no that penalty on Lilja was total BULLSHIT! I'm sorry but Crosby had the puck, and Lilja didn't use his hands, or his stick or anything.. he just hit him. Las time I checked, HIP checks were Legal! Whoooooooo what a penalty kill for DEtroit! Helllls yeah baby!

Hmm word on the street is that the Wings and the Blackhawks will play a Winter Classic game in January of 09 at Wrigley Field. That'd be cool.

Whoa that last minute was INtense. Good game there. :) Now Pitsburgh can win game 5 and then Detroit can catch game 6 with 'Nee, Brett and I checkin the game at home. :) Wheeeeeeee!

Gooood Job Wings!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What do you think?

So, we need a Hockey SAB for this week- and it gets its own entry because my game recap is getting out of control. Here ya go:

Pavel Datsyuk of the Red Wings AND

Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) It's pretty obvious, but yeah don't you think Pavel looks a bit Vulcan? (aside from the fact that he's a bit smilier than most Vulcans..)

Separated at Birth? You be the judge.

WHAT is Don CHerry wearing?

Watching on CBC tonight- I can't take the VS crew (even if it is on nbc or wherever.)

OH MY WORD that has the be the worst suit I have EVER seen! It literally hurts my eyes. yeeesh. And then there is Ron McLean who actually looks like a person. Whoa. THey showerd Zetterberg and I was like ahhhhhh he's SO LOVELY and then they cut to Grapes and my eyes just started to bleed!

He is such a windbag. I'm so tired of listening to Cherry blab about whatever. He is better than the VS loons but only because he actullay talks about hockey. He's still a bit of a buffoon.

Oh and just to note, Canadian SUBWAY commercials are weird!

THen again, I may have to check out the NBC broadcast just to compare. Just switched-that Love Guru movie looks stupid.

Oh yeah and Pittsburgh (finally) scored! It was a good goal, and Detroit just gave away the puck with the missed pass. BUt Osgood did have some bustin saves right there at the end. This may be a good game!

The Pens are flying early in the 2nd period. Oh Puke, Cros scored on a PP. That was a bullshit penalty, by the way. Osgood didn't have a chance on that one, Sid was sneakily posted right beside the net.

Wow, I forget who said this, but I agree, Andreas (what a great name) Lilja is LOVELY! Mmmmhmmm ANd he's 32! An older man. that doesn't happen often with me and hockey players these days. Word.

C'mon Pittsburgh, take some penalties. We like that.

Oooh Ovie, the suit with a plain white tshirt? That's so scrappy and a little hot. But that's Ovie for ya, scrappy and a little hot. and a damn fine goal scorer. ;)

Duuuude. Holmy is ready to go. He's gettin mauled out there. WOOOOOHHOOOOO WHat a nifty goal! Franzen just muscled his way through traffic and stuck with it until the puck was in the net. Sweeeeeet! 2-1. ;)

oooohhhhkkkaayy I don't know which is more disturbing, the sumo wrestler car wash commercial or Don CHerry's suit. And those Viagara commercials are bothering me.

Hellllo Trevor Linden- he is lookin fine! Dear sweet Trevor Linden was my first Captain- from the Canucks of 1994, my first hockey team love. Haven't seen 'im in a while and I like what I see. That is a mad hot jacket too.

I am completely loving the Hockey Hall of Fame commercials. So amazing!!

3rd period--- ooooh Malts and Cros mixing it up a bit. Don't even pretend Sid. Malts is so out of your league in scrappiness. Hoooooo good job Ozzie! nice grab on the line! Argh now it's 3-1 pitt. Missed the goal since I was doing laundry.

Woooo then the WIngs scored! We have a game after all. BUt it's actually okay if Pittsburgh wins because we need at least 6 games for 'Nee to be able to see a game (She thinks she'll be home Tuesday!!!!) so she can see some Red Wings hockey then!! It's all going according to plan.

Hmm Ray SHero looks like a cross between Jagr and Lemieux. Oh man after the Malkin call Michel looked like he had some mad indigestion going on. Poor guy. I'm sorry they keep saying your name wrong, homey. I FEEL YA!!!

So Pittsburgh gets the win. Just like we planned. It's okay Wings, y'all played well so there is nothing to be ashamed of. It's all good.

Now I need a shower and some sleep. Catch y'all on the flipside.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

and while we're at it

While I'm in annoyacnce-mode-

WHY do the VS announcers insist on calling Michel Therrien MichAel? Yes, I understand that Michel is french for Michael but the man's name is MICHEL not michael! Get it straight peeps.

(And if anyone can feel that, it's me, since Michel is my last name and it's always being mispronounced!) So what I'm trying to figure out is if they are idiots and don't realize that it's Michel and just call him Michael, or they're trying to Americanize the dude. Either way it's ANNOYING!

Sorry, had to get that out. I forgot it in my last 2 game recitations.

Time for bed.

Give me a break

whine whine whinwe-
an excerpt:
"If you give us a break, we'll play defense like they do and people will laugh at them," Talbot said. "It's not an excuse, but if we got a bounce this series could be different. In Philly we took the lead and against the Rangers we took the lead. Ask them how good we were defensively. It's tough to catch up when you're trailing all the time."

Pittsburgh, shut your collective yaps and start playing some damn hockey. You know why you're not getting any breaks? because you miss the net when it's wide open and you're getting SMOKED by Detroit's D while yours, and your goalie for that matter, rather resemble swiss cheese of the moment. Sorry to tell youse guys (as they say in PA), but you are NOT as good as the Wings! YOu may have some sick offence (that seems to have been rather absent thus fun in the series) but that's about it. Show me something else and then you can whine with a little bit of justification. And playing defense shouldn't be about getting "breaks".. you could be frustrated about hitting posts or missing nets, cuz that kind of stuff just tends to happen on the offensive side of thigns, but good D is good D and you DON'T HAVE IT RIGHT NOW!

And as for the crap about Osgood being a diver, save it. Keep in mind that he's tiny and when you get up in his grill, he tends to fall down. YOU'RE the one who got caught doing it so shut it. Don't screw with the goalies. Besides, you can't seem to score on him even when he's down. that must be a bit tough to swallow, eh?

I'm not impressed. I thought they would be better than this. But then again I was pretty sure they weren't up to Detroit's level. And the Pens didn't have to take on anyone as talented and DEEP as the Red Wings thus far in the playoffs either. So yeah. I hope they squeeze out a win or 2 just to keep things interesting, but at the same time I would love it if Detroit just mopped the floor with those whiners. THen maybe all those yokels at would stop calling Pittsburgh the new Edmonton Dynasty. They haven't won a Stanley Cup yet, how in the world can they be a dynasty? I'm mystified.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Great Oz has spoken

YAY Osgood got another shutout. He's SO the man. The Pens are getting owned all over the ice and I LOOOOVE it!

After reading all that blahblah about how they are the next Oilers dynasty (Hello, don't you have to win a coupla Cups to start being thought of as a dynasty?) on today it was kinda nice to see that.

Oooh wee were those some sweet goals. I love the Wings. They just get it done. Who thinks they are boring? Their transition game is one of the best in the league, they are fast and furious and have some sick moves. They can hit, they can score, their goalie is a beast. They are just awesome. (they are evertying Pittsburgh should be but somehow isn't doing)

I think the Pens were more organized tonight but they could not get past OSGOOD because he is the man. Last time a goalie started the finals with 2 shutouts? I believe it was Marty Brodeur in 2003 on his way to Cup #3 with the Devils. :):) GOOD JOB OZZIE!

Oh and this has been bothering me, but I could swear that Chris Osgood doesn't have any eyebrows. I watched his interview tonight and every time I see him it's like there is something strage going on with his face (besides the fact that he still looks like he's 12 LOL) and I finally realized it- if he does have eyebrows, they are so light that you can't see 'em. But I was looking hard and could not tell. Then I remembered about a teacher I had in high school who had this weird condition where the hair on his body (except his head) started falling out- he had no eyelashes or eyebrows. We didn't notice till he pointed it out because he had blonde hair anyway but then it was SO STRANGE. So now I'm wondering about Ozzie. I must research.

But I also need some sleep. I had a busy day and I've got to be up early tomorrow so peace out homies.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I need to go be productive but...

I was wandering my google analytics page, and found a lot about Travis Rycroft again, so I thought I'd search his name and see how far in my page was- page 3 of my search. Wow that's pretty serious. Anyway I found this funny article about the Grizzlies and playoff beards. It's an amusing read-

take that NHL and your stupid ideas of getting rid of playoff beards! Sacrilege, I say!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

here we go again

yay I stole the laptop so I can blog and watch the game at the same time. Wheee!

Pre-game thoughts:
-I can't believe the Wings and Pens did not play even ONCE all year. WTF is up with that?
-I loooooved that Mario and Stevie did the ceremonial puck drop. I almost cried. I love Stevie so much. and he looked SOOOO tiny next to Mario. Weird. which means that either Mario is HUGE or Stevie is tiny or both. LOL
-I also enjoy that Messier is in the studio. he may have captained the Rangers to the theft of Stanley in my first hockey season but I dunno, he's just great. I can't seem to hate him. so woo.
-WHY do the announcers have to yell all thetime? Guys, we can hear you, I promise.
-Crosby looked totally annoyed that Chris Simpson was harassing him right before faceoff. I would be too. Totally rude.
-What is up with Lidstrom's 'C' being on the right side? It goes on the left, over the heart. That makes no sense! Somebody help answer this question..

First Period:
The Wings are taking a lot of penalties. How strange.
Ossie is bustin! Good job my boy!
I can't believe that goal was disallowed. Seriously that was a dumb penalty. Grrrrr at that. Fleury was NOT in the crease. That means he was fair game!
Oh and has anyone noticed that Draper has been the Dockers player of the game for about 20938495 games now? It's weird cuz they act like it's something new every time. no clue about that. but in case you didn't know, Kris Draper likes golf. and wearing jeans and t-shirts.
Oh and can they PLEASE stop taking to the players in the middle of the game? that is so distracting and annoying. Why do they do that?

not much to talk about. I read in the Hockey NEws that the NHL is not advocating playoff beards- because they think that ad agencies won't want pictures of scruffy players. WTF yo? Have they ever watched playoff hockey? A full, bustin beard (unless you're Sid, who can't grow one, or Ovie who sprouts overnight) means you have stood the test of several rounds. It's like a badge of honour. And it's mad tradition. I think it's absurd.
Honestly, I don't know why no one has told Brian Engblom that the mullet has to go? It's horrid. Worse than horrid. You think I would get used to it but I just can't seem to. Yeugh.

Second period:
Some good chances. Pittsburgh doesn't have much defence.
I like the crowd. Good ole hockeytown!
Sweet action Detroit scores!!! wraparound even. That was solid. and Fleury was sllooooow on the uptake there. WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!
They have been better than usual about the constant Crosby reminders. That's refreshing.
Fleury has had some nice stops since the goal.
Kronwall is a BEAST. I love it!

Lets talk about commercials...
Can VS. please get some new ones?
I am so sick of the same stupid Touch of Gray, Enterprise, Extreme Cagefighting matchup, Edge shaving gel blah blahblah. I just hate stupid commercials, if they were good, I wouldn't mind. BUt these SUCK! Although the Bud Light carpet one is pretty funny.

enough of that.

3rd Period- Detroit still up 1-0:
Samuelson with #2 for the night.. WOOOOOOHOOOO baby.
Whenever they show Thierren, he looks like he's about to cry. Maybe that's cuz they show him after Detroit goals but man. that's rough.
Sorry Fleur, you screwed up there.
I think that 'ricochet' is Mike Emrick's favorite word. lol
*I need a beverage* .... ahh Mt. Dew- Yummy.
They just showed some Army dude who worked with the Pens and is in Afganistan- I should get a pic of my sis the Red Wings fan from Iraq and sent it to VS..
Woooo Osgood stops the Kid with 9 mins left to keep it scoreless for the Pens.
The Wings are SO GOOD on the transition. They are amazingly fast.
Like Lidstrom really had 2 penalties tonight? I don't think he had 2 penalties all season?
Happy B-day Draper.
WOOOOOOOOOO! 3-0. Cleary. :) That was supreme. What a headsup play to pounce on that puck. Oooh no way! Zetterberg- it's 4-0 with 12 seconds left. Bring it on baby!

Aaaaaaand Osgood with the SHUTOUT!!! :) Brilliant.

GOOD JOB WINGS! Osgood is 5-0 in the finals in his career. That's great. :)

**and the Cincinnati Cyclones won tonight in their ECHL Kelly Cup final game 1 too. Well done boys!**

I'm outta here.

P.S. Babcock is no Lindy Ruff, but he is kinda being pissy at the press conference. He was mad about that call on the disallowed goal, "you're trying to set me up. His stick was in the crease? Is that against the rules? Did they change it when I wasn't watching?" but that's not as good as Lindy's "Wake up, geezus, Wake UP!". ANd Babcock has a weird voice.

ANd WHOA but that placed cleared out really fast!

Can Stanley come out to play?

Ahh it's that time! It FINALLY feels like Spring in Buffalo and it is also (at long last) time for the FINALS! :) And even though it's not our beloved Sabres, the Red Wings are playing for Lord Stanley, and I have been a Red Wings fan since I've been a hockey fan. (14 years now) so I think it's okay for me to get excited about the idea of them winning! They are not my #1 team- truth be told, they never were #1- that honor belonged to whichever team Pavel Bure was playing for because he's my main man- but they have always been my 'other' team. We have endured some really lame times along the way, the Wings and I, with some poor showings and early round exits, and of course the loss to the Devils in 95 (which started a slow burning passion for Marty Brodeur that took some years to flower itself..) and then we got to feel the GLORY of Winning- in 1997, ending the drought of the half-century, and see Stevie Y lift the Grail over his head. Ahh that was magic. Then I was IN Detroit a couple of weeks later, to see the banners everywhere, and the statues wearing Red Wings jerseys, it was SO COOL!

Then we got to do it again in 1998. And 2002.

But now it's 2008 and there are a whole new corps of Wings who haven't tasted Stanley's champagne yet. It's their turn. And I'm cheering for them!

I actually don't really have anything against Pittsburgh. I prefer the Wings but if the Pens win, I won't be too upset. At least it's not the Rangers or the Flyers, thank heavens.

Looking at it from a talent/stats point of view, I think the Wings have the better deal. If I was a Pens fan, I'd be worried about Fleury's ability to stand up to the Wings offence. He has been VERY good thus far, but the Penguins have not been tested by a true offensive juggernaut. It will be interesting. I also think Detroit has better defence. They are going to have their hands full with Sid, Geno and Hossa for sure, but I think that they are up to the task. And Osgood knows what it takes and he is ready. :)

This should be an exciting series. I'm looking forward to it. But I think Wings in 6. 7 would be even cooler.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

wednesday again?

Where do the weeks go? I can't believe there's no hockey until Saturday! Yeeks. Oh well, it actually works out well for me with the schedule that I have going, I can actually watch game 1 now! Yay!

I must admit, as I did in the last entry- to a little crush on Brendan Morrow. He's cute. And he's a great player. He might even be a decent person, who knows? I will probably take some time to read about him soon but not right now. For now I will just give you this week's separated at Birth- with a little help from my sis Brett, who thought of it in the first place. ;)

Brendan Morrow of the Stars (go figure)


Country Singer Dierks Bentley.

The pics don't do it justice, but there is some definite SAB going on there. ;)

and then, there is this picture. I found it randomly while searching for Mr. Morrow and it is just HOT. I can't really even explain the attraction, but I LIKE it. I have a similar picture of Pavel Bure from the back of a hockey card and it just does something to me. I love well formed hands and arms so I guess that's it. Yeah, more pics like that please! ;)

and that's all for tonight. Goodnight friends. Stay tuned for a google analytics update.. ;)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


And the Wings are victorious! Dallas gave them a good run for the money, but Detroit is just unstoppable!

It should be a fun final- Detroit and Pittsburgh. I think Detriot will win- Pit doesn't have the defence to stand up to the Wings' constant onslaught. But we may see some seriously high scoring games, which would be fun. (Now, I don't mind a goaltending duel either, I just like hockey!!) I want this series to go the full 7 games- it would make hockey go as long as possible (though geez, but the finals are early this year!) AND if it goes to 7, then my sis Renee' will get to see game 7 (and maybe 6, it just depeneds on when she gets home) so that would be grand. Plus, I like the Wings and I want them to win, but it's not really a do or die thing for me so 7 will be slightly stressful but it won't be crazy. ;)


And, as an aside, Brendan Morrow (when I can remember what he looks like) is kinda hot. And he's good. I'd like him on my team, but I don't think he's going anywhere. Rats.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today is my niece's college graduation. Woohoo for her! :)

So I won't get to watch the Wings game 'till later. But I think they will win. GO DETROIT! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

what the f

I had a totally shitty day at work, in the stupidest way possible. Then I came home and found out my grandmother is not doing well at all. My Dad is flying to Louisiana to see her tomorrow. My relatives are pretty worried so that's not good. :(

Then the Wings lost. Yuck. I watched half of the 1st period, half of the 2nd and a minute of the 3rd. meh. I figured Dallas would win one at least. Turco was out of his mind tonight! Probably not any more though. Go Detroit! :)

I'm about to hit the sack, but I DO have a SAB for you, inspired by tonight's game..

I give you Loui Eriksson of the Dallas Stars, and actor Orlando Bloom.

Separated at Birth?

Pretty good, eh? ANd ole Loui is growing this little mustache/beard thing kinda like Orlando has bustin in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies for the playoffs, and they look even MORE alike, but I didn't see any playoff beard pics of Loui and I didn't feel like diggin. Plus I think those 2 pics are pretty on. :)


Thursday, May 8, 2008

That was fun

I only caught the 3rd period of tonights game (I know, I know but life gets in the way of hockey sometimes!)

But yay for the Wings. It was a pretty solid effort all around. Woohoo Osgood with the 7 starts= 7 wins! :)

Dallas looked a little lost, but I'm sorry, I'm just not buying the whole "well they played 4 overtimes on SUNDAY" line. Yes, they did play that long, but that was 4 days ago if they aren't over it by now, they need to get into better shape or something. It's not a good excuse. (I don't think the Stars were trying to excuse themselves in this way, but I did hear our friend Edzo say something like that.. no way dude. no way)

Other than that, I'm out of hockey news. I do have some interesting search terms. I'm sure I'll do a blog on it again soon, those are always fun filler. And I have been visited by folks in the USA, Canada, Japan, England, Sweden, and South Korea. Neato and hello to all of you! I have some new states that came up too, but that will all be revealed in good time.

For now it's back to my literary pursuit of the moment, Guy Gavriel Kay's Sailing to Sarantium.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a tribute

To my faithful reader(s).: I promised a double dose of Hockey Separated at Births so here ya go. These are quite silly so just bear with me here. And feedback is always welcome and appreciated. :)

Is it time for the conference finals yet? All that hockey that I was skipping when it was on, and now I'm practically dying for a game here! I'm such a slacker but now I want it back. And I forgot (again) to change my fantasy team so I'm totally losing there I'm sure. Oh well.

Anyway here ya go, I put them in the same file to better use my space. Hope you like 'em:

Part Uno:

Skeletor (from He-Man) and Adam Oates (formerly of the Bruins, Capitals and Ducks for sure and possibly other teams as well) He looked a lot more like Skeletor when he was playing, you'll have to take my word for it since I can't find a good picture, but I can still see it a bit, int he jawline and the cheekbones. non?

ANd Part Deux: *yes, I know I switched from Spanish to French, sue me!*

Doug Funnie from the brilliant and sadly ended Nickelodeon show Doug and Buffalo's own Timmy Connolly. It's a bit of a stretch, but once in my head I could not get it out. What do you think?

Separated at Birth?

Now that you are all done lolzing we can move on. I read today that Derek ROy owns a boat. And that his boat is named "Love Potion no. 9" Are you KIDDING me dude? That's so corny that it's hysterical. I can't seem to get over it. He's hot but that is just silly. However, I would take a ride on him.. er I mean his boat, yeah that's it. Hate all you want, Royzie is one hot mofo. And if y'all dont want him, that's okay, more for me! ;)

okay I'm going to stop that lame puckbunny train of thought.

I watched a coupla episodes of Making the Cut tonight. That show was awesome. It was a reality show on CBC back in 2004 (the dark year of no NHL hockey!) It featured Canadian hockey players who were vying for a chance to one of 6 players drafted by the 6 CDN nhl teams. The show was basically a 2-week training camp or sorts for the 68 guys chosen from over 4,000 that tried out in like 6 different cities across Canada. Those players were whittled down to a top.. 15 I think that had a Superskills competition for the draft. It was so fun to watch. Each episode was a day at camp and they had scrimmages and meetings and drills, the whole nine yards. Great show. I watched it when it was on, and taped most of them. I have those tapes, then it was released on dvd so I procured myself a copy. Several of those players went on to play in the ECHL and AHL, I even knew a guy from when he was in Dayton prior to the show, and met another one when he was in Utah for a while. ANyway it was a good way to pass some time tonight while I was exercising. I find that riding a bike or working the elliptical machine is SO much easier when watching any sort of hockey. Agree?

:) enough babbling, it's time for bed. G'night!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

our little sabres

Royzie and Pommers each scored a goal (both one-timers) in todays USA-CAN World Championship game.

Canada won 5-4. Sounds like it was a fun game to watch, too bad I couldn't!

Oh in the ECHl the Cincinnati Cyclones are playing in the Eastern Conf final. I know their coach and a couple of players. WOooo for them! (and hey, Chuck Weber, the coach is from Lockport!)

And in the west, the Utah Grizzlies are plying in the conf final. Who'da thunk it? They were superbad last year and did not win a game in February (or March, I forget which, but a whole month) this year and they still made the playoffs. And are, apparently, winning. I guess it helps when you get the players you sent up to the AHL/NHL back. anyway good for them, I know about 2 players and the coach and one guy on the staff there, but still, I did spend a year working for that team so I care a very teensy tiny bit about them stuff. They kinda shafted me at the end though so it's only a tiny bit of caring.

that's really the hockey news of the moment. when do the NHL conference finals start?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I *heart* Montreal

awww man the Habs are pretty much done. it's 6-4 with 20 secs left. :( I think I broke them, they were up 3-1 until I turned on the tv. WHOOPS!

but wow the Canadiens fans are very classy (at least they are tonight). They cheered their guys even when Philly scored that empty netter and they knew it was over. That's good stuff.

Poor Carey Price. Don't worry buddy, you're still just a kid. You did a lot here and I'm sure that you will have more chances. Don't beat yourself up too much over this.

Good job Marty Biron. I do still enjoy you, since you didn't shaft the Sabres. But I still don't like the Flyers. yick.

Oh dear. CHris Simpson is wearing a jacket that looks like someone's ugly random curtains. seriously, what is she thinking?!

weird. when Umberger scored one of his goals, he ran straight to the bench instead of hugging his guys on he ice.

e-surance commercials bother me.

ugh I feel gross. I ate too much dinner but it was good food. my family likes to cook too much and so I like to eat too much.

Hey, tomorrow is Derek Roy's birthday! I would like to spend the day staring and pictures of Royzie and watching his episode of 'cribs' but I have other things to do. Oh well. I guess I'll survive. ;) ;)


I have a lot to say tonight. WTF the Sharks just tied it after 2 disallowed goals by Brendan Morrow- and that first one was NOT kicked in, I dont care what you say.

Eww it was soupy. yuck.

I'm getting tired, the Stars better score again so I can go to bed soon. I could go to bed anyway but I hate walking away from a hockey game.

I did want to tell you fine readers that I have another opportunity for you to attend a concert with me- A band called Thriving Ivory is playing at this random place called Xtreme Wheels, which is apparently an indoor skate park in Buffalo? Well anyway, TI is a great little band from California that I found randomly on myspace 2 years ago. They are super quality, kinda mellow, a lot of piano and very beautiful, haunting vocals. Tickets are $8 and I fully plan on going. I'd love it if you wanted to join me! only because I like to share good music and I want to meet some of these cool peeps I exchange ideas and comments and Sabrelove with. So let me know if you want to go and meet up there. :)

I think this is my last post for the night.. go Stars!

Friday, May 2, 2008

this needs its own post

DAMN. Henrik Zetterberg is sexy as hell!

I have seen it once before, but I just saw his That's how the Cup changes everything commercial and whooooaaa. That accent. ANd I LOVE his beard. I'm totally not a beard gal, but occasionally a playoff beard can be hot and even accentuate a fella's look. Mr. Zetterberg is one such fella. oh and the missing bottom tooth? I can't explain it but that is hot too. I have weird teeth fetishes, what can I say?

Please, sir, may I have some more? ;)


wow, guys I'm watching hockey and blogging at the same time! this doesnt happen to me very often because I dont have a tv in my room, and my computer cannot move. But my sister's laptop is downstairs and she's not using it so.. whee!

so.. Sharks v. Stars. I don't care that much but I rather dislike San Jose so I'm pulling for Dallas. I am NOT a fan of JOe Thorton, he just bugs me for some reason. And then there's lame old Soupy. I love how he's been invisible/strugglin this post season, it makes me feel better about how much I wanted him to LEAVE Buffalo. We knew the truth about him. and I'm glad they aren't so hyped about him anymore. so there is that. Then there are those skanks who screwed around with a girl I used to be friends with (also a skank) when they were in cleveland. GROSS> So yeah SJ is not flowin for me. I do have sort of an old school enjoyment of Jeremy Roenick but it's not enough to outweigh the yuck factor.

dont care much about Dalls really but they don't bother me either so there ya go.

The Wings tore up the Avs last night 8-2 and that makes me HAPPY! I hope hey don't lose the momentum while they're waiting for Dallas.

Now let's talk about commercials- WTF with the Touch of Gray hair color? that is just random as all getout. I do enjoy the Honda lawnmower one with the dude saying "Smooth" with that ridiculous expression on his face. it's just dumb but funny. I could seriously do without that lame 2 year old Enterprise commercial though. It's soooooo OLD! and completely lame. What other commercials need to be commented on? I think the VS "That's how the Cup changes everything" ones are neat, but I liked 2006's "This is MY Stanley Cup" better. THose were AWESOME!

My gosh I miss the Sabres. It's like an ache in me. I keep wanting/half-expecting to turn on the tv and see them, or catch a game on the radio while driving home from Buffalo late one night after work, but NOOO. That is not to be this spring. :( And I can't even get my Royzie fix with watching World Championship games because they're all at 3:15 and I am not available at that time of day to watch a hockey game. BOO. SPeaking of, how did they do? *checks* 5-1 win over Slovakia. Sweetness. Royzie played 13 minutes. No points and even on the +/- so he either wasn't on the ice for any of Slovakia's goals or one and one. Whatev, at least he played. What up Dany Heatley with the hat trick? whoa. Pommers didn't score for team USA either. But Zach Parise did!

Woo now it's intermission and we get to listen to the idiots in the studio. Egads I hate versus. I miss John Buccigros and Barry Melrose dearly. And Darren Pang, and Gary THorne and Bill CLement. What happened to Clement anyway? He was grand. I think the lat time I heard Thorne he was doing baseball. Oh why did you abandon us ESPN?! WHYYYYY!?

Thank goodness it's Bob Harwood and not that idiot lame skank Chris Simpson. I HATE that stupid shiny jacket she wears all the time and I swear she's got nothing on under it. Sooo professional. *rolls eyes* Can you tell I love her? Grah. I'm lame I know but I Have nothing else to do right now. This is why it's a good thing I don't have tv and computer at the same time more often., Youd get to read more of this drivel.

Oh wait, while we're on commercials- we are, don't you remember? It's a great thing that I now know what to do if anyone I know has ED- they can take Cialis, so when the moment is right, they can be ready. So glad I know this. Because it's Super relevant to my life. Do they think the only people watching hockey are old men? Honestly. and one more commercial to harp on- I can't stand that stupid Edge shaving gel commercial. I'm sorry but it's creepy to see those scantily clad women squirting shaving foam on this dude's face like they're getting off on it. SICK! ANd even worse are the girls flying up that other dude's nose, with the same orgasmic expression. Grrooooooossssss!

ewww now they are talking about Jagr. Double gross. Almost as gross as Brian Engblom's hair. eugh. or Sid's facial hair. Perv city! I'm sorry Kiddo, but if you can't get anything better than that scrappy whatever it is on your face, don't grow anything!

speaking of growing hair, I know how to do that, thanks to the rogaine foam commercial they keep showing in my face. That one is almost tolerable though because that dude is kinda hot and looks a bit like Pavel BUre. Mm. I remember really old commercials for Rogaine, when they wouldn't tell you what it was. It used to confuse the hell out of me. I'd be like... they tell you to ask your doctor about Rogaine, but what is it? I asked my mom once and she said that "if you needed it, you'd know" which of course only made it more mysterious. this was before the internet when you could look up anything you ever imagined so I just had to wait until it became public that Rogaine was for re-growing hair. WHoa, the scandal! Who cares? It was weird.

okay enough stream of consciousness babbling. I'm out!

I've got nothin

I don't have a hockey SAB this week because I'm a super slacker. Maybe I'll do 2 next week. yeah, that's it.

I watched some hockey tonight! Finally. I saw most of the Pens/GROSSBADGUYRangers and then the first 2 periods of the Wings/Avs. HAHAHAHAHA Go Detroit! :) It was 7-1 after 2 when I decided it was bedtime. (see how I'm sleeping?) I bet Colorado was wishing they had a 3rd goalie.

and yo Penguins, where y'all be at? Just wonderin. And what in the world was that move Malkin tried for the penalty shot? Ran-Dom. I hate penalty shots, breakaways are so much more likely to score. Grr.

Oh well, it's all good. I may catch some Philly/Montreal tomorrow but I don't know when I'll be home so I might miss it. No worries, the Habs are comin back. ;)

and I'm going to bed. Night!

EDIT- Now it's 8-1 Detroit, 13 mins left in the 3rd. WOooooohooooooo! I want Osgood to score a goal. He did it once, he can do it again. Wheee!