Thursday, December 30, 2010

get over it

Still being sad Roy. In lieu of actual Sabres hockey (I was in Ohio for the last week and unable to see any games), I watched some random Derek Roy videos on youtube today.

Yeah, I have issues.

In other news, I attended a Cincinnati Cyclones and Toledo Walleye game on Tuesday. It was fun.. there were a lot of people there! The Cyclones lost but I had a good time with my friends.

And there were three former Purple Eagles playing in that game. Barret Ehgoetz- captain of the Cyclones, and Kyle Rogers and Tyler Gotto of the Walleye were all representin for NU. That was cool. I actually knew Ehgo from his time in Utah but only knew the other guys from announcing their names. Good to see Niagara boys making their mark in the ECHL. :)

That's it for tonight.

Monday, December 27, 2010

coming coming soon

I am really distraught about Royzie. :( Obviously he's done for the season and the injury sounds pretty gross. I just hope he recovers completely and doesn't try to push it. But I will miss him!

And ugh.. I am so over this year's Winter Classic. I'm so annoyed (as I've said beforethat Sid and the Penguins get another turn. They could have given the game to someone else.. that would be fair! Share the wealth, NHL. Boo on that. I may watch some of the game (I'll be in Pitt for New Year's) but I don't care all that much. Go Caps. haha It will be cool if Sloaner gets to play though. He's back off the IR so I hope he'll get a shot. That would be awesome for him. Of course, this is all assuming the weather cooperates. We'll see, I guess.

That's pretty much what I have. I went to a Dayton Gems hockey game last night. They play in the Central Hockey League. It was a good time. I really do love minor league hockey- it has its own flair. The difference between these guys and the NHL is pretty extreme though. Hahaha. Bruce Boudreau's son plays for the Gems.. He's TINY! He's got some decent speed- but sometimes forgets where his teammates are. I doubt he'll ever make it to the show but he might get a shot at a higher league at some point.

Tomorrow is more hockey- the (defending Kelly Cup Champion) Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL this time. Should be a great time. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Derek Roy

Torn quad tendon? That sounds awful. 4-6 months? That sounds worse. :(

This is not the first time my favorite player has missed half of the season, but this is the first time it's been Royzie.

He is the Sabres leading scorer. Not that they are any good with him, but this can't help. Unless they magically rally and start playing well for him. wouldn't that be ironic?


Thursday, December 23, 2010

welcome all again

I'm in Ohio spending Christmas time with my fam and various friends around the area.

And with Ohio and friends comes HOCKEY of course. I have plans to see the Dayton Gems (CHL) and the Cincinnati Cyclones (ECHL) while I am here. 2 hockey games, 2 leagues (the CHL is one I haven't yet experienced) so it should be fun fun fun. :)


Friday, December 3, 2010

good job boys


This Sabres game is something else.

So far we're 3-0 and wow- this is the most complete game I've seen from the Sabres. It's not over yet but I like what's going on. Lots of scrappin, some goals, some great teamwork.

And all against Columbus, a team which usually beats us.

Some rough stuff:
McCormick has words with Commodore.
Monty had a little tussle with Boll- he did okay- especially considering his opponent.
And then..
All the Kaleta haters need to back off a little after that tilt with Dorsett. That was some old school minor-league style brawling right there. Nice job!

And some random, out of order thoughts:

Royzie's pass on the 2nd goal was SICK. That whole play was well executed. The boys are actually playing like a TEAM instead of a bunch of punks who've never met.

Now we're at 4-0. No, make that 5-0. WOWZERS.

Of course this would happen. I was going to go to the game tonight.. but things got a little crazy during the day. I was planning to take my nephew but my sis wanted him to go to this other thing so I said.. whatev. But then I couldn't find a friend to go with me on such short notice.. and I didn't feel like going alone. I also wasn't feeling terribly great- been having a headache (it's sort of sinus-y and PMS-y-- a gross combo) for the last 2 days, plus I was tired. AND the Sabres always play like crap against CBJ so I wasn't worried about this being a good game.

Well whaddya know? They have the frickin BEST GAME OF THE SEASON tonight. Oh well. I knew if I had gone they would have lost so if I stayed home they'd win.. figures.

okat this is just creepy

I have no idea how I haven't used this hockey SAB before, but it must be shared now. *I meant to post on Wednesday, but this week has gotten away from me a bit*

This one is really intense, because I saw him on tv the other night, and literally thought he was someone else- so that's when you KNOW a hockey SAB is imminent- so without further ado:

-Rangers coach John Tortorella


-former player and current analyst, Ray Ferarro. (who was used earlier as a hockey SAB with football player Kurt Warner)

DUDE. I really did see Torts on MSG the other night in passing and thought he was Ray. That was wild. Separated at birth? YOU be the judge!