Friday, June 14, 2013

Totally weird NHL season keeps getting weirder

Um, so the season isn't over yet. We're still in the finals (at this point, only 1 game in- Go Blackhawks!) and yet they have already handed out awards?

The Awards show used to be a pretty big deal. The Stanley Cup winners were there with their prize, and the players got to actually accept the trophies on the spot, rather than through video chat.

Did I miss something? Is it because it was already scheduled for some skank hotel in Vegas (I STILL don't agree with this, btw), so they couldn't change it? Still though, this is kind of early for an awards show. The season didn't even end until June 14 in 1994 (the end of the first season of my hockey-watching life) and it's been getting later.

Or am I just an old lady who likes to complain about the "good ole days"? and remember what things were like back when I was a young hockey fan..

Maybe so.

But it's my blog (when I remember I have it) and I can say what I want. And I say having the NHL Awards in Las Vegas is lame, and that having them without everyone present is even lamer.

So there.