Monday, October 24, 2011

fantasy hockey

It's time for a fantasy hockey Recap. This year I'm playing in 2 leagues- "Pylons, Sieves, and Tripods", a 6-team league on Yahoo! and Wicked Sweet League, a 12-team league on ESPN.

Strnagely enough, I am being owned in a serious way in the 6-team league, but leading the 12-team league in points. And there's really no excuse, because with only 6 teams, my lineup is pretty Boss. But I guess everyone else's is better.. who knows? I did make some changes to my team, so hopefully this week is less of a disaster.

I am going to try to get back to my old format (from 2 years ago!) and give you the breakdown on my team. (Maybe I'll do it more than once.. it's actually a fun idea and keeps me on track better.. if I remember to do it!) So here we go:

TRick Nashties (again without Captain LookatmeI'mRickNash) *Yahoo! League
Current record: 10-26-4 (LOL)
Standings: 6th place (out of 6)

Team MVP: They were all pretty useless but I'll give it to Ryan Miller with 3 games started, 2 W, 1.00 GAA, .966 Save % and 1 SO. Not too shabby.

Runner Up..there is no runner up because they all suck!

Most Useless Team Member: Ryan Whitney. he had 1 SOG, 1 Hit and 4 Blocked Shots. That's IT! Zeros everywhere else. And, considering that's all he's done this whole season, I just dropped him. Must have missed him in the great slashing of the team last night, but as of today, he's been replaced by Dennis Wiedman from WAS.

Face First Into the Boards *ESPN League
Record: 23-7-4
Standings: 1 out of 12

Team MVP:Dustin Brown 3GP 2 G 1 A +2 2PIM 8 SOG 8 HIT 1 Blocked Shot (BS) 2 STG)

Runner-up: Thomas Vanek 3GP 3G +2 4PIM 10SOG 2 Hit 1 Special Teams goal (STG)

Most Useless Team Member:David Booth (I already dropped him) 3 GP -3, 3 Hit and 3 BS but 0s everywhere else. Goodbye my friend.. good luck in Vancouver.


This concludes week 1 of the Fantasy Hockey Roundup. Remind me to do week 2 next Monday! ;)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Even if I can't manage to blog regularly about the Sabres (and I have yet to see a game because my life is stupidly busy) I still am trying hard to do my Separated at Births so here is this week's edition: (not my best work, but I'm still seeing it)

-Actor Sage Brocklebank (better known as Buzz McNabb on USA's Psych


-Zach Parise of the Devils

Separated at Birth? You be the judge.

Don't see it? tell me! (that's what comments are for)
Suggestions? Tell me! :)

And soon I'll publish some hockey songs.. heh heh and possibly watch a Sabres game so I can talk about them. WOO!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

let's play

So the Sabres are 2-0.

I watched part of both games but didn't blog about it. It was fun though.

But it's Wednesday again and I am trying to be a good blogger and keep up with my SABs so here ya go..

-Former Syracuse Crunch player Jeremy Reich (he spent a few games in C-bus too)


-Current Blue Jacket Derek Dorsett.
Separated at Birth??
Reich is a bit more thuggish ruggish but I'm seein it..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bring it back!

Well the season starts tomorrow- so in honor of that, and the fact that my sis pointed this out last weekend and I have to share.. I'm bringing back Wednesday Hockey Separated at Birth! I'm going to try and do this every Wednesday but no guarantees.

So without further ado, I present you with..

-Tom Felton (most well-known as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies)


-Jeff Carter- of the Blue Jackets (formerly a Flyer, and since he looks like Mr. Felton, and used to be a flyer, he in henceforth known as Felon. Yep. But don't feel too bad, I have also christened Ville Leino (a Sabre who is also a former flyer Villain, so he's in good company.)

Separated at Birth? Brett (my sis) thinks so.. do you?

Bring on the hockey! :)