Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Last night I dreamed I played for the Red Wings, and my sister Renee' did too. She was the captain. In the dream, no one seemed to think it strange that there were (at least) 2 women on the team. We were just part of the team. We were playing in the finals against the Kings (premonition to the days when Det will be in the East?) and we won game 1. I was convinced we were going to win in 6- We were in LA and I wanted to win at home. *dunno why it wouldn't be 4 games..?* I was very clearly visualizing the dogpile on top of Captain 'Nee when we would win. It was pretty awesome actually.

Then the dream shifted, and I was in the audience for a game.. I think it was an Oilers game in Edmonton with my friend Mindy. We had decided to take a trip (why Edmonton? No clue.) That went on for a minute, then I'm walking down the street.. somewhere.. wearing my Sabres jersey.

I dunno where ANY of that came from.

I just read Bob Probert's (Tough Guy) and then Theo Fleury's (Playing with Fire)
autobiographies. They were both really good and really intense. Wow.

Hockey on the brain?

So why haven't I been writing more or watching more games?