Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm just looking for a good time

Woooo what a game tonight. It was high on entertainment value, that's for sure. (and even if it was priced out of the average Sabres fan's budget, the Leaves seem to make the trip. It was kinda scary in there at times.. yeesh! Though none of the Leaves fans I talked to were rude, so that was refreshing.)

I had the 3 younger nephews tonight (ages 3, 5, and 12) since we had 4 tickets. I'm convinced that the 2 youngest are good luck charms. The Sabres are 4/4 this year for the games they have attended. Hmm..

Anyway on to the game.. way to start off with a bang, Sabres: goal 37 seconds in? I like it! :)

Timmay's goals were nice.. a lot of hard work and persistance. (works (almost) every time my friends..)

Pie-YAY!'s goal was just incredible. Wow... it was a wicked shot and did anyone notice how Butler carried the puck to the zone, dropped it to Danny then JUMPED out of the way of the shot so it could get through? SICK. I love that guy.

Derek Roy was sort of invisible tonight, eh? What was up with that?

I love me some GOOSE. He was going postal on some bitches tonight. "He was like hey- don't mess with my goalie, don't mess with my wingers, don't mess with me. Oh, you wanna mess with me? I'll mess with your FACE!" <33

The boys were playing scrappy, passionate hockey for (most of) the game and that's really all we ask for. Sure, wins are great, but play like you care and the wins will come a lot more.

Miller was great, it was so awesome to see him back out there. And the after the game celebration were cute.. Lalime was fighting his way through the other Sabres to get to Ryan.. it made me laugh.

My only issues tonight were the incessant penalties (I'm looking at YOU, Lydman!) and the mini-breakdown in the 3rd. But they recovered well and so they are forgiven for that. It was pretty darn interesting and tense for the last 10 mins or so of the 3rd. the place was going INSANE and I though the roof was gonna blow off when Goose scored goal #5.

Just a fantastic game to have been at tonight, I hope it was as good on tv. Speaking of TV, did anyone see a kid with a sign that said "No need to panic We've got Vanek"? He was right behind me. Pretty young guy, maybe 8 or 10 and he was really sad that his sign never made it to the jumbotron.

I guess that's about it. I'm super tired and still need a shower and such. All I've got to end is..

No, Leafs, No!


Let's Go BUFF-A-LO!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just a bit of something there..

Who knew the Sabres had it in them.. to not only NOT fall apart in the 3rd, but to rally back and Win?

WOOOHOO! And with Miller set to come back Friday things are looking up. This could be a chance to do something good. GO SABRES!


I didn't see most of the game- turned it on right when Mac was scoring his goal but since that happened and Timmy put one in right after, I decided to stay with it. I'm glad I did. Wish I had gone tonight.. I think we even had tickets. WHoops. (not that it was possible to go, there was way too much happening at home, but still.)

I might be in attendance for Friday's game, we'll see.

And here is a new hockey SAB for the week.. it took me ages to find one, but I rather like it. What do you think?

-Newly minted Sabre Mikael Tellqvist


-Everyone's favorite rude chef- Gordon Ramsey.

Separated at Birth? You be the judge.

I'm kinda feelin it, in the eyes and such. Ramsey looks quite a bit older and somewhat rougher but the resemblance is there for sure.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

oh Buffalo you hurt me so

I think we are discovering, more with each passing game.. that it is possible for something to be LESS than the sum of its parts. That would be the Sabres of this season. They make me ILL.

I watched pieces of Friday's game which wasn't so bad 'til the 3rd period. Can we just have a bye for the 3rd per? GRRRRR. Stupid stupid Briere. I hate you.

Last night I was not really around for most of the game. I checked the score and it was 4-1 after 2 so I decided to save myself the torture and didn't watch the 3rd period- instead we checked out "Mary Poppins" which is much much better. LOL

But see, missing the playoffs is not new to me. Hockey failure is something I'm quite familiar with. Let's take a trip down memory lane..

I started watching hockey late in the 1994 season. I was cheering the Red Wings for 2 reasons- 1. They were closest to my location of Dayton, OH and 2. My sis picked them and she started the hockey crazy so I was going with the Wings too. Then I discovered Pavel Bure and the Vancouver Canucks. Wooooweee but he was amazing. And magically, those Canuckleheads made it all the way to an improbable final against the "Mighty NY Rangers" lead by none other than the GreatestLeaderintheHistoryofProfessionalSports- Mark Messier. Well, anyone knew that those underdogs were no match for the juggernauts and they were due to go down and go down hard. But no- my plucky team of overachievers won the first game in OT at MSG and thrilled my heart to no end. Then they promptly lost 3 games in a row and the champagne was ready for game 5, back in NY. The Canucks won AGAIN and were greeted at home like heroes, where in game 6, they drubbed the Rangers 6-3 to force a deciding game 7.
It was more than my newly minted hockeyheart could take. I still remember that night, like was yesterday. June 14, 1994. I was all prepared to watch the game.. had the tv on, some snacks ready I'm sure, and my white towel all set to cheer for my 'Nucks. And I could not sit still. All through the game I wandered from room to room in the house, full of a nervous energy I didn't know what to do with. I had no frame of reference for this- I was new to this whole sports fandom thing. My team was 60 minutes away from winning it ALL.... and they lost. It was heartbreaking but Trevor Linden's 2 goals were just not enough to deny the Rangers their first Cup in 54 years.
I can't remember if I cried that night. I know I wanted to but I think the tears would not come. I know that my heart was broken but I was at once shattered and completely, utterly IN LOVE and my life was changed forever. That was the defining moment of my transformation to a full-blown hockey fan. I literally went out the next day and bought every hockey magazine and card I could get my hands on (which wasn't much in Huber Heights Ohio in June of 1994 LOL) but it was enough to get me through a summer and into the sport that would define my life for the next.. 15 years (and counting).

Why do I tell you all this? Mostly because I love a good story, but also to say that I know defeat in its many forms. I watched my glorious Canucks go from within one goal of winning it all to making the playoffs in 1995-losing out in the 2nd round by a Blackhawks sweep, while my other team, the Red Wings, went to the finals to be zapped in 4 by the Devils (which was the seed of the Marty love that took a few years to flower).. Then the Canucks followed that up with a first round exit in 1996 and no playoffs at all for several years (you almost get used to it after a while). Then Bure was traded to the Panthers in 1999. They made the playoffs (with him) in 2000- but lost in (I think) 5 games to end early once more. Bure never saw the playoffs again and once my favorite player retired (I don't like to talk about the time he spent with the gaghurl Rangers) I was sort of without a main focus.

(now there were some good times with the Wings in 97 and 98, I'm not going to lie but it wasn't the same because my favorite favorite was not among them)

I was there when my minor league team-the Dayton Bombers (whose players I knew personally) LOST the Kelly Cup (ECHL) in 4 games. It was dreadful.

I know that I don't have to justify it to Sabres fans, who know heartbreak all too well, but after a while, you almost expect to lose. Everyone makes such a big deal out of the way the sabres made the conference finals in the first 2 post-lockout seasons, but what they seem to forget is how they missed by.. what was it- 1 pt? the season before the lockout and hadn't made the playoffs since 2001? So it was actually an anomaly TO make the playoffs. Just sayin.

I have no idea what this huge ramble was about except a nice walk down memory lane.. (most of them painful LOL) I guess I have not fully given up on the Sabres- they are down but not.. quite.. let's stretch it out just a little more and make it REALLY sting... out yet.

And I want to believe.. oh how I truly, honestly WANT to believe but it seems as if the boys don't believe themselves so really.. how can we? Maybe it's about faith- you know, believing in that which cannot be seen or proven (the Sabres' ability to play 60 minutes of hockey.. in a row?) and if we all had just a little more faith, someone magical can occur? They don't seem to want us to have any magic.

And if they are okay with being mediocre (because that's what they are- neither good not terrible) then.. I guess that's what they will be. But they shouldn't be surprised if (when) their fans show up in mediocre numbers next season.

To borrow a few from Herb Brooks:
"You think you can win on talent alone? Gentlemen, you don't HAVE enough talent to win on talent alone."

"The name on the front is a HELL OF A LOT more important than the one on the back."

Play for some frickin pride boys. If you have any left. Go out kicking and screaming and MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO SEE YOU. MAKE US BELIEVE in you because we desperately, honestly want to.

Don't just expect us to keep coming back. Eventually we won't come back anymore.

Okay, I've (finally) run out of words. Don't know if that makes a lick of sense. (or if anyone took the time to read all that drivel. If you did, I applaud you.)
To close, I have 2 pictures that describe my feelings about the Sabres in general. Take of them what you will.

That expression says it all, I think.


Perhaps they are trying to tell us something. Yes those are real Buffalo (well they are Bison but you know.. and yes, I took that pic. )

Thursday, March 19, 2009

changing it up

I'm a complete slacker and can't find a good Hockey SAB for this week.. so instead I offer you a "Hockey Freak of Nature" (I didn't come up with the term but I love it!)

Here is a Vinyl Marty Brodeur:

It's 11 inches tall and made by upper deck. WEIRD. It's "urban style" I guess... whatever that means. Who needs a bobblehead when you can have one of those beauties?

MOre info can be found Here if you really want to know.

I am so amazingly in love with Mr. Brodeur right now. I want to re-read his book just to feel closer to him again after this incredible record-breaking win! Marty's autobiography is amazing, btw. Read it if you haven't yet. I'll loan it to ya (after I'm done with the re-read.)

I have more to say.. gonna break down a hockey news article that pissed me off comparing Patrick WahWah to Marty.. it was okay 'til the end- and maybe some rambles on the Sabres but I prefer to ignore them right now so probably not. But for now, I'm off.

P.S. I FINALLY found my "Marty's Better" shirt! YAY! Now I can wear it to the game on the 4th.. wooooooot!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Sabres make me want to cry

Argh those stupid little bastards. I'm trying not to care about them but it still sucks when they lose. I only saw a few mins of the Panthers game (a win? What?) because I was packing for my weekend trip to NYC.

I missed Saturday because I was IN NYC watching "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway. (shut up, it was AMAZING!) and I got updates which were good till the end.l GRRRRRRRR I hate you Sabres.

Then tonight I was busy so I saw no game thus did not have to sit through that spew that was 7? penalties in the 2nd period. MORONS.

Guys, I WANT HOCKEY in the Spring! Don't you? Are you trying to force me to my secondary (ILU Devils Marty 4 Life- Hello Steve Mason and "Look at Me, I'm" Rick Nash. You guys like winning? Sign me up!) teams? Fine. I can take a hint.

That's it. I have nothing to say about the games because I haven't had to suffer through them and I'm really okay with that.

You're on probation boys. At least until I have a chance to watch a game again. ARGH.

I hate you all.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I must do it

Faithful readers will know that Wednesday is *usually* Hockey Separated at Birth day. I have had the blog for a year and have 42 posts with the Hockey SAB tag. I know I missed a few weeks in there (probably 10?) but I've been pretty good about getting it done. SO I don't want to be a slacker right after the birthday.. here ya go.

I have used one of the fellas in this entry before but tonight he's being paired with someone new. Without further ado, I present you:

-Legendary Canadien Maurice "The Rocket" Richard


-Actor Max Casella. Something about the eyes here I think. And it feels insanely familiar.. dunno why, maybe because I've stared at pictures of "Le Rochet" many times for many reasons, once searching for a SAB for him, to no avail.. and I used Max for another entry and used a different pic, but saw that one.. so maybe it's that. If I have used these 2 before, please tell me and I shall correct this error. LOL

Until then... Au revoir, mes amis!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! (or my blog anyway)

Aww I just realized that my humble little blog is a year old today! I started blogging about the Sabres and hockey in general a year ago today. (probably around
this time too LOL)

Here are my 1 year anniversary stats:

* 3,590 Visits -- * 9.81 Visits / Day
* 4,832 Pageviews
* 1,382 Visitors

Visitors from 39 Countries/Territories
These are the top 10 by visitors:
United States
United Kingdom

Also on the list are Egypt, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Haiti, among others. How interesting.

Sabretooth's House is my #1 referral site. :) Thanks, Anne and S(h)ara!

And the best part of google analytics- the Keyword search! (there are 266 of them!)
Top 10 search terms:
Derek Roy Girlfriend 38 visits
Travis Rycroft 38 visits
Rick Jennerant 29 visits (yes, i know it's misspelled!)
Into the Boards Blog Sabres Hockey 11 visits
face first into the boards 7 visits
Nathan Gerbe 7 visits
Derek Roy's girlfriend 6 visits
Fedorov or Federov 5 visits
Sidney Crosby 5 visits

I'm surprised Sid ranks so low. Must be because I'm a hater.

My top 5 favorite search terms: (in no particular order)
Ghetto sentences
Crosby Sabres Bullshit (told ya I'm a hater!)
Make horrid faces into lovely game (maybe this should be my new hockey humor)
Sabre shave gel
Where does Patrick Sharp like to party *I REALLY WANT TO KNOW***

I didn't count them all but I have worlds of inquiries about edge shave gel and commercials about it. I think I only mentioned it once but there are many many questions about it. Interesting.

It's been a great first year, and I hope for many many more to come. thanks for all the reading and searching and commenting, my great friends! :)


Wow that was rough. I barely watched the game because I was not home but when I turned it on, it was 2-1. Then 3-1. Left the room for a moment and it was 4-1 and I said screw this, I'm out.

Didn't watch another second of the game so I really can't comment on anything but the final score. 5-2? That BLOWS. And the goal scorers were Max and Yo-yo (who has apparently re-learned how to find the back of the net.) Too little too late my friends.

The playoff window just keeps shrinking.

I turned off a hockey game in disgust. That does not happen often. I will never LEAVE a game early (even a rout) but I will occasionally turn one off that is too painful to bear. (and this is saying something, as I have sat through some truly terrible games in the past 15ish years). I just didn't have the heart to see them get destroyed again. At least for the Ottawa game, I had the comfort of great friends (and a bottle of Canadian, LOL) But tonight it was just me and I didn't feel like torturing myself.

In other, happier hockey news, the Blue Jackets SHUT OUT the Bruins, in Columbus. That's pretty fun. My sis was there to see it. At least they are playing well. I'm trying to muster up some sort of feeling for Columbus, or New Jersey (Marty is back and all) and I do love them, but they aren't MY BOYS. My boys are horrible right now and it's making me very very sad.

Alas, it's only a game. and it's not over yet. I'm not quite counting us out until the numbers make it so, but MAN are we digging a hole.. yeesh.


what do you know?

Blah. Who decided tonight's game was on VS? Lame.

I don't even know if I will be home for most of the game, but I will probably catch at least the end.

The Sabres REALLY need a win to keep up with everyone.

All you fellas with the flu- get better soon! It feels like half the people I know either are sick or know ppl who are sick. Enough with this already! Is it spring yet?

I'm going to NYC this weekend.. and of the 3 hockey teams in the NY Metro area, the ONLY game that is happening between Friday-Sunday is the Rangers and the Flyers. It does not get any more nasty than that. I would have a hard time watching that game even if was free- let alone paying money for it. So yeah.. not gonna see myself any hockey this weekend. LOL Instead we are going to see The Little Mermaid and Mary Poppins on Broadway. (or at least just off Broadway, close enough) I'm excited.

Oh yes and last Saturday I got together with some my lovely lady blogger friends to watch the Sens game. The game was rough but the company was excellent. Anne and S(h)ara, Cari and Kim, Amy, Clare, and Frostee, were all in attendance. We had a grand time and I hope we can do it again soon! :)

Other than that.. well there isn't much. I will probably check in after tonight's game so stay tuned..

Monday, March 9, 2009


T-Sloan is back in the NHL! :)

I know y'all don't care about some minor leaguer I used to know, but it's exciting to me.

AND I dreamed that he was back in WSH just a few nights ago.. it was Thursday I think. Eerie.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

money man

Well.. Timmay seems to be living up to his fat new contract.. so far at least. of course that wasn't really the issue- we know he can produce, but can he remain in one piece?

And it would look like the rest of the boys are getting serious about this whole "making the playoffs" gig. I didn't see tonight's game- I was at the Niagara/Alabama-Hunstville (someone tell me why they play in the CHA again? Not exactly regional LOL) game with the 2 youngest nephews instead. That game was pretty fun, though the crowd was kinda small- is it spring break for NU? and UAH brought a bunch of fans. They always do, I think they make it a big trip, check out the Falls and all that jazz. Anyway the game ended in a 2-2 tie, but it wasn't a bad game. I had a hard time when I realized that it had been a YEAR since my last NU game. :( I used to work there- I was the PA announcer for soccer, women's hockey , swimming and softball from 2003-2005 and also did some women's bball, baseball, lacrosse, and the occasional men's hockey game. Then in 2006, I was the voice for MEN's and women's hockey- the kid they had for the men's games flaked on them and they REQUESTED me. It was pretty badass, and that was when they started their whole "we aren't ever going to lose at home again" run of 22-straight wins/ties at home. It was brilliant and TONS of fun. Last year they gave me the big diss on the announcing but I still made to a handful of games. Tonight was my first game all season. I think they've missed me because they haven't been as good this year. :( (cuz I have sooooo much to do with it LOL!)

Anyway I really like hockey at Niagara. The rink is small but it's a good time. When the students are there it can get a little rowdy. :) We used to have way too much fun up in the press box too. Man.. there were weekends when I practically LIVED up there- between men's and womens' hockey games. It was great and I do miss it.

Back to the Sabres- I did listen to the end of the Sabres game and a bit of the postgame. I loved the score, and from all reports it was another solid effort all around. My bro-in-law and sis were at the game and they said it was rough and phoenix is pretty dirty. But from the word on the street post-game, the fellas (Rivet) stepped up and laid some smack down on the 'yotes. :) good.

From all reports, Moore looked pretty good out there too. I am excited about this guy, can't wait to see him play myself.

I'm excited about tomorrow night's Lady Blogger Soiree- it will be great to meet up with some of my Sabres blog buddies in person! :) And of course, check the boys and hopefully another solid win. Should be good times.

And with that, it's off to bed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Lalove Lalime

Cheezy title but I'm feelin it.

While trade day was not the shake-up I envisioned, it seemed to work- or something did. (more on that tomorrow)

The boys played a beautiful game tonight.

Lalime was out of his flippin mind.

The rest of the team SCORED SOME GOALS!

Royzie had 2. Goose had 2. Jaro smoked one past Price and viola- a big fat win.

The defence was pretty good and the special teams were on fire.

I was at the game tonight and it was a great one to witness. Worlds of Habs fans but we gave them nothing to cheer about. HAHA!

I love how the fans gave newcomer Tellqvist a rousing round of applause when they showed him on the bench. Poor guy was pretty embarassed I think but it was really cute.

The only sad thing about tonight was that late goal by Montreal. That was just rude.

More analysis on the game tomorrow and probably some pics. I'm just really tired right now.

But first- it's Wednesday so here's your hockey SAB:

This one is kind of weird but I can see it.. I think. What do you think?

-Marty St. Louis of the Lightning


-Actor Christian Slater.

Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge.

I'm out.

Monday, March 2, 2009

let me go

I had a thought (but it hurt to so I let it go.. -name the song that line is from and you win points! LOL)

Everybody is talking about Timmy and Max as possible trade bait.. but I'm really worried that we might lose Pommers or Paille. Timmy is super fragile but when he's healthy he's pretty good. Pommers- much as I love him, and believe me I DO love him!- seems to be in a funk to end all funks. I know management made a big commitment to him over the summer with the (almost) 5 for 25 deal.. which was reassuring, but there is nothing to say a team won't be willing to take on his contract in hopes that he will return from the depths. Pominville is a very good player, a great guy in the community and from all reports, a good teammate. He might fetch a hefty return and the way the Sabres are right now, I wouldn't put it past Darcy and Lindy to really shake things up.

Would trading Max shake things up? No- it would only get rid of dead weight- and I realllly hope they do that because he's taking up space. Would trading Jason Pominville change the scenery in Sabrestown? YES.

Paille is a bit less of a statement but I could see it happening too. He is producing less than he should? be though he is still quite young and there is a lot of potential there. Staffy is another question mark..

We can conjecture all we want and we will know nothing until it all settles down after 3pm on Wednesday. but when I thought that about Jason.. it made me want to cry, but it also makes a certain sort of sense.

Players I wouldn't mind parting ways with:
Timmy (we might miss his numbers but I don't LIKE him)
Paestch (I like him but I would understand if he wanted to leave us)
Peters- face it, he's a terrible "enforcer" though he seems like a nice guy

Players I'd be a little sad about but would handle if we got a decent deal:

Players I want to keep around:
Ellis- for a journeyman, he's really proven himself

Players whose departure would cause weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, then re-location to their new town: (or at least a bit of sadness and maybe some ice-cream binges)
Ryan Miller
Paul Gaustad
Jason Pominville (despite the reality of what I said up there, he's one of my favs!)
Thomas Vanek (we dwell in darkness without you!)

There is my (oh-so-analytical) breakdown of the trade deadline madness. LOL

Sunday, March 1, 2009

rollin rollin rollin

Marty gets shutout #100

What else is there to say about him? Comes back from a pretty rough injury that cost him 4 months- gets 3 wins and 2 shutouts right away? That's STELLAR.

Man I've missed him. I think I really have to guy buy some tickets for the April 4th game when the Devils come back to Buffalo, just to see my Marty. That's what was *supposed to happen* in December with my birthday tickets..but someone had to be injured..

I do have money from my tax refund.. Hmmmm... time for a visit to stubhub, methinks. :)