Thursday, April 30, 2009

that was refreshing!

First off, my first round predictions were a little off.. LOL 3/4 in the East and 2/4 in the West. I was really pulling for the Blue Jackets and I'm sad that they lost. But there is no shame in losing to the Red Wings, it happens. I hear the show in C-bus was off the hook and that is good. They have now made it to the post-season, this is progress, and next season will be even better. Well done boys. :) Y'all have nothing to be ashamed of.

so I *finally* got around to watching a spot of playoff hockey tonight. I turned on the Blackhawks/Canucks with about 12 mins left in the 3rd. What a show. The 'Hawks scored 2, the 'Nucks scored 2 and the Canucks ended with the win. I think I should do this more often. I actually casually enjoy both of those teams so I certainly won't mind watching a bit more.

It was a weird feeling though, because the last time the Blackhawks and Canucks played each other in the playoffs was Round 2 in 1995- and the 'Nuckies got swept, much to my dismay. I vividly recall watching game 4 with my sisters. It was an afternoon game- Saturday I think- and the weather was nice so the windows were open. I'm glad we lived on a quiet street cuz any random passers-by would have been weirded out by the mad yelling that went on that day. It was pretty stressful. Weird how some things just stay with you..

Anyway it was cool to finally watch some post-season hockey. I feel like a total slacker, but in my defence, I have been stupidly busy since the playoffs started, and had things going on almost every evening. Then I was annoyed because they weren't showing MY teams when I could watch. Bastards. It was a little rude of the league to schedule without consulting me, don't ya think? LOL

A few parting thoughts..

*tomorrow I'm going to see Wolverine and I'm super excited!
*my sis and I have decided that Luongo is henceforth known as LuLu.
*I know it's been noted on many an occasion, but I will say again that Patrick Sharp is lovely. in fact, tonight I went as far as to call him "excrutiatingly lovely", because well, he is.
And he looks FINE AS HELL with a playoff beard. Very good look for ya, Patrick. Carry on my man, Carry on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

about that time again, eh?

Wow how the time flies.. I still need to some some season in review type of entries but my life is super busy right now with work and my play (which opens THURSDAY night at the Springville Center for the Arts- 716-592-9038 for tickets or samthefunandcool[at] for info!) I have had very little time to sit down and process the fact that Sabres hockey is over for the year.

I did, however, break down my playoff predictions today and.. based on absolutely nothing other than gut instincts, I have the Devils winning the Cup over the Blackhawks in 6 games. The rest is as follows:

Round 1

DET-CBJ: CBJ in 7 (seriously this could happen!)
VAN-STL: VAn in 6

Round 2:


Round 3

NJD-CHI: NJD in 6 Marty Brodeur for the Conn Smythe (FINALLY) LOL

It wasn't even my I love the Devils talking.. I just threw the bracket out there and started writing down who would win based on what felt right. I'm usually wrong but there have been times when I was right. In 1995- before the lockout-shortened season even STARTED, I filled out a form saying that the Wings and Devils would meet in the final and NJ would win.. the only thing I was wrong about was the number of games. Kinda freaky, eh?

I will probably also do a piece or 2 on playoff beards because they are hot.. but for now I am super tired so I leave you with this week's hockey SAB:

-Sabres GM Darcy Regier


-Actor William H Macy

Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge.

Friday, April 10, 2009

And it's official.

In typical Buffalo fashion- the Sabres officially lost a playoff spot in game #81. URGH. Boys, if you had a few more games like last night... a little earlier in the season, we wouldn't be here?! I know that you know that but yeesh. Or maybe a WIN or 2 over Atlanta would have been enough to turn the tables. Only 4 points.. (if the Rangers win again) 4 points.. ahhh so few yet SO MANY.

Alas.. there have been some fun games to watch this season, and I have certainly BEEN to more than a few Sabres games live this year. *including some absolutely HORRID performances* but some were good. I'll probably do a game recap sometime in the coming weeks.

I didn't see last night's game, nor will I see Saturday's but they are on the DVR and I plan to watch them Sunday or Monday. :)

Goodbye Sabres.. it's been an interesting ride. Perhaps next year. It all goes back to the motto of Buffalo- Almost but NOT QUITE.


Good thing I already have backup teams in place- the Devils, Red Wings and Blue Jackets(WOOOOOOO!!!) ---and I'm not a bandwagoner, I've liked all of those teams for longer than I've liked the Sabres, actually. --

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

U Can't

Oh my goodness.. this is hilarious:Stop Bad commercials! Thanks to Frostee for the link.

The Sabres aren't quite dead yet! I wish I had been able to watch the game tonight. Alas, I was at play practice. **By the way, my friends, I'm in "The Odd Couple"- shows are April 16-18 and 23-25 @ 8pm, April 19/26 @ 2pm at the Springville Center for the Arts. E-mail me if you want more info!!

Right.. so where was I? Oh yes, the Sabres won! I listened to the second half of the third period in the car on the way home and heard Vanek and Goose's goals! WOOOOHHOOOO! :):)

And it's Wednesday, isn't it? I guess you will be wanting a Hockey SAB, eh? Well I have one.. it's a bit silly but it's all I've got, and since I stiffed y'all last week I figure I shouldn't do that again.. here you go:

-Brett Hull... Buffalo's favorite player


-Brett Hull, Track and Field coach at Hamilton College.

SO they don't really look alike, but I found Coach Hull while doing some Subway marketing and I couldn't resist.

WOOO! My sis just texted me- the Blue Jackets have clinched their first ever playoff berth!!! :) Congrats to Ricky and the fellas. :) YAY OHIO!

let's see if I've got this straight

IF the Rangers AND the Panthers lose all their remaining games.. (well Fla can win one)


The Sabres WIN their last 3 games....

We will make the playoffs.

So we're still not.... quite.. out. Yet.

Way to drag it on till the last minute, boys.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a few things I forgot last night

When did Ryan Miller cut his hair? I didn't notice that it was shorter last Friday.. but it definitely was last night.. ?

And once again, everyone- Parise fell down because Miller TRIPPED him behind the net. I'm glad that the boys were sticking up for Miller but everyone needs to chill about the lack of penalty to Parise there. He didn't do anything wrong. I was THERE, sitting pretty close to where it happened and my friends.. that's what happened. Ryan Miller knows it, Zach Parise knows it.. let's just move on. It was not dirty.

I saw Patrick Lalime today! I actually saw his family.. his daughters are apparently in a music program that is affiliated with the program my nephew is in, so they were at the same recital today. It was funny.. I was looking at the program and saw Rosemary Lalime and Lilliana Lalime.. and I thought.. hmm.. Lalime isn't a common name- then I remembered that his daughters have names that go with the flowers on his mask--- and then I looked around and there he was. Cool! His daughters are just adorable.

Of course I didn't say anything to him, and I wouldn't have done so anyway (he was just minding his business and being a Dad!) but it was cool that he was there! :)

I think that is all. I leave you with this photo I took of Marty Brodeur. :) I think it's pretty cool. Wheee!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well that was an interesting game. They really made it fun at the end. I have only a few thoughts on the game.

Settle down Timmy, Miller actually tripped Parise, which is while he fell. Oh, that. I appreciate you sticking up for your goalie, but relax a little. It looked like his head was going to explode.. that can't be healthy.

I effing LOVE Marty Brodeur. This is not news, nor is it a secret at all. I don't even feel bad about it because I've liked Marty for a long time now- much longer than I've been a Sabres fan. I did feel a bit weird wearing my Marty's Better shirt but that was only for warmups, I was cheering for the Sabres all night, had my jersey on and everything.

I felt like such a nerd during warmups.. I was all spazzy and **EEEEEE* Marty!!! Langenbrunner!! David *drool* Clarkson!! Pariseeeeee!!!! Madden!!! Shanny!! It was great. Heeeheee.

Mike Mottau kept giving me stares and smirks.. every time he skated past during warmups. It was weird. He's kinda cute though.

David Clarkson is GORGEOUS. I know this is well documented, but pictures and videos do not do him justice- the guy is just... dreamy. Wow. Yeah I was melting every time he skated past. It was ridiculous.

And that is about that. I think the Sabres are still not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but the chances get slimmer and slimmer. However, if they continue to play like they did for the 3rd period tonight then at least we will enjoy the rest of the season, and maybe steal a couple of games.