Friday, February 25, 2011

strange happenings are afoot

Jochen Hecht Scored!

Mike Grier Scored! (on a breakaway?WHAAAAAT?)

The Sabres beat the Senateurs OF DOOM!

Now, beat the Red Wings (you can do it, remember October of last year), trade Stafford and Connolly, and I may be ready to talk to you guys again when I get back from vacation. (assuming I actually get to leave tomorrow, unlike today.)

Peace out homies. I may try to follow trades when I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, but no guarantees.

picture pages

Since I am *not* currently on my way to vacation in New Zealand (darn weather), I am going to post some pics from last week's Caps game. :)

So serious all the time. Very focused.

He is quite possibly the smoothest skater I have ever seen. I could watch him skate all day and not get bored.

That's my boy! I know that guy. :)

Oh yeah, and some Ovechkin guy was there too!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

that is that

I haven't been posting about the Sabres much lately because I have been super busy and they just aren't interesting me much right now. Derek Roy is out, and he's not the only reason I watch the boys, but he helps. They haven't been playing very inspired hockey lately and I don't want to watch it.

Now I'm hardly throwing in the towel and giving up my hockey fandom (I've been through worse, believe me) but it's harder to fit the games in right now..

All that being said, I was AT the game today and I have a few thoughts:

-The game wasn't terrible but the Sabres just couldn't finish a play to save their lives. They had some looks (and a lot of funny bounces) but couldn't bury the biscuit. Ugh.
- I don't know how many times I have to say it but please, for the love of everything, GET THE HECK RID OF TIM CONNOLLY! He's worthless and frustrating and lazy and I am so sick of him I could just cry!
-I still love Nathan Gerbe. :) And the fact that he looks like somebody's kid brother who's just tagging along with the big boys.
-They were SO undisciplined in the first period. People were booing and jeering the calls but honestly, those were legit penalties. The refs were maybe calling the game a bit tighter than sometimes, but the Sabres were being careless and they got caught. Plain and simple. So shut your bellyaching and move along.
-Miller was pretty solid today. He made some stellar saves (especially on the 5-on-3) but his boys couldn't give him any help up front. Rough.
-It's SO WEIRD to go to hockey games at 12:30pm. Does. not. compute.

But by far the highlight of the day was seeing my boy Tyler Sloan playing for Washington. This is the fourth time I've seen him, and it's still amazing. I saw his first professional game in Dayton back in 2002. I knew him personally! I interviewed him on my radio show. I gave him a ride in my car. I have his game-worn jersey from Syracuse. (which I wore, of course.) He knows my name. And he's playing in the NHL. SO COOL. :) I got some good pics of him too, which I will post eventually. Too tired to deal with it tonight.

(and one of these days I will get to a game early enough that I can show my cheezy sign I made a year and a half ago and he will see it and know that I am at the game and maybe I'll get a smile or a wave or something. one day...I blame the schedulers, who contrive to make Caps games on bad days and at weird times so I can NEVER get there early. grumble.)

Happy Hockey Day Across America!

C'est fini.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I have to say this now

I won't be here for the trade deadline- I'll be in New Zealand and may or may not have internet access (and probably won't care about NHL trades anyway) so I want to say this..

Please, for the love of anything, find some poor sucker to take Tim Connolly off our hands. Trade him for a 2057 draft pick, a bag of used pucks, a practice net, a set of water bottles with holes in them- I don't care, but please, come March 1, can be not be a Sabre anymore?

And also, SELL Staffy while he is hot. But sell him to a team far, far away like the Ducks or Sharks or Avs- so we don't have to play him 2893739857 times a year. Thanks. He is great at the moment, but I am sure that the shine will fade. I have realized that Stafford is a Sergei Fedorov-esque player in that he thrives when he is "the man", or when other teammates aren't playing as well. He likes the spotlight and if he doesn't have to share, then he's gold. If he does have to share, things get a little dicey and he vanishes.

Just my thoughts- but he is playing extremely well right now- so sell sell sell- his stock has never been higher, but Sabres, don't get sucked into his little game and find yourselves being backed into a corner this summer about his contract. HE IS NOT WORTH IT.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

thank you Patty

I know Patrick Kaleta is tough to play against, and one of those guys you love on your team and love to hate elsewhere (thankfully, he's OURS!), but he is one swell dude to have in the community.

Tom Kaleta, Pat's dad, announced today that they have finalized the finances for building an ice rink in Springville! :) This is great news, since S-ville is only 20 minutes from where I live. Maybe my little nephews can play some hockey, which they are wanting to do but just makes no sense for us since we are so far away from hockeyness. They say the ground-breaking is scheduled for April and it should be completed by August. Rock on! :)