Friday, June 27, 2008

a little draft silliness- HeatherB style-

So the brilliant and talented Heather B made up a little draft profile for herself. It was cute and funny and I decided to copy her and make my own. Feel free to steal it and add one for yourself. :)

Yes, that really IS me, and no, it's not a doctored photo. It was one of my senior pictures, from 1999. You may now laugh. ;)
Right Wing
Shoots: Right
Born: Baton Rouge, LA, August 26, 1981
Hometown: Dayton, OH

Sam's favorite birthday present was a pair of hockey skates when she turned 15.

She has never played an organized sport. Ever.

Her first hockey game was March 17, 1995, at JOE LOUIS ARENA. She was wearing a Canucks jersey and cheering for Vancouver. The Red Wings won.

Likes to skate backwards but is more interested in goal-scoring.

Enjoys dipsy-doodling with the puck but isn't so good with the shooting, as she has zero accuracy.

Wears #10 in honor of her first and always hockey love- Pavel Bure: who, along with a boy her sister had a crush on- Lance Links- got her into hockey.

Used to amaze people with her mad gym floor hockey skillz.

Crowning moment of Basic Ice Hockey course in college was falling flat on her butt while doing her first line change over the boards. Still managed to get up and score a goal, after she stopped laughing.

If she could have dinner with any three people she would choose
Martin Broduer-he seems very articulate and funny;
Lord Stanley, Earl of Preston- why not? LOL
Derek Roy. just because.
*Pavel is my favorite hockey player ever- followed by Royzie and Marty, but I couldn't ever talk to Pavel- I don't think I could handle it. I almost lost my mind when I watched him play hockey the first time. I'd probably turn into a little puddle of goo if I ever met him in real life. Marty and Royzie seem much more approachable.*

She likes many types of music but is proud to say she never fell for the New Kids on the Block hype. She did enjoy the Backstreet Boys for a short while, and 98 degrees as well. She even still listens to some of their music.

If she could be in any movie she'd be Princess Leia in The Empire Strikes Back. That is by far the best of the Star Wars movies.


NHL TEAM: Buffalo Sabres- followed closely by the New Jersey Devils and the Detroit Red Wings with an ILOVEOHIO nod to the Columbus Blue Jackets
NHL PLAYER: Ever-Pavel Bure Current- Derek Roy/Martin Broduer
SHOOTOUT MOVE: spin-o-rama/wipeout in front of the goalie, then slide it in while he's laughing
PRACTICE DRILL: backwards crossovers- I like to look at them more than I like to do them.
VIDEO GAME: erm. Base Wars for the Nintendo. or Tetris.
MOVIE: The Breakfast Club, Miracle
TV SHOW: Shark
ACTOR: Harrison Ford
GROUP: Our Lady Peace
WEBSITE: all my homies and the long-departed Hockey Snacks
BOOK: The Ressurection of Captain Eternity
PUMP-UP SONG: "747"- Bluekarma, "Better Now"- Collective Soul
FOOD TO COOK: corn salsa, peanut butter pie, green bean cassarole
ACTIVITY AWAY FROM THE RINK: reading, cooking, eating
TOY GROWING UP: my siblings. LOL We made up the most insane games
PLACE TO SHOP: bookstores, hockey stores, thrift stores
PLACE TO VISIT: South Louisiana, can't beat the fam and the food!

And there ya have it. Would YOU draft me? LOL

That was fun! Now it's bedtime.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

for you-----

Here is this week's SAB- He's not an NHL-er, and probably will never be, but he IS a hockey player, and a pretty decent one. He's also one of the hottest guys I've evern known, and a pretty decent person too. He gives really funny interviews. "He" is Andrew Ianiero, who started his pro career with the Dayton Bombers in 2002-03 (when I was super involved in Bombers hockey) and yeah. I kinda fell in love with him. If I'm honest with myself, I'm still kind of in love with him. I've seen the guy once since 2003 but it doesn't matter. He was just one of those guys..

Anyway, that's enough ramblings. Here is the photo evidence- his SAB buddy is Justin Moore, the lead singer of Ingram Hill (AMAZING BAND GO SEE THEM IF YOU CAN!) I don't know him really at all, but I did get to meet him last week and he's a really cool guy. Great singer, great band- they have a lot of energy. Their music is pretty much a pop-rock with good guitars and Justin has an amazing voice. They are from Memphis, so there is the little southern swing to the songs- it's delightful. ANd he has the be the smiliest singer I've ever seen. (and I've been to quite a few shows). He and the boys are obviously having a blast out there and it shows. :)

And the pictures don't properly represent it, but they really do look a LOT alike. Here ya go:

Andrew Ianiero of the Bakersfield Condors (ECHL)


Justin Moore of Ingram Hill

Separated at Birth? You be the judge.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my internet is lame

Well my internet has been spotty lately and I haven't been feeling like chatting. Man the offseason is tough!

I didn't watch the draft because I had better things to do with my Friday evening. I know, seriously, what is better than watching a bunch of kids get picked for their future NHL careers? (I have watched it before but I'm feeling a little old these days and I can't look at a bunch of cute 18 yr old boys anymore LOL) In seriousness, I was at a concert friday night and it was awesome so there. And those boys were NOT 18, they were older. And very cute. ;)

Right, so a teaser- Soon to come you will see:

-A rant about Pavel Bure NOT being chosen for the Hockey Hall of Fame. WTF seriously?

-A review of the amazing book Tropic of Hockey, which I am almost done with

-This week's SAB, which features one of my minor league boyos and the lead singer from one of my fav bands

-Perhaps a little info about some of our draft picks and some thoughts on all that


-A conspiracy theory about why someone is stealing my Hockey News.


But for now it's almost sleeptime. I am t-i-r-e-d.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OOOH I love it

So this idea came up years ago, whilst watching the BBC miniseries Pride and Predjudice with my sister and friend... the girl who plays Jane looks like Jeremy Roenick. And once such an idea gets in your head, it is hard to remove. I can't watch the movie the same way. But don't take my word for it- see for yourself. I proudly present this week's Separated at Birth:

Susannah Harper


Jeremy Roenick.

Separated at Birth? You be the judge.

I amuse myself too much.

baseball is on tv. Its not as good as hockey. But really, what is?


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

best job description EVAR:

Vice President, Corporate Sales - Elmira Jackals (Elmira, NY)
from ECHL Jobs Open Jobs
The Elmira Jackals of the ECHL are looking for a VP of Corporate Sales. #1 DUTY - To sell Corporate Partnerships (period)

At least they tell it like it is. LMAO.

That is a job I will NOT be applying for. However, the Lake Erie Monsters (Cleveland, AHL) are hiring a Communications Manager. Sign me up for that! I WILL be applying for that job.

Still no word from Albany. Grr.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


They are bringing an AHL team to Austin, called the Texas Stars, to begin play in the 09-10 season. That will be interesting. There are more professional hockey teams in Texas than any other state. Who knew? (well, I did but that's not the point.)

As a result, the Dallas Stars (who are overseeing the team as an affiliate) are hiring a boatload of people to run this new arena and team. They are planning well in advance here. Too bad none of it work I want/am qualified for.

Speaking of work I am qualified for and DO want, I applied for a job with the Albany River Rats and got a call last Monday that was very much like an interview. I'm hoping they actually call me for an interview because that would be grand. They are kinda leaving me hanging but I hope they are just slow. It's frustrating to wait. GRR.

Not much Sabre-news to report. I didn't watch the awards show but I heard it was pretty predictable. Woohoo for Marty winning the Vezina again. He only needs 14 wins to beat Patrick Wah for the most career wins. YAHOOO!
I already have a hockey SAB ready for next wednesday and it's very amusing. I can't wait to share it with my faithful readers. ;)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

a day late and a dollar short

Okay I didn't get it out yesterday, I'm slow. But I am stressed because I may have a job interview if these people would ever call me back and my car is broken. So cut me some slack. Anyway, here it is:

Pittsburgh's Maxime Talbot


Carl Racki (real name George Finn)from the movie Youngblood

It's mostly the beard, but seriously, Separated at Birth? You be the judge.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sooo cheezy but cute- Osgood and Lidstrom on Leno. They're bringing Stanley Back! ;)

That's all for now folks.. I'll have a Hockey SAB later today. If I can think of one..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I haven't posted in a while, there has not been a lot of hockey news lately.

The Cincinnati Cyclones won the ECHL's Kelly Cup last thursday in front of nearly 13,000 fans. That is an amazing attendance number for a game in the E, especially on a weekday. I'm so proud of the 'nati! And I actually know 2 guys from their team, and the coach. I wish I had made it to the game. I thought about going down, but my fam was all here so it didn't feel right to abandon them for hockey. ;)

so that's the news of the moment. This thursday is the NHL awards show, that is always a good time. (AKA Nice nice men in nice nice suits LOL) I will probably watch it and post something.

Until then..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

the winner is...


How sweet it is. :) And good job to the big Z for hookin it up with the Conn Smythe. :)

I just wish they would have done a little more post-game. That was kinda brief. But YAY RED WINGS!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

hockey hockey hockey hockey hockey

Watching the game with my sisters and bro- this is great! GO WINGS!

This week's SAB is:

Kris Draper of the Red Wings....AND

Actor Kiefer Sutherland.

Separated at Birth? You be the judge.

Oh, I heard that they are refusing to sell octopi in Pittsburgh to anyone who doesn't have a PA drivers license. That is HILARIOUS.A friend of my sister's has a sign from a flea market there. Awesome. ;)

Back to the game.. GO RED WINGS!!!

Oh and WOW I have 14 visits on searches for Travis Rycroft. WOW.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Now for what really happened...

So I didn't do a running commentary last night, too bad. That would have been an interesting one. Oh well, I really want to sum it up with this picture of Mike Millbury:

Tell me that pic isn't hilarious! We paused the tv, and it just happned to be at that flattering moment for Mike. I LOL'ed for about 10 minutes after seeing that. So I had to take a pic and share the hilarity.

Definetly the worst part about triple OT was having to listen to the morons in the studio for that many more times. Yeesh. I miss the good ole days of Barry Melrose. He was a windbag, but at least he was entertaining. Milbury and that other guy are just lame. and don't get me going on Pierre MacGuire... he drives me craZy.
I don't want to talk about the goalie interference bullshit calls last night. That was so unreal. I'm just glad the Wings were able to contain the power play. But seriously, those were some of the worst calls (especially for overtime in the FINALS!) I have ever seen and I've been watching hockey for 14 years. And no, I'm not whining about the high sticking call, that one was legit. Unfortunate for the Wings (though good for those of us who had to get some sleep LOL) but a good call.

Tomorrow should be fun. We're going to Columbus to watch with my sis Brett and whoever she invites over. It will involve Donatos pizza- OMGYUM and beer and yay hockey! And it will hopefully involve some bustin celebration time! :)

until then..

yeah right

that game was WILD! GOod thing I didn't do a liveblog, it wouldn't have fit on my page!

It was a great game. I'm glad Pittsburgh won, so there will be a game 6 and I can watch it with my sisters!!!! :)

Both teams really played well- Fleury was insane with those stops! Fun times. And LOL @Sykora calling his shot! awesome

Now I really need to sleep because I'm driving to Ohio tomorrow and I still have to pack! ;)