Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Poor Goose- out 3-4 weeks after thumb surgery? Be more careful next time you're beating the snot outta somebody, will ya? ;) Get well soon! HONK!

The Sabres/HSBC Arena signed a 5 year deal with Coke? EWWWWW That means no more Mt. Dew at Sabres games- :( Although I had a hard time finding Mt. Dew at games last year which was weird to me because there were signs about it everywhere... at least Coke is better than Pepsi-yeuch.

And I put a bid on the Derek Roy lightswitch cover. We'll see what happens, the auction ends tomorrow sometime. I am a complete dork. I know this.


W. T. F. ? (!)

THIS is the coolest/weirdest thing I've seen in a long time.

it totally belongs in the "hockey freaks of nature" category.

It's on Ebay for a current bid of $7. The auction ends Wednesday sometime. I'm halfway tempted to buy it, just because it is so WEIRD, and seriously, who needs a Derek Roy light switch plate? I don't know that I would ever actually put it anywhere.

oh Ebay is dangerous!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


why wasn't the game on MSG? That made me sad.

I listened to most of it, at least off and on. Didn't seem to be the most thrilling game ever but at least they didn't get killed.

No one told me that Rivet has a SEXY accent! Holy whoa I enjoyed his pre-game interview. He just sounds so... Canadian.

Damn shootout.

I really would like to See Gerbe play. I barely caught any of the Montreal game, but he seems to be an exciting player. For that matter, I want to see all of them play!

Now I need to sleep. How was that for a game recap? Heh

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Super excited

I love having hockey to write about again!

Let's see-

This morning we went to the Blue Jackets' morning skate. I love hockey all up close and personal. (Even if it is only practice.)

Then this afternoon, I got to see the Wright State Raiders beat University of Dayton. It was a crazy game- they actually had a fight. In college club hockey. That's very rare but I guess our guys just had to do it. The guys from UD were a bunch of yappy little jerks. But the final score was 4-3 WSU so that's all that really matters. Our goalie is pretty solid. There were a lot of fans there too, that's always fun to see. Woohoo for hockey at my college!

And when I got home it was time to check the Sabres score- I looked and it was 2-1 Toronto with a minute or so left.. I checked some other websites then got a text from the Sabres with a final score of 3-2 BUFFALO. WTF? Yeah the Sabres scored a goal with 5 seconds left to tie it then won in Overtime. Woot! Roy was credited with a goal (though the announcers thought it was Vanek) and he also had an assist. Good job Royzie. And Max busted 3 assists tonight. Is he back? That would be great because when he's on he's really on. He's just not a creative player- he doesn't use his linemates very well. And he doesn't think on the fly very well either- he is not a creative player so it's tricky for him to use all of that skill he has. It's very frustrating to watch but if he can play like he apparently did tonight then we might be okay.

I also see that Rivet had a fight- I would like more detail about that if anyone wants to share.

Man I wish I had been there. But never fear- I'm getting at least one game this year and probably more because my brother in law has a mini-pack for his office that I'm sure I can have some tickets from.. just don't know which games yet. That will be awesome.

And now I will critique the Sabres' fashion choices during their "red carpet" walk before the game. Slideshow can be seen here.
1- Kotalik looks like a greaser. And his shirt and tie totally don't match.
2- Vanek looks like he put on some weight. But his face was kinda gaunt before so it's not a bad look. He also looks happy. Good.
3- Royzie- what is up with the white suit? I don't hate it but really- you can't go wrong with a dark suit- ahem Ryan Miller I'm talking to you too- and the shoes. Oh the ugly shoes. WHY Royzie, why? I hate those shoes. But otherwise it's okay. And Millsy looks so much less scary and skinny.
4-Goose is sexy. The gray is dark enough to be acceptable. Well done. I love the walk too, Millsy is pimpin.
5- He looks rested. Unbutton the jacket my dude.
6-Royzie has a hot profile. I enjoy the beard scruff. and I love his ears. Don't ask. Note the girls behind him going- WTF is up with the shoes my man? They feel me.
7- Teppo manages to look happy and terrified at the same time. Well played. And that's a good suit and shirt. Teppo is the man.
8-Kaleta looks good. Like the tie, it's fun but stylish. And he's got the sharpie in the left hand- is he lefthanded? That's hot. ;)
9-Max has kinda creepy eyes. Love the hair though. Looks like he's rockin the classic black and white suit combo. Works for me.
10- I'm not too sure about Sekera's suit/shirt/tie- it looks pretty crazy from here.
11- Is Rivet running late? He seems in a hurry. The suit is good. His feet are HUGE!
12- Staffy has his zombie grin on. And he wears black to play up his pale pale skin. It's not flattering.
13- The caption has Phillipe Gogulla- but which guy is he?
14- Tyler Myers. Nice suit, conservative but good tie. He looks terrified.
15- Marek Zagrapan- Holy hell that guy was drafted into the NHL? Are you SURE he's 21 years old? He looks about 12.
16- Felix Schutz- Not hideous but not great on the suit. I love his name though.

And that is that. :)

Oh and this has nothing to do with hockey but my parents are watching football and they keep having commercials for "Swagger deoderant by Old Spice" and they are HILARIOUS. You should go find them on youtube if you haven't seen them.

And that's all she wrote- for now. There will be more to come I'm sure. Maybe I will be able to watch tomorrow's game because I should be back in Buffalo by gametime. Maybe I'll bust a live blog. See ya then!


I saw my first live hockey of the year last night- the Blue Jackets and Predators. It was a great time. I love hockey and hockey with a big group of crazy friends is even better!

Columbus won the game, they had a couple of fights and we about had a rumble with some skanks in front of us. It was a complete evening. Oh and we started the "Let's go Jackets" chant a couple of times cuz we're awesome like that.

I hate the Predators. Have I said that here before? Yick. The Sabres only played them once last year and that was a crazy game. I'm glad we don't have to see them more often.

Today it's off to watch CBJ practice at 11, then back to Dayton for the afternoon. Wright State and UD play hockey at 5:40 so I will go to that, and probably an open skate afterward, reliving my high school years spent skating every saturday night. WOohoo!

I love vacation! ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Guess who is going to see the Sabres and the Devils on December 17 IN THE 2nd ROW?


My parents gave me tickets for my birthday, and they came in today. They didn't tell me what I was getting (my bday was a month ago) just that I would get it in October, but October came early.

WOOHOOO! I've never been anywhere near that close for an NHL game, and this is my 2 favorite teams.

YAY! :):)

Just wanted to share the good fortune with folks who can appreciate it.

Tomorrow it's off to Ohio for pre-season hockey- Blue Jackets and Predators. Fun fun fun !

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tonight's hockey Separated at Birth is inspired by the wonderful and brilliant Heather B over at Top Shelf.

We have:

-Henrik Tallinder of the Sabres


-Duncan Coutts, bassist for the band Our Lady Peace. The resemblance is okay there but to truly get the look, you need to see THIS PIC of/by Heather that inspired the idea for this week's SAB. I don't know why I never saw that one before. :)


NHL is trying to add penalties to contact during a race for touch up icing- article here

that's lame. Bullshit. Just get with the times and institute no touch icing. It DOES NOT SLOW DOWN THE GAME THAT MUCH. Trust me on this one, I've watched a lot of games in the ECHL where there is no touch icing and it's just as fast and flowing. (I think college has the no-touch rule too but I'm not certain)

Anyway it eliminates injuries and that is GOOD. and will slow the game down less than penalties. STUPID.

The idea is good the execution sucks.

I have to work now. Stay tuned for this week's hockey SAB. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What the?

I was happy to have the game on tv- not even CBC, but MSG, strangely enough.. but WHO are the idiots who are announcing? I mean really. They have had maybe 2 minutes of play by play in the last 30. It's KILLING me Smalls! They are worse than VS.

Whoa when I started whining they actually started doing some play by play. OOh how I wish I could get WGR in my house! Maybe I can listen online. I need me some RJ!

Gerbe scored a goal. He really is tiny. It's awesome. :)

Ahhh yay I got WGR to work on the computer. So much better.

Did anyone else feel the burn on that Mike Comrie commercial? I guess it was MSG all over NY, not just us (hence the non RJ and Harry announcers) And he was all promoting a charity and such but man, did it have to be him scoring on Buffalo? OUCH.

Whoa they just did a closeup of Roy and it looked like he was missing a tooth? Maybe it was just a trick of the light or something.

I just noticed that Connolly has the "C". Ewww. I don't like that one. But Roy has an "A". That's good.

That last face off was just rude. I know it's just pre-season but still. Not cool. They just wanted to be sure the Canadiens won the game. Grr.

And hey I just heard that Royzie scored the first goal. Woohoo for the little guys!

I only saw part of the 3rd period but they looked okay for a preseason game. Staffy had a lazy penalty but that one on Lydman was a dive.

I don't have many other useful thoughts about the game since I didn't see much of it, but Dennis looked alright in the replays at the end of the game.

I was super happy to watch hockey again though!! :):):)

Thursday, September 18, 2008



I saw them with my own eyes today!!! I took the nephews skating at the pepsi center this morning. (they do a preschool skate in the mornings and we hadn't been for a while so it seemed like a good idea. Ulterior motives? Me? Ha!) Seriously though, what better way to seem less puckbunnyesque when approaching a Pominville or Roy than with a coupla kids who love the Sabres? (one of whom still thinks every hockey player is DerekRoy LOL)

But anyway we arrived about 9:30 and go to get our skates on and there is this dude in the lobby area who looks dead on like Jason Pominville. But I was like.. nyah there's no way. This guy was kinda small and he was just chatting it up with this official looking guy so I figured he was one of those dudes who just come of the open hockey sessions, right? So we sit down not too far from this guy and go on about putting our skates on. But I can hear him and he *sounds* like Pommers! He looks and sounds like the guy, he must be him, right? Plus he was wearing this really cool and expensive looking watch but he was just dressed in jeans, a tshirt and sneakers but it was all *nice* and yeah.

Finally he leaves and I was like.. yo I think that was Pommers. Woooooo. :) (I bet he was being interviewed about his NEW CONTRACT!!!!!!!He's locked in. WOOOOOO!)

So we skate for a bit. (the 2 yr old didnt like it much but the 4 yr old was into it) then we have to take a potty break. Little kids, I tell ya. So notice that there are some "hockey guys" on another rink which is not unusual because they often have drop in hockey time while we're there. We wander over and Lo! It's Jason Pominville, Paul Gaustad, Jochen Hecht, Ryan Miller and another goalie (probably Lalime but I dunno for sure) and a coupla coaches. Neither was Lindy or Jeep but I dont know all the other coaches. They were doing various things but that was kinda neat. and it was like WHEEEEEE Sabres!

Then we skated a little more and had to get going to meet my sis and the other kids for lunch. But first we had to check the other rink.. and there were the rest of the fellas and the rookies too I think. We wandered in and stood by the glass behind the goal for a few minutes. I saw Royzie!!! YAY! He looked all happy and refreshed and just whee! I can tell for sure that Paille, Mair, Vanek, Afinogenov, Kotalik, Spacek, Numminen, Roy, and Lydman were there because I saw them all up close and personal. There were lots of guys there though, probably the whole team and the prospects. It was so cool. I wanted to stay and watch more but we had to leave. Maybe I'll go back sometime in the next week or so and watch some more.

I actually really enjoy hockey practices, I used to watch the Bombers all the time when I was in Dayton. It's just fun to see the different things they choose to work on and (at least when things are going well for the team) how the boys act like a bunch of kids out there, especially towards the end when they are playing games and goofing off. I love hockey and can't really get enough of the sport in general. One of these days I'm going to play. I just need to live closer to where such things happen and I don't so that isn't in the cards right now. One thing at a time.

Non-Sabre related but did I tell y'all that I'm in a play? I have wandered on tangents at times about how much I love/miss theatre and it's super true but the drought is over! Some folks randomly started up a community theatre in my dinky town and WE are doing "A Christmas Story" (yep, like the Ralphie, Red Ryder BB gun "you'll shoot your eye out" Christmas Story) I'm Miss Shields, the teacher. I'm rather excited about the whole thing and can't wait till we really get going. We had our first meeting last night and my first rehearsal isn't until the first week of October but it's going to be a blast, I'm sure of it. :)

And don't worry, I'll bug all of you fine folks who read my blog about when the show actually is (December 12, December 12) in case anybody wants to come see it! ;)

So that's all for now. Welcome back Sabres! :):):)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My here's new method for finding hockey SABs (since there are no games to watch for inspiration.. soon it will be hockeytime, soon!) I go to nhl.com and click the players tab, then wander around looking and random players until I find one that looks like someone. It worked pretty fast last week so I did it again this week. I decided to try the players whose last name starts with a Q. There are only 4 of them and one has no pic. But I did find this:

-Kyle Quincey, Defenceman for the Red Wings


-Actor Shia LaBeouf

Pretty good, non? Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge!

That's all I know for the moment. I'm taking the nephews (the younger ones) ice skating at the Pepsi center tomorrow. They have a pre-school skate time in the mornings. Maybe we'll see a Sabre? That would be lucky. ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008


Soo my fantasy hockey team is called "Into the Boards" because face first into the boards is too long. Fair enough. :) I'll be sure to post my lineup after the draft on Friday. Wooohoo it's almost hockey time!

I really have nothing exciting to talk about. Life is very busy and that's not about to change any time soon. But I guess it's okay. In 11 days I'll be in Ohio for Dannie's birthday and hockeytime with friends! Wooooo! Friday is the Blue Jackets game, then I guess there is an open practice for the Jackets on Saturday morning- will probably check that out. Saturday at 5:40 (weird time, but okay) there is a Wright State hockey game vs. University of Dayton so I will probably check that. Gotta go rep for my boys! *that would be WSU, for those of you who don't know- it's my alma mater*

Man, speaking of Ohio, there were 2 million residents without power today because of that insane windstorm- leftovers from Ike. WHOA. My mom told me last night that they were powerless at home, and my friend Heather still didn't have power tonight. She was told that it could be 3 or 4 days 'till they get service back. I didn't talk to Mom and Dad today to find out if theirs was restored or not but there was no school today or tomorrow in Huber Heights. Madness! Who knew that a hurricane could hit Ohio? (well it wasn't the rain just the hurricane force winds) It was pretty ugly here last night, the power was flickering and did go out completely at some point but was back by this morning so that was good. We had some tree limbs down and stuff but not too much damage. Phew.

Enough babbling. Time for bed!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can you smellllll what the rock is cookin?

Haha a bit old school but awesome anyway. Here is this week's hockey SAB:

Tyler Arnason of the Colorado Avalanche


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge. ;)

And seriously, how cool is it that the Pittsburgh Penguins HAND deliver season tickets to 35 of their season ticket holders? That is wicked sweet. They did it last year and are at it again. Good job guys! (hint hint Sabres.. get on it!) Not that I'm rich or fortunate enough to own Sabres season tickets but it's still extremely cooL!

And that's all I have for today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

I need advice.

My fantasy hockey team needs a name. I'm playing in a league with the Ookies and other folks from their brilliant realm of the blogosphere. It looks pretty cutthroat and I'm excited. It's crazy though, because you have to draft entirely out of the conf. OPPOSITE your favorite team. i.e., since I'm a Sabres fan, I have to pick guys from the Western Conference. Cool.

but I need a name. My 2 past forays into fantasy hockey have been named the RedRogues. It was a random moniker I came up with, sometime to do with the Red Wings and Star Wars Rogue squadron and it just sounded cool. But I think the RedRogues will already be in another league with some folks I played with last year.

So.. how can I sound cool? Should it be:
Face First Into the Boards? (that's where I'm sending everyone!)
Burying the Biscuit (I can haz goals?)
Look at Me, I'm Rick Nash! *only if I can draft him*

Or something else? (Suggestions welcome)

The draft is on Sept. 19 so I need to be ready by then. Help a sista out!
Derek Roy Delivered

Ooooh yay Sabres! Thanks for the Q&A with my boy! :)

This one was interesting:
Is it true that ROY is not the correct pronunciation of your last name? If so, what is?

"ROY is the English way to pronounce it, but I have French heritage – my family is French and I went to French school my school my whole life. The correct pronunciation is actually WEH."
Yes we all know about the french way to say Roy (Wah wah wah which just makes me think of lame Patrick WAHWAH from the Avs/Canadiens who is a looooooser!) and I think it's cool that he says ROY because it sounds better with Derek, which is not french at all! But we all know that he can speak French now.. I like that! hey Derek, I have French heritage too! We match! ;) (though I *do* pronounce my last name the French way.)

Okay sorry, forgive my little squee moment. But as we all know, I lurves Mr. ROY and sometimes I have to get excited about these things since there aren't any games to watch. Only a month and 2 days until opening night!! WOOOOOOHOOO! I'm about to bust out a counter to put on my blog. Oooh good idea. I'll work on that but not right now, I have other "real" work to do.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Did I mention this?

Last night I had a super long awesome chat about the Sabres and now I'm sooooo ready for hockey!!

But guys, I'm just destined NOT to get any pre-season Sabres action. I already told y'all a couple of days ago that I'll be out of town for the measly 2 pre-season GAMES that they boys have (at least I will be at a hockey game, even if it's not the Sabres) but remember that whole "Puck Drop 2008" day of fun and festivities the Sabres have going on September 20th?

Well, I can't go to that either because I scheduled (before I knew about the puckdrop thing) a hot dog sale for my church youth group for that day! I can't cancel it because we really need a fundraiser, and I can't not go because it was my idea! I suppose we could maybe reschedule but that was the first day they had available and then I'm out of town the next weekend, and things get super busy and the weather is going to get worse so yeah. Blah.

Has anyone heard if the Sabres are doing any sort of Party in the Plaza idea for opening night? If they are I totally want to go this year!

Speaking of going places, this has nothing to do with hockey, by the way- anyone want to go to Cleveland with me on Friday night to see Ingram Hill? They are totally awesome. I know, just like all the other bands no one wants to see with me! I need a road trip buddy. It's only 3 hrs to Cleveland. I'll drive. I just need a friend. Tickets are $12 and the band is AMAZING. Anyone want to go?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

what the?

I was checking google analytics for the first time in a while today and found the randomest search term-
" derek let's have some fun

That's awesome. What does it mean? I have no clue, but someone found this blog by searching that exactly. Wow I justy tried searching that and went through 10 pages on google, and have yet to find my blog. Nice.

Another one I found funny was "i am over michael phelps". Now I actually wrote that but it's still funny that someone found my hockey blog (well mostly hockey anyway interrupted briefly by Olympic swimmers) by searching for people who are over Phelps. Quality.

And last, but not least, I have had 18 people find my blog by searching "rick jennerant" - yes, I know I misspelled his name, and fixed it later but never went back to correct that one and it seems to be quite popular. Interesting.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I was wandering around my Livejournal, where I keep my personal life and try not to bore my friends with hockey ranting- when I found this gem from January of 2007:

And I'm totally in love with Jason Pominville. He's by far my favorite Sabre. :) He scores lots of goals and that's hot. He has the weirdest accent though, I heard him on a commercial and I can't place it at all. *looks him up* Ah-ha he's from Quebec, I thought so! And I still like Derek Roy too. He's feisty and that's fun. Yay hockey!

Classic. I do love Pommers, he's probably my #2 man, but Royzie has taken over the #1 spot and refuses to back down. But it's cool cuz Pommers is chill like that.

Just thought I'd share. And I have a great idea for a SAB (almost as good as this week's) but it will have to wait until after I go to Ohio at the end of the month. Trust me though, this one is gonna be awesome.

I really should be sleeping now so I'm out of here.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

this one's a doozie

Oh boy, here we go again. It's still Wednesday (seriously, I haven't gone to bed yet so I don't care what the clock says..) so I'm not too much of a slacker.

I had a super hard time coming up with tonight's gem. I searched player after player looking for a familiar mug. I randomly called pictures of actors and hockey players and tried to mix and match but to no avail.

Then I hit upon a blast from the past. Here we have a rather silly but also rather compelling Separated at Birth.

I present you with Hobey Baker- the first great American hockey player (and also the only member of both the Hockey Hall of Fame and College Football Hall of Fame) He has a really interesting story, you should read about him.


A "Ken" doll. This guy is purported to be the first one. Striking resemblance, non? Maybe Ken was made to look like Hobey. He was pretty dreamy. ;)

And there ya have it. This is what happens when I leave the weekly SAB until 1:30 AM.

I'm going to bed. Later peeps.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I wish I had hockey news to share

the Sabres announced that preseason tickets are on sale. But I can't go to any preseason games because they are both on the weekend I'm going to be in Ohio for Blue Jackets birthday hockey with my friend Dannie. Hockey is great but I'm sad I'm going to miss my Sabres.

Today is SAB day and I'm uninspired but I still have a little time.

And that' it. Just a post to take up some space and convince y'all that I'm not dead, just busy.