Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I know that guy!

He played! He was in the starting lineup even. Though the stats people were not on top of their game, they announced #89- Tyler Sloan as a scratch, then 2 seconds later announced him as a starter. LOL I knew that he was playing because we got there later than I wanted, but still at the end of warmups so I saw him out there. I got as close as I could to the ice, but not enough to yell at him and get his attention. I was a bit sad about that but it was still killer to see my guy playing in the show! :) I wore his Syrcause Crunch game worn jersey which got me some weird looks LOL and a comment from a Caps fan which was amusing. Underneath it I had on my Roy Sabres jersey LOL just in case Sloaner wasn't playing.

Oh and here's another fun picture for you- when I busted out my Christmas ornaments a couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of this one that I have from a few years back:

yes, that is an ornament decorated BY Tyler Sloan! I won it in a raffle done by the Dayton Bombers back in 2002. Pretty sweet, eh? I was the first hockey fan he met in the Dayton area- I drove him and another guy to pick up their rental car when they got sent down to Dayton from Syracuse on the first game of the season. That's right kids, a guy who is currently playing in the NHL has been in my car! And he knows my name. Sweet, eh?

So the Sabres sucked out loud tonight. They were terrible. The passing was horrid, they weren't being physical (except Goose, and even he took a while to get going) and they played like they were asleep for the first period. It was awful.

I listened to the rants on the post-game show about how this team has no depth- that's not the problem. They have NO HEART. All those games they won a few years ago were not so much talent as EFFORT and WILL and HEART. They need to find that and then I think they will be winning and playing a lot better. I watched "Miracle" last night and it is a great movie.. I think some of Herb Brooks' lines could be applicable here: "You think you can win on talent alone? Gentlemen, you don't HAVE enough talent to win on talent alone." Or "I know there's more to you, a whole other level that for some reason you don't want to go to."

What happened to those guys? They are the same people.. they just don't want to work hard right now. Like Lindy said, it has to come from them. I just hope they find it, and soon because this is painful and embarassing to watch.

I'm going to the Winter Classic II on Thursday and leaving for Chicago early tomorrow so I may be out of touch for a few. I'll post back when I can and I'm sure I'll have a full review and pics of the GAME for y'all to see. Hope everybody has a safe, fun and Happy New Year! :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008



That means he SHOULD be playing tonight!!!! Huzzah!

Monday, December 29, 2008



The Capitals re-assigned Tyler to Hershey last night.


It's like they don't want him to play in Buffalo for me.

he played 23 games. Why did you send him down you punks?

I am not happy.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

who are these guys?

I watched about half of last night's game, and I'll be honest, it was kinda sloppy. Not terrible, just not very good. They seemed a little sluggish.. too much turkey? Lalime was pretty on though. The first WSH goal was a rocket and I missed the 2nd one but geeeeezzzum Ovie made everyone in the arena look bad with that 3rd one. Sorry Hank, you maybe shoulda had that, or maybe Tone should have, but really, it's Ovie and he really IS that good.

I know I shouldn't like Ovechkin since he's one of the league's loveboys but man I can't help it, He's FUN to watch! (and he had a goal disallowed..whoa) He's such a strong skater and he has great hands. (sid, however, has soft hands but is not a very good skater) I like me some boys who can move it. So yeah, I love Ovie. (except when he scores on us.. but even then I had to admit it was pretty sick.)

I got to see Sloaner on tv! That was sweet. Only 3 days till I see him IN PERSON! Hmm.. anybody know when the away team does their game day morning skate? I might want to go out on Tues and try to see him there.. maybe I could talk to him for a sec? that would be sick! Just a thought..

Tomorrow my sis and I are going to the Bills game. My brother-in-law has tickets and he offered them to us. Renee' actually likes football but I can't seem to make myself care about it enough. However, it should be fun and even though I dont like football, I know that the Patriots are THE ENEMY and they must go down. LOL I'll let you know how it goes.. Maybe I'll see Derek Roy there. He was spotted at a game earlier this year by a lady I work with. LOL

anyway I'm off to watch some Highlander. (there was a marathon yesterday on sci-fi.. good stuff!) There can be only ONE.

Friday, December 26, 2008

oh my goodnesss

So... guess who is GOING to the Winter Classic II in Chicago next week?

ME!! My sis and friend found some tickets so we are going. I am super excited. It won't be Buffalo but it will still be hockey I care about (the Wings) and a very good friend and my very best friend, my sister! :) Woooohhoooo!

Also, for my Christmas present to myself, I bought tickets for my sis and I to see the Washington Capitals (AND TYLER SLOAN!) play the Sabres next Tuesday. WOOHOO! If the Caps send him down before Tues I'll cry. (I am pretty sure they won't but still..) I am mad excited.

Hockey hockey hockey!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Day and continues to enjoy the season.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Happy other Holidays if you celebrate them.

I hope all of my friends and faithful readers have a great day/week/etc filled with lots of food, happiness, friends, family and love.


I'm slacking (again) on the Hockey SAB but I'll try to come up with some good ones for you to make up for it..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sabres and Pens

Meh. I'm watching the game tonight and it's going okay. I turned it on in the 3rd period.. and what do you know, MacArthur scored, he's on my fantasy team and he's on the bench. WHOOPS!

I don't have a bunch to talk about.

It's overtime. Eww the Cros hit the puck with a stick higher than the crossbar.. this better not count!

The ref said it didn't hit Crosby's stick when it clearly did. WHAT THE HELL?

Oh that is bullshit. He actually says "The puck did not hit the high stick." So you admit that the stick was high.. and frankly, it actually DID hit the stick.

I am peeved big time right now. I can't imagine how Lindy feels.

"Sidney Crosby was very involved in this game." He had ONE goal. (and it shouldn't have counted.) Ha they are interviewing him and he says "it may have been above the crossbar but I got lucky." OBVIOUSLY even Sid knows that his stick was high or he wouldn't have said that.


So to end this rude post, I shall share something fun. A pic of Heather, Kate and myself from Wednesday night. :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Argh so of course the Sabres lost last night.

I do like the Devils, but not last night!

The seats were killer. When Kaleta scored his goal, the group hug was DIRECTLY in front of my seats. That was fun. I took some pics, I'll post em eventually.

The best part of the night was meeting Katebits and Heather B. It was excellent to meet you ladies, we really must do it again sometime! :)

In other news, the cast party for my play is tomorrow night so that will be fun. I miss those kids! ;)

I have a ton of things I should be doing and it's midnight so I'm out. Lata peeps.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

aw shucks

So.. tomorrow (well technically today) is the big day- The Sabres v. the Devils! My birthday presents- tickets in the 2nd row. WOOHOO! :)

My friend Bryan is going to the game with me. Heather B and Katebits will be there too so I can finally meet them! WAHOO!

I need to catch up on my hockey Separated at births but I'm a slacker.. so you probably won't get one tomorrow unless I happen to steal some time at work, and since I missed last week I'm totally strugglin but oh well. I'll make it up to you, I swear!

Anyway I'll see you cats lata.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sabres are sweeet

okay guys. So one more game I missed (I was checkin Katebits and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (which was excellent, by the way).. but I see that the Sabres won again!

That's twice now we've beaten the Devils. I am going to Wednesday's game and I really hope that 3rd time is a charm and they throw in another win for me!

Vanek is bustin still. 24 goals? THAT is supreme. Royzie has 9 goals and 25 pts so that's not too terrible either. :) He's starting to pick it up finally.

And the boys have squeaked into 8th place in the conference, which means we'd be in the playoffs. WOOO! Keep movin on up.

The next game is Wednesday. that's a long time in between, but I think they can do it!

Enough rambles for the moment. The play was fantastic, by the way and I will be around on my blog a little more often now since I don't have rehearsal all the time.

see y'all lata.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sabres won again.

I saw no game. Again.

But my life is super happy right now so carry on boys, carry on.

And that cute guy I mentioned last week that was going to come over for a game? Never happened due to some scheduling conflicts.. but he might be attending my 2nd row game with me next week! Keep your fingers crossed for me but WHEE!

Good job Vanek. You da man.

Pommers- way to hook it up with a shortie and 3 points. My fantasy team loves the you.

Royzie- how are you a -1? Oh well you did get an assist so that's something. We're good.

And that's about it. Later peeps.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

atta boy

I missed ALL of last night's game due to a long play practice. ***hey if y'all want to come out to lovely Yorkshire NY on Friday night to check a bustin production of A Christmas Story featuring YOURS TRULY as Miss Shields, the teacher- just shoot me an e-mail and I'll get ya some details..***

(end Public Service Announcement/Shameless Plug)

back to hockey.. soo.. yeah I missed that badass game last night. Boo on that. Maybe I'll dvr tomorrow's tilt. I want to actually SEE Royzie score a goal. I wish I had seen the look on Sid's face when they lost- everyone keeps telling me how great that is, but I missed the game after Thanksgiving as well because I was in hockeyless Louisiana. I don't think I could have handled listening to the VS idiots talking about the magnificence of the Crosby and Malkin show. I probably would have puked up my guts by about the 2nd minute and who really wants to deal with that? Right. Either that or it would turn into a Winter Classic-like Sid "lovefest" that I had with my friends when we took it to a point so far beyond ridiculousness that it just COULDN'T STOP. (because I was stuck watching it on VS since I was in Ohio= LAME.. not lame being in OH but not having Rick and Harry is lame.. and sad). Yeah did that make sense? Anyway I hate Sid (i know he's good. you don't have to tell me. 38944389057436546 times, if you work for VS. I REALLY hate Malkin. I don't care if he's good.. he's just.. ugh. Yeah no love for either of them.)

Right so I guess what I'm saying is LET'S GO BUFF-A-LO!

One week from tomorrow I'll be sitting 2nd row slightly to the right of Ryan Miller for 2 periods and NOTMARTYBRODEUR Scott Clemmensen or Kevin Weeks for one. WOOOOOHOOOOOO! It's gonna be grand.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

neato frito

My humble little blog has had :

* 2,600

* 945
Absolute Unique Visitors

* 3,549 pageviews

since March 10, 2008.

I've been visited by friends in 37 States, 8 Canadian Provinces and 28 Countries.

The top 10 Search terms: (and number of times searched)
1. travis rycroft 34
2. rick jennerant 29
3. derek roy girlfriend 22
4. into the boards blog sabres hockey 10
5. derek roy's girlfriend 6
6. derek roys girlfriend 5
7. fedorov or federov 5
8. face first into the boards 4
9. sidney crosby 3
10. travis rycroft girlfriend 3

the most often variated search terms seem to be about Travis Rycroft, Don Cherry's suit choices, Edge shave gel and rogaine commercials, and of course the never ending girlfriend queries.

My personal favorites are "rubbing face with salt" (sounds painful), "pinball face" (what the?) and "lindy peacey" (Lindy please do not peace out, we need yoU!)

And that concludes an extensive review of Google Analytics. I need a shower, a good read and some sleep. Peace.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pseudo-live blog

There are about 9 mins left in the game.. and the Sabres are up 4-3. WOOOO this game has been a little wild, what I've seen of it (I tuned in during the 2nd before the goals were scored..) It's been kinda up and down but at least they are doing SOMETHING. Lots of energy and action which has definitely been missing in some games lately.

And holy moley that Roy goal was amazing. And I particularly loved Gerbe hugging him. Teehee Gerbe is SOOOOOO tiny!

things are getting interesting.. Mair is getting speared in front of the linesmen and then one of them gets taken out.? Say whaaaaat?

Oh and speaking of say whaaat- how about Yoyo and Lecavalier fighting? That was strange but Yoyo was totally getting the best of Vinny. Awesome.

um the McDonalds McCafe commercial is strange..

C'mon guys.. 3.5 minutes left. Let's get another one, eh?

I love the "Let's Go Buffalo" chant I can HEAR! :)

(eeks thank goodness for autosave, because I kinda just accidentally deleted everything on the screen?)

WOOOOHOO Sabres win Sabres win! Yay! :) And they are going to interview Royzie in the post game. Huzzah! MMhhmm and wouldn't ya know, he got the memo- he's a bit scruffier than usual (at least a 2 day beard rather than just stubble)... it WORKS Derek, it works!

Quote of the night:
"He's obviously smaller than me, which is tough to ask for, in this league.."


And on that note.. goodnight Buffalo.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh yeah

Woot Patrick Elias had 2 goals tonight! He's on my fantasy team.. I dearly hope he was playing tonight for me. *checks* NOOO Crap! Fail. I am made of fail.

Just like the sabres. In their defence, they played relatively decently tonight. I didn't like the goals that Florida scored, and Miller saved their bacon more than once, but you have to give some credit to Anderson- he was really on. And he really stopped 45/46 shots tonight. Damn. Our guys were getting it to the net.. for once.

Ugh. That's annoying but at least the effort was there.

I don't think I'm alone on this, but I'm kinda Kevin Sylvestered-out this season. Anyone else? I like the guy, but there's toooooo much Kevin. I miss Rayzor and Roby (I have barely had a chance to watch many games this season and most of the ones I can sit down for are on the road.)

Aside to Derek Roy- PLEASE grow your sexy lucky 3-day scruffy beard again. It makes you score goals. pleaseandthankyou

And one more thing before I go to read my book-that is better than the hockey I've been watching lately- how HIDEOUS are the Flyers jerseys? Puke. They are just garish and painfully ugly.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

yip to the yie

Yeah so.. it's Wednesday and there is no hockey. But it's all good. There is hockey tomorrow (and the Sabres are starting over, right? 0-0?) and I *think* I've got a hot guy coming over to watch the game with me!!!!! He said he thinks he can do it, he'll let me know tomorrow. Score one for Sam! :)

I do have a hockey SAB in store for you today.. since it's Wednesday and all. This one was inspired by desperation and someone (I can't remember who, it was one of my fellow bloggers) mention of Dion Phaneuf and his "Frankenstein Forehead".. so here ya go. There is a bit of a resemblance there..

-Dion Phaneuf of the Calgary Flames


-"Frankenstein's Creature", as played by Boris Karloff

Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge. LOL

And I just loooved can you taste the sarcasm? all the photos of Phaneuf slutting around with Elisha Cuthbert. Pics of them swimming and hanging all over each other while practically naked? Not necessary people! I don't think she's all that attractive, but what do I know? Clearly she has no taste if she every dated Sean Avery. GROSS.

Monday, December 1, 2008


ya call that hockey? There were about 2 good chances tonight and they couldn't get it done. Guys, if you can't score (on a random rookie goalie) then could you at least fight or something? Blah.

I can finally sit down and watch a whole hockey game and you feed me that garbage. Thanks a lot fellas.

Blah. I just spent an hour and a half uploading pics from my family trip to LA- if we're facebook friends you can see them there. If we aren't facebook friends, then what are you waiting for? Facebook me!


My back is killing me. (22 hour car rides will do that to you- seriously that was a LOOONG time yesterday to spend folded up in the car and I'm not fully recovered yet..) I think it's beddybye time. G'night y'all!


Derek Roy- did you miss my memo to KEEP the scruff? You score more goals with more beard. Don't ask me.. just do it!

I still loves him though, I can't lie.

I'm back in the land of hockey. As much as I love Louisiana, there is NO hockey there and that is sadness. I missed 2 wins! and a loss but from the sounds of things Saturday's game wasn't horrid. Of course. Well I'm home now and I can actually watch tonight's game (nothing on the schedule.... say WHAT?) so I expect a win. 'kay, boyos?

That is all. Time to do some actual work. Ha.