Sunday, May 31, 2009


Oh whine whine whine the boards at the Joe are lively. It's not like it's a new arena.. you have played there before Pittsburgh (and apparently turned down a chance for an extra practice Friday). That's why it's called home ice advantage.

The first Wings goal was a bit lucky, it kinda sneaked past Fleury. The first Penguins goal was a little fluky too- Osgood played the puck but it didn't bounce off his stick like he thought it would and he couldn't recover. Great heads-up play by the Fedotenko to put it in. Such is hockey.

The second Wings goal was just putting it on the net and seeing what happens. One of the oldest rules in hockey- put the puck on the net. The boards had nothing to do with it as the puck bounced of a flailing Fleury. And as for the third goal, that was some sick hand-eye coordination by Abdelkader, and you can't take anything away from him for that.

So quit yer bitchin, Pens and go play game 2.

Also, I'll say that the Wings may have gotten lucky when Zetterberg covered the puck that was on Ozzie's back- I don't think anyone could tell if he had closed his hand on it or not (it would have been a penalty shot if he had)- and I doubt the ref even knew where it was. However, the Penguins got a bit lucky when Helm had that breakaway- Gill should had gotten a hooking or slashing penalty when he chopped at Helm but the refs turned a blind eye and Detroit didn't bitch. Gill definitely interfered with Helm's shot and possibly prevented a goal, but I don't think it was legal. It's a moot point but if you look at the game, the refs were letting things slide a bit.

Osgood was amazing, especially on the Malkin breakaway and Sid's little spin-o-rama- he had some help from Rafalski there too. Ozzie owns. :O)

I love the Wings. They are so unbelievably poised and calm. I really noticed it in the later parts of the Chicago series, when the 'hawks were running around their own zone, but it was still in evidence against the Pens. They look unshakable and it's really neat to see hockey played with such precision. (not something we saw much of in Buffalo LOL) That's not to say that the Red Wings don't make mistakes, but they don't get flustered easily and that makes a world of difference.

GO Red Wings! I say they win it in 5.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

off night

Okay friends..

I've done this before, to no avail, but I shall try again.

Our Lady Peace is playing a FREE show in Lockport on July 3, as part of the Molson Canal Concert Series.

I AM GOING TO BE THERE. OLP is my favorite band ever and I haven't seen them since 2005 so IT. WILL. HAPPEN.

Would anyone like to meet me there? It is guaranteed to be a good time. trust me, I've seen them 11 times and they were amazing 11 times.

They have a new album coming out July 21- the new single can be found here: if you wish to check it out. (highly recommended.)

So check your calendars and let me know who wants to have some fun!!! :):)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I smell rematch

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Stanley Cup rematch- for the first time since 1977 and 1978 when Boston and Montreal faced off two years running. For the record, the Habs won both series.

I am (obviously) cheering for the Red Wings. I may have flirted with the Blackhawks, and come to love them a little more than was seemly, but the Wings are still my boys, as they have been for 15 years. Plus I really don't like the Penguins so unless it was the Ducks or Sharks in the West (excuse me while I laugh) I would be pulling for the western champ for sure!

And now it's time for this week's Hockey SAB- a day late but better late than never. I am proud to say that I came up with this one on my own, but upon researching for pics, I am not the first person to make this comparison. LOL

Also, if anyone can tell me who Chris Kunitz looks like, that would be great. He is familiar but I can't place him.

Anyway on to today's SAB:

-Pittsburgh's Evgeni Malkin


-Ty O'Neal or Dwayne from The Mighty Ducks 2 and 3.

Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge.

I can't stop laughing.

I know I have spoken of this before, but I really love Chris Osgood. Just wanted to point that out... again.

And one more thing before I go- what is up with the schedule for the Finals?
Game 1- Saturday May 30
Game 2- Sunday May 31
Game 3- Tuesday June 2
Game 4- Thursday Jun 4
Game 5- Saturday June 6
Game 6- Tuesday June 9
Game 7- Friday June 12

WHAT THE HECK? What happened to one day between games? This is all over the place jacked up. LAME.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yick, the Penguins won. I don't like them. They aren't up on the ladder of hate like the Flyers, Rangers or the Avs, but they are just icky.

I still haven't properly processed my feelings about the Wings/'Hawks. Maybe I'll get to it later. I hope to watch the game later..need to get my Sharpie fix. ;) Hopefully the Blackhawks will show up for this one..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

breaking news

I am actually a little sad that the Blackhawks lost today.. which puts them on the brink of elimination.

I think this means that, while I do love the Wings, I'm more of a 'Hawks fan than I was fully willing to admit.

This will require much thought but my brain is full right now with some hometown wanderings and too much nostalgia so I can't really process that at the moment.

and I am so sick of Pittsburgh. Carolina, I hate you guys too but will you get it together so I don't have to see the Pens anymore? GRRR.

More later.

Friday, May 22, 2009

razor sharp

Oh wow. What a crazy game. The Wings were down 0-3, scored 3 in about 4 minutes to tie it, then the 'Hawks won in OT.

*Phew* A few thoughts on tonight's tilt:

-WHY did Kronwall get ejected? I really don't think that was a dirty hit. Havlat had his head down and was off balance. It didn't help that he had 2 guys dropped on him after he was down either. I dunno, I just didn't think that was fair but that's me.

-Helloooo Sharpie. :) I liked the 2 interviews- after the 1st period and after his GAME WINNER in OT! Word. So my sis calls me during the first intermission, and she says.. "Oh I saw Patrick Sharp being interviewed. Now I understand why you're always drooling over him." LOL TOLD YA! ;)

-What exactly happened to Khabi? I guess he was sick or something.. I didn't quite get the story, and in true VS. style, they babble forever yet tell you NOTHING! Weird. I thought Huet did a nice job weathering the storm in the 3rd though. good job, buddy.

-Pahlsson's pass to Sharp for the game winner was SICK. To thread a pass though a couple of guys to the guy who just happens to be streaking towards the net (which was crazy cuz Sharp was practically behind the net when he sent the puck back that started the sequence which resulted in Pahlsson's pass but still. Crazy madness and sweet passing. Well done dude.

-I still love the Wings and I loved the way they calmly executed the comeback, but I'm totally excited that the Blackhawks won tonight because it will extend the series and that can only be a good thing. :)

-I'm in Ohio visiting my parents this weekend and I was telling them about the "Detroit Sucks" chant that they do in Chicago which I find hilarious. (for those of you unfamiliar, in lieu of a "Let's go Hawks" cheer, the fans instead say "Detroit Sucks") The also were amused by this.

-Oh and anyone who watched Hockey Central after the game heard this but Detroit is 0-93 in playoff games in which they have trailed by 3 or more goals. 0-93. WOW.

And on that note, I'm outta here. Can't wait till Sunday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm sorry but I have to laugh when it's Soupy Campbell who had the giveaway that lead to the Red Wings OT goal tonight. Well done boss. I never liked Soupy that much, he was alright when he was on, but when he was off he was horrid and I was so tired of him when he finally left that it was just good riddance at that point.

Much as I've been flirting with the Blackhawks this post-season, I do still love the \Red Wings and I'm happy that they are winning. But I need more Blackhawks wins so that this series can continue. I can't wait till they are in Chicago.

I did enjoy the commercial with Burrish wanting to change traditions and taking out the Octopus.. that was pretty cool.

Eventually I'll get around to doing a post about how annoyed I am that the NHL awards are going to be in (gag) Vegas this year but it won't be tonight. I do have===ome things to say about that though..

No hockey tomorrow? What is up with that? it should be every other day. lame! But nooo I could be watching hockey tomorrow night but noooo.. oh well. Guess that's it for now.

Oh and check this link- it's TOO CUTE! Wings Build-a-BearD competition

Speaking of Beards- the Blackhawks are winning the head-to-head Beard-a-Thon against the Wings with over $15k raised so far, to the Wings' ~$12k. So cool. I love me some playoff beards, and beards for a good cause is awesome. And I just pledged Sharpie's beard for $25 to Chicago charities. How cool is that?! GO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE beard and donate some money to a good cause! :):)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Let the games begin

I missed both game 1s as I'm playing Mom to the nephews for a few days, but I will try to catch tomorrow's game- I need to see my main men and decide once and for all who I am cheering for in that series. I think it's the Wings but man those Blackhawks are tempting. But I've been a Red Wings fan for 15 years and you can't just throw that away.

And I need to see the energy of that series- I love the rivalry between Detroit and Chicago, it's amazing. Guys, I was AT the Winter Classic this year and the place was electric. And my Blackhawks friends say that games against Detroit were always like that. I wish the Sabres had a rival that we get that fired up about. I guess the closest would be maybe Toronto, because of proximity but really there is nothing like the atmosphere of a Wings/Blackhawks game. There are plenty of teams that the Sabres don't like but few that we actually get crazy about hating, ya know?

I think I've figured out what it is about the 'Hawks that is so appealing. (Besides the obvious Sharp factor LOL) They are what the Sabres wish they were. They are young, speedy, tough and talented, without any HUGE name players but a lot of pretty decent guys that work really well together. True they have Kane and Toews, who are a pretty hot duo, and Kaner was a #1 pick, but still most of their guys are players who quietly go out and get the job done. The Sabres want to be like that. The Sabres used to be (almost but not quite) like that and they want it back. And maybe that's why I like the Blackhawks so much, because they are plucky. I think I've used that word before to describe them, but it fits. They play exciting hockey and I love exciting hockey. You don't have to score 129386 goals a night to play exciting hockey, you just have to play with passion and persistence and I will love you forever. Speed, foxy playoff beards, the occasional scrap and some nifty goals don't hurt either. ;)

So lay it on me, fellas. I know as soon as I see the BIG RED MACHINE again I'll remember why I love them so much- because I do love the Wings, even if they are not my old time Wings. They still have Osgood, who I never gave up on, even though he was pretty rough this year (who's been playing all the playoff games? Not Conklin!) will always be my boy.

I guess what this ramble is about is that I am cheering for the Wings officially, but I would not be heartbroken if the Blackhawks won, because i greatly enjoy the city of Chicago and the team, and it would be wonderful for them to get a Cup back there after a very long absence. As long as it isn't Pittsburgh or Carolina, I'm good, because I have no love for any team which has a Staal playing for it. ;)

perhaps some thought on the East later.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

peach fuzz

Okay guys- seriously, I think the Chicago Blackhawks read my blog. I asked for input on playoff beards- and what do they do? They run a 2:35 segment on playoff beards. There is a lot of Sharpie face time- it made me want to lick my computer screen. Oh, sorry tmi I'm sure. And I cackled like a fool every time they showed poor Kaner and his fuzz. Too great. Toews was mysteriously absent- guess he doesn't want to defend his poor baby-face. LOVE IT, FELLAS. LOVE IT.

Please sir, may I have some more?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

creative i guess

You can tell that my life has gotten busy in the last few months by the number of posts I have (haven't) been posting. I had 27 in Jan, 21 in Feb, 14 in March, 7 in April and only 4 so far in May. Well this is #5 but still. Yikes.

I am really busy though.. but that is no excuse. There is still hockey going on, even if it's not the Sabres and so I am still watching and should be commenting. I have a lot to say, but no time in which to post it right now. So it will all wait. I'll save it up for a boring summer day when I am wishing for some ice.

In the meantime, I do have a kinda mean (but true) hockey SAB for the week.

-Mike Green of the Capitals


-The Invisible Man

Separated at Birth? (at least in the playoffs) YOU Be the judge. The same could be said about Alex Semin. He's like Malkin of last year's Finals.. forgot to show up. WHOOPS!

Tonight's game was brutal, what I saw of it. Obviously the score tells most of the story 6-2. By far the most lopsided game of this series. The Caps fell behind and never got it back. Sad but true. They did a lot of good things in the series and made it further than last year, on a rookie goalie and missing some serious talent who decided not to show up so there is surely an upside here. They just got out-played by a desperate, talented, and fireing on all cylinders Penguins team. It happens.

I thought it was really cool how the fans applauded for the final 2 minutes. That was classy of them. Even when your team is getting destroyed, to show your support and thanks for a great season in a vocal way like that was really cool. It almost made me cry. I'm a bit of a sap, and I could just feel the emotion in that building. I've been there before- at what you know to be your team's final game until October. And it hurts like hell but then you have to show 'em some love because you do love them, whether it's game 82 of the regular season, game 4 of the first round of the playoffs, game 7 of the finals, or anywhere in between. They are YOUR boys and you love them. And that's why you keep watching and keep coming back. So kudos to the fans in Washington. That was cool. (not that this is in any way exclusive to Washington, but they were on tonight and it was a sweet example.)

And on that note, I need some sleep. Goodnight.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ok I am really tired

so there will be no post tonight.. but I must stop slacking, and I found a great hockey SAB so here it is:

-Canucks Coach Alain Vigneault


-Actor Vincent D'Onofrio

Separated at Birth? YOU Be the judge. I'm totally feelin this one. :)

Still awaiting some response on the question of playoff me out here, people! I know that someone is reading this- I see it on google analytics. So where are you and how do you feel? TELL ME!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

tonight, tonight

I turned on the game in the 2nd intermission- the Blackhawks were down 3-1. I was hoping for my 2-goal 'Hawks comeback mojo to kick it, but it didn't happen and the final was 3-1 Canucks.

Now it's time for the Wings/Ducks. The game started fast and looks to be more of the same. I really want to stay up and watch but I'm super tired, fighting a nasty cold, and have to work tomorrow so I think I'm about to hit the sack. GO WINGS!

In parting- please submit your pick for hottest playoff beard. My pick of the moment goes to Sharpie of course but there are some other fellas who deserve consideration. Also, on the subject of facial hair- do you prefer the mountain man look or a more polished, debbonaire goatee?

I say.. depends on the guy, but for some reason I tend to lean towards mountain man playoff beards.

The discussion does not end here, and I await your responses. More to come on the subject, and I think I (finally) have a hockey SAB for tomorrow, so stay tuned.. but for now, bed!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hockey time



You may be a bit of a brat, and somewhat inconsistent in your scoring, but you are still my favorite Sabre. I hope you'll have a fantastic year. :)

Watching the Caps/Pens tonight. My man Sloaner is playing for Washington!!!!! HIs first NHL playoff game- I'm so excited for him. He also has an assist. :):):):) I KNOW THAT GUY!

Ovie had a hat trick. So did Sid. My goodness, but the League powers that be must be dying over this.. and YAY the Caps won! :)

I'm currently watching Oklahoma!, the stage version starring Hugh Jackman. Ahhh I've seen it before but it's quite enjoyable. So I'm back to that, just had to share those announcements. :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Everbody's crazy about a Sharp dressed man

Hellllooooo Sharpie!

I just turned on the Blackhawks/Canucks and the 'Nucks were up 2-0 but not for long. My man Sharp just scored 2 goals. Guess I'm good luck, eh? Better stick around.

I don't mind the extra face time for my boy either. ;) He is teh hotness! I also really enjoy his goal celebration, it's cute.

This is a super fast-paced game. My goodness.. action up and down the ice. I love hockey like that. Quite a bit of hitting as well. These guys don't like each other much, do they?

In other hockey news, the Wings won last night. I missed it as I was seeing Wolverine, which was rockin- go see it if you haven't- but yay Red Wings. The Caps also won today- take that Sid!

Whooooaaa the Blackhawks just scored a shortie. Niiiice. Suddenly it's 3-2 Chicago.

Heeeeey Bieska, was it really necessary for you to tackle Sharp at the end of the period? He didn't even touch you. Relax, dude.

Ugh the Bruins and Hurricanes- what a gross series. I don't like either of those teams, Kinda like the Ducks/Sharks. That was tough because I think it's hilarious how the Sharks always choke in the playoffs, plus I HATE Joe Thornton, but the Ducks are gross and they have Gigglypuff and what is so great about Ryan Getzlaf- he's greasy, plus skanky Chris Pronger. Yeah they are nasty. Back to the Bruins- they just bug me. It seems like the Sabres played them 23980948545 times a year and those games are ick and no fun. I do like Marc Savard (the tricks of All-Star Skillz Competition Mic'd up magic) but the rest of them are bums. Same for Carolina. Those punks beat the Sabres back in 06 and that makes them THE ENEMY. Well it wasn't all that bad actually, because it was a great series but the Sabres ran out of bodies but still, I can't like those guys. I guess I like them a little more than the Bruins but it feels wrong to cheer for Carolina.

DUDE Iced Caps at Timmy's in Canada are $1.89- aren't they like $2.50 or something here? What is up with that? Speaking of commercials on CBC, enough with the Viagra already!

Whoa Eager just squeezed one in on a really nifty pass from Burrish right in front of the net. Well done dude. I like it. 4-2 now. The fans are awfully quiet. Whoa whoa whoa Kaner is on the board- spiffy little backhand, just walked in on Lulu. Sorry buddy. It's 5-2 now. Good stuff. :)

Final 6-3. Series goes back to chicago tied 1-1. :) Lovely post game interview with Sharpie and his hot beard. I like it. And that's it!