Saturday, December 31, 2011

He's baaaaaaaaaack!


Lindy must have been listening- he put Gerbe in the lineup tonight! I'm so thrilled! I literally did a little jump/dance in the kitchen when they said it on the pregame show. WOOOOHOOOO!

AND, not only is he in the lineup, he's playing well! Lots of energy, he's had a couple of hits (I love it when he hits people, they are all so much bigger!) and a shot or two I think. He's playing with Gaustad and Kaleta, which you may recall, was a solid like in the preseason.

And we pick it up early in the 2nd period.

EWWW Ottawa just scored.. rats. Enroth had been playing so well!

Vanek- you totally missed your man dude. NOt cool.

Golly-gee, but Goose grows such a foxy 2-day beard.

And speaking of the Goose, he just got hisself a sweet goal. Nice work by Leopold to put it on net and Goose to tip it. SOLID!


Chris Neil is so disgusting. Why did he have to score? Puke.

Oh gross. Gerbe is playing with Roy and Stafford- the two worst Sabres. Why did you do that to him Lindy?

Interesting bench shot of Lindy getting all friendly and "father-like" in his chat with Adam.


That's one thing I really miss about going TO the games-- being able to start at whoever I wish all night.

Beau-ti-ful breakaway by Pommers but Karlsson caught up to him at the last minute and poked it away. Rats.

Attaboy Enroth! Solid Save on Alfie, then Brennan grabbed it from the air.. good work boys!

Royzie- you're playing with some effort tonight! Keep trying and maybe you'll score. Get there, bro.

I don't like this behind the net camera angle- I need the whole picture!

Awwww.. Gerbs was right at the net and JUSTmissed scoring. Man. That was close- some real good pressure.

And WOW could they get LESS enthusiastic people for the Independent Health commercials?


Oh man Harry, Rick and Rayzor are hilarious tonight!

Holy crow, Karlsson has a serious mullet.

2nd period is over- WOW Sabres are owning on faceoffs, but have 10 giveaways! BAD.

The O'Brien/Boyd commercials are SO depressing! And LOLZ at the people on the Blue Cross Blue Shield ones.. hahaha awesome dance moves- looks like me out there!

Time for the 3rd period. Let's Go Buffalo!

oh we're getting feisty out there. Wow boys. Channel that energy!

Looking at the bench again, is it me, or does Luke Adam just look lost? I think he just has those crazy wide eyes.

(fangirl moment) I love how Gerbe's numbers get all pulled into his hockey pants because there's nowhere else for them to go.

Yay Gerbe was the labatt player profile. It's your night my man! Make it happen!!!

Awww... what an effort by Kaleta and Gaustad! Too bad the Sens knocked the net off.

I'm having way too much fun tweeting about this game. Haha

GERBE GOT THE CARRUBA COLLISION OF THE GAME!!!!!! It's really his night. It's meant me be- he needs to score it here and win this game!

And we're going to Oooooooooovertime!

Now I'm totally stalking his videos on because I'm a spaz. (I'm in love)

His hair is out of control tonight- sticking out through his helmet. Gosh he's been playing SO well!

Why is he at the bottom of that dogpile? Way to pick on the little guy. Chris Neil, you're a jerk.

Shooooooooooootout time:

Vanek- misses net. Whoops
Michalek- SAAVE by Enroth!
Spezza- Scores. BOOOOOO!
Pominville- Scoooooores!!!!!
Alfie- Scores. Poop.
Roy- (will prob score)...... he doesn't. Grr.
Condra- (who I thought was Bondra all night) WOOOOOOOO SAVE!!!
Staffy- Blocked. Nice try, bro.
Butler- He faked Enroth out for the goal. :(

UGH. That was a sad ending to a really good game. Stoopid Sens.
*shoulda put Gerbe in the shootout!*

YAY they are interviewing him! Love the long hair.. the scar on his lip is sexxxxxy and the neck beard is gross. LOL I could go on but I'll spare you. ;)

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! Tomorrow I'll post my Sabres "new year's resolutions"...

Friday, December 30, 2011


Gerbe could be back for one of the 2 games this weekend.. and I can watch them!



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

trust your feelings, Luke.,

Guys.. I just feel it in my gut that Derek Roy is going to get traded. I don't want it to happen, but I feel that it might. The team needs to free up some cap space, he's still got some prime years ahead of him (and there is an upside, even though he's been playing pretty poorly this season) and he is more expendable than any of the other "core" Sabres.

I love Royzie but I'm afraid that the Sabres don't feel the same way anymore. I feel it in my bones that something is going to happen to him.....or maybe I'm just overreacting to my abandonment of him (I bought my Gerbe jersey today!) and it's all in my head.

If the Sabres trade him, well, you heard it here first.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On the flipside

I'm trying to post more.. and I'm actually watching a hockey game- STL @ DET (2nd night in a row- go me!) so here we go..

I totally dig the commercials for the "NBC Sports Network".. they are well done.

And I may have already said this, but the Tim Thomas Discover commercial CRACKS ME UP.

Seriously, how is the team with the worst PP in the league in 3rd over in the Western Conf? And how did they just score a PP goal? Dude.

Tim Kennedy plays for Florida? Where have I been?'s intermission so there's not much to talk about other than cheapo commercials.............

I think the Blues have some of the longest names in the league. Hmm.. this bears investigation. And they have 7 guys smaller than 6-feet tall... which is interesting when you notice how the VS dudes keep going ON and ON about how BIG the Blues are. Here is the list of all the teams' players under 6-feet. (yes I just looked at every team's site to find this info. Yes, I have no life.)

WHOA. The Blackhawks only have 1 player shorter than 6feet.
CBJ- 4 DET- 7 NSH- 4 CGY- 3 COL- 4 EDM- 3 MIN- 5 VAN- 2 ANA- 7 DAL- 6 LA- 6 PHX- 3
SJS- 4 NJ-3 NYI- 2 NYR- 4 PHI- 8 PIT- 8 BOS- 5 BUF- 6 MTL- 7 OTT- 1 TOR- 4 CAR- 4 FLA- 10! TB- 6 WSH- 1 WIN- 4

In case you wanted to know..

Ugh the Blues just scored again. 4-on-4 WHAT THE WHAT?

Then the Wings scored but I wasn't paying attention because I was reading this article, which I do want to talk about but it needs its own post. WOW. That is some heavy stuff and it hits close to home.

WHOA.. hold the phone. The Wings just tied it up with 8 and a half mins left., We got us a hockey game here, folks!

WHOA again.. now it's 3-2 Detroit. Way to get with it, Wings!

And the Red Wings win. YAY!

Monday, December 26, 2011


First off- my mom and dad gave me a gift card for Christmas which will soon turn into a Nathan Gerbe jersey! :) Be sure I'll post pics when I get it.

now, for fun, since I just watched the Sabres Green team video, I'd like to break it down..

Follow along with me at home, folks.

First off, we have an interesting combo of Sabres players- Mike Weber and Nathan Gerbe. You may recall the original "green team" was Paul Gaustad and.. Ryan Miller? I forget who his partner in crime was.. then later it was Gaustad and Steve Montador for sure. I know that Weber was part of the activities of the Green team in the day, but he wasn't on the commercials before this year.

I find this particular commercial to be amusing- maybe it's just me. let's count the ways:
-In the freeze-frame before you start the video, they both look mad!
-Both guys look like they just woke up and haven't shaved in 3 days.
-The height difference- I know, it's old, but it will never not be funny. (and I love Gerbe and I'm totally okay with him being short, it's just amusing next to tall guys)
-the complete lack of expression on Gerbe's face. I don't think he moves a muscle other than his mouth. He barely even blinks!
-Weber's twitchy eyebrows. Seriously, check it out- his eyebrows are alive and moving of their own accord.
-Weber also talks out of the side of his mouth. It's kind of endearing.

... and I think that's about all I can critique for tonight. I'm "watching" the Sabres play the Caps right now.. so far so good. I really miss seeing Gerbe out there though! :( He practiced today- just skating, but at least that's a step. I want my man back.

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's my fault

Oops... I jinxed Gerbe.

Remember when I got my Derek Roy jersey for Christmas in 2007 and then the Sabres lost 10 games and then Royzie missed 4 games or something? Oh wait, you probably don't because I didn't have this blog then.. but I remember!

So Royzie has been my main man for as long as I've had a Sabre- his name is on my slug jersey, he's my dude. I've never had to wonder or worry about him having competition for the #1 spot. I like lots of Sabres but he was still the top dog.

Until Nathan Gerbe came along. Gerbe has slowly worked his way into my psyche and I can't seem to shake him. He's fun to watch and the more I read about him, the more I like him. He is one of those guys who really plays hard every night (like Derek Roy USED to be!) and I love that in a player. I am never not amused to see him line up against all the "big" boys. In general, I really just dig him.

That's not really news, I've talked about it here before.. and I was having a huge debate with myself before the season about getting a new Sabres jersey. I tried to go out on Slug appreciation day (and I was actually going to stick with Roy) but didn't make it to buy a new jersey that day. I thought I had made my mind up then- Roy had always been my Sabre, and I was going to stay loyal to him. But when I didn't get to buy a jersey that day, my resolve wavered.

A friend suggested that maybe the conflict it was because Roy missed so much of last season that I got used to seeing other players instead of him and once he was out there again the old love would return in full force.

Well the preseason started and then the season and they were both out there.... And I kept finding myself drawn to #42.

Houston, we have a problem.....

So I'd been raging about this issue- *silly in the grand scheme, but for me this is serious!* I've never had to choose between players before.

Then I decided to ask for a Sabres jersey for Christmas. And I want Gerbe on it, not Roy.

I made my decision public.. and that was good. It really wasn't a secret I liked Gerbe at this point anyway. No jinx yet (but then again, I don't have his jersey yet.)

Then I changed my facebook picture- to one of me standing in front of his portrait at the FNCenter. (first time I've seen his, it's on the 300 level and I hadn't been up there for 2 years)

And BOOM... next game out he leaves with a concussion and has yet to return.

So players beware, if I pick you, and publicly declare for you, you will most likely be either named to the all-star team (happened to a few of my minor league fellas) and/or injured/called up(if you're in the minors)/traded but one way or another, no longer playing.

Luckily for me, (and you, if you're said player), these absences are generally short-lived. I don't know why this happens to players that I like when I declare for them, but it seems to be a bad trend and I would like to publicly apologize for my bad juju. I just hope the curse doesn't re-assert itself once I actually get the jersey for Christmas!

Get well soon, Nathan Gerbe!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Perhaps it's time to get with it

I FINALLY have nothing to do tonight.. so I'm watching the Sabres game. So far, so good.

I keep tweeting about it but I figured if I was going to do that I should just live-blog it instead.

So here's what we have so far..

1st Period
-Kassian with a SICK pass to Villain (Leino, I like to call him villain) for the first Sabres goal. I really dig Kassian.. he can stay!

-Oh more Sabres scoring- Kassian himself gets one and then Vanek. WOOO it's 3-0!

-Miller OWNS the heck out of Jagr on a breakaway! WOOOO!

-The the lame-o Flyers score with 1 second left in the period and here we are, 3-1. Blah on that. Fun little fight between Tropp and some scrub from Philly- junior hockey style.

But oh how I miss Harry and Rick. I hate the stupid VS announcers- they never know what's going on. Eddie just called Tyler Ennis Nathan Gerbe for a whole replay- while we could ALL see that it was Ennis. *sigh*

2nd Period:
-Miller gets hit in the head with the puck without his mask. He's bleeding a little.. gets patched up and he's back at it. Cool. Hockey players are crazy.

-Bourdon hits Gerbe from behind- really hard into the boards.. NOOOO! Poor Gerbs is playing with who-knows-how-many stitches in his face as it is (from last Friday) and he leaves the ice after that hit. (according to twitter, he was holding his arm? that's BAD!) :( My poor boy.

-But nice work Matt Ellis to stick up for the little guy. :)

-Ewww the Flyers scored again. Gross. That one just bounced away from Miller. Can't have 'em all man. Crappy giveaway by Ehrhoff though!

... oh dear I left the room for a few mins to help my sis put away some groceries and the Flyers scored 2 goals! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!

.. Okay it's the end of the 2nd. Get it together fellas..

3rd period

-I have been joined by my 5-yr old nephew. Maybe he'll be good luck for the Sabres.

-Just reported that Gerbe left with "upper body" injury... will not return. BOOOOOOO! :(:(

-GET WITH IT SABRES! 9:25 left.. let's do it!

-I LOVE the Discover commercials. The Tim Thomas one is hilarious. Sooo brilliant!

-And why do they show Sonic commercials when the closest Sonic is in Binghamton? I don't even like Sonic that much but it's just weird..

-yeesh Ryan Miller is having a rough night. he's had his mask knocked off twice.



here we go..

-GRRRRRR That was SO not okay. Gragnani you are FIRED.

Have I mentioned lately how much I strongly dislike Claude Giroux? Because I CAN'T STAND THAT GUY! (Or anyone else on the Flyers for that matter)


This was NOT how this game was supposed to go. Gerbe is hurt, the Sabres gave up (another) 3-goal lead, and then they lost. Gross all around.

I'm out.