Monday, December 26, 2011


First off- my mom and dad gave me a gift card for Christmas which will soon turn into a Nathan Gerbe jersey! :) Be sure I'll post pics when I get it.

now, for fun, since I just watched the Sabres Green team video, I'd like to break it down..

Follow along with me at home, folks.

First off, we have an interesting combo of Sabres players- Mike Weber and Nathan Gerbe. You may recall the original "green team" was Paul Gaustad and.. Ryan Miller? I forget who his partner in crime was.. then later it was Gaustad and Steve Montador for sure. I know that Weber was part of the activities of the Green team in the day, but he wasn't on the commercials before this year.

I find this particular commercial to be amusing- maybe it's just me. let's count the ways:
-In the freeze-frame before you start the video, they both look mad!
-Both guys look like they just woke up and haven't shaved in 3 days.
-The height difference- I know, it's old, but it will never not be funny. (and I love Gerbe and I'm totally okay with him being short, it's just amusing next to tall guys)
-the complete lack of expression on Gerbe's face. I don't think he moves a muscle other than his mouth. He barely even blinks!
-Weber's twitchy eyebrows. Seriously, check it out- his eyebrows are alive and moving of their own accord.
-Weber also talks out of the side of his mouth. It's kind of endearing.

... and I think that's about all I can critique for tonight. I'm "watching" the Sabres play the Caps right now.. so far so good. I really miss seeing Gerbe out there though! :( He practiced today- just skating, but at least that's a step. I want my man back.

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