Saturday, October 16, 2010


OKay this is maybe amusing to me because I am such a spaz about spelling and grammar. Though this is more of a editing thing, it still should not have happened.

I was perusing the NHL-jobs website today (I do this every day, still looking for that elusive non-sales calls hockey job) and I saw this listing:
"Communications Internship - Edmotnon Oilers Hockey Club (Edmonton, AB)"

Yep, I want to work in communications for the Edmotnon Oilers. Clearly what they need is a copy-editor. Yeesh. I am not above the occasional typo myself, but this is just a personal blog. When I used to publish game stories to the internet for the minor league hockey team I worked for, I would proofread them 5 times to make sure all the names were right. Hello- spellcheck would have caught that one. I just find it particularly ironic, considering the context of the job it's listing.

In Sabres news, what a mess last night's game was. C'mon boys- get with it! (I'm looking at YOU (in particular), Tim Connolly, Drew Stafford, Thomas effing Vanek) Thank you, Derek Roy, for remembering how to score goals. Please share this magic with the rest of the team. How is it that the Sabres have 9 goals- 5 have been scored by Roy, 2 by Leopold.. and just 2 by the other 17 (non-goaltender) guys on the roster? W.T.F.?

Maybe tonight will be the turning point. Maybe tonight I can sit down and watch a whole game- something I have not yet done, except for the game I went to. Let's Go Buffalo?

That is all, thank you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Maybe I'm living in my own universe or maybe it's cuz my seats are so close and I'm easily distracted or maybe cuz I'm an optimist, but tonight was NOT the worst Sabres game I've ever been to. (see December 30, 2008 and December 7, 2009 for examples) It was far from the best, but I wasn't as bored/bothered/sickened/disgusted/etc as the general population seems to be. It was a bit sloppy, especially in the first period. The boys just didn't seem to be synced up very well, but there were some moments of decency. Miller owned everybody tonight and we have to remember we were playing the Devils- who (even though they've been crappy thus far this season) are typically a very good defensive team- and Marty Brodeur is a stud. I heard on the post-game that the Devils blocked 18 shots. I don't doubt it.

So yeah.. not the worst game, not the best either. Vanek MUST be better. Connolly is a lazy piece of shit. SOMEONE needed to score a goal (not looking at you, Ilya). Eh.. I wish they had won, but I'm not hitting the panic button yet. The season is young and the boys have a lot of potential to be decent this year.

but what is up with Myers? He's so hesitant this year.. like he's afraid he's going to make a mistake, so he doesn't know what to do with the puck. I don't like this Myers, I want the old one back! :(

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

nothing to say

I feel like I should post about THE HIT and Monday's game in general, but I don't have much to say. I missed the game- took my nephews to Scouts- but saw the hit on the replay and it was ugly. Not intention to injure, but ugly and unnecessary and caused injury anyway. Tough call on that one but I'm glad he got a suspension. Should it have been more games? Probably. But at least they did something. Now the Sabres have to move on (AND PLAY CLEAN, HARD HOCKEY ON SATURDAY- NO BERTUZZI-LIKE RETRIBUTION BOYS!).

Poor Pommers. It sounds like he will be okay- we can hope so. Concussions are tricky things, so hopefully he will recover completely and get back to playing soon.

I'm going to tonight's game against the super strugglin Devils- so maybe the Sabres will win! I do like the Devils, but I want the Sabres to win. Although, in typical Buffalo fashion, the Devils will probably have their comeback game and play perfectly and the Sabres will roll over and die or try but get nowhere. Ugh. We'll see. It should at least be fun. :)

And how about Derek Roy? I know I've been a Roy apologist for pretty much my whole time as a Sabres fan.. but he's finally playing like the player we all KNOW he can be. Hopefully he will keep it up. The Sabres need his goals (since that POS Connolly is still around and playing terribly, and Vanek can't get out of his own way right now). I love seeing Roy play solid, goal-scoring hockey. Keep it up, my man! :)

Let's Go Buffalo!

Monday, October 11, 2010

pretty smoothe, eh?

Wow.. this is really cool. Like 'em or hate 'em, the Blackhawks had a classy Banner-raising ceremony- bringing back some of the guys from 1961. It was pretty great.

But I still want the Sabres to win tonight!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well, that was gross. I only saw about 5 minutes of this game, but that was enough.


Stoopid Rangers. Wake up Sabres- get back with it. I can't really comment on the game since I didn't see it. (We went to Letchworth State Park today to look at the gorgeous leaves! Well worth the trip and better than what was on the ice tonight, eh?)

But whatev, it's just game 2/82. Not the end of the world.

So yeah, I'm just going to pretend that didn't happen and look forward to the Blackawks! on Monday. Wish I was going to that game. My bro-in-law has tickets- that I often get to use, but he already promised the ones for Monday to a friend who is taking his son for his bday. I'll just have to drool over Sharpie watch the game on tv.

And the quote of the night goes to the new Geico commercial:
"Maybe we should truck over to namby-pamby land where we can find some self-confidence for you, ya jackwagon!"

Awesome. Can someone share this with Vanek, please? ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010

yeah yeah

SABRES hockey is baaaaaaaack!

Royzie scored the first goal for the Sabres. Man was it pretty.. wooooweee. :) Good job, lad. :)

Can we PLEASE just part ways with Connolly now? I am tired of his lazy play. Get some hustle, bro. Lindy needs to put Niedermayer on the 2nd line, keep Goose at 3rd and throw Gerbe in the mix on the 4th line and let Connolly sit. I would take 42 Gerbes over one Timmay. Sick. Of. Him.

Can I say how happy I am that Sabre-killer Spezza isn't playing tonight? It's such a relief. my dude is like the boogeyman for the Sabres. It's better when he's not there. Alfie has been suspiciously quiet tonight too. (knock on wood) In fact, all the Sens seem to be a bit slow. Fine by me. :)

Gotta go do some laundry. Last time I left the room, Royzie scored. ;)Didn't work this time.. maybe when I go to put my nephews to bed in a little while..

Nope, kids are in bed and still the score is 1-1. 3rd period now.

WOOOOO Royzie with another goal. Vanek was on the doorstep, so even if it hadn't bounced off Leclaire's skate, he probably would have popped it in. Either way, a goal is a goal. 2-1 Sabres!

Oh my goodness the end of this game is crazy. 1.3 seconds left? ahhh just end it!

YAY! Sabres WIN! Over Ottawa, even. Way to go boys! YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

**though I'm a little worried about Royzie. He blocked that Kovalev shot point blank late in the game on the penalty kill. It clearly was hurting him but he gutted it out and finished the shift and blocked another shot (he shared that one with Pommers.) I don't believe he was on the ice any more during the game. Then at the end when they won, he was sitting on the end of the bench (they did a pan of the bench and Lindy walked by and patted him on the head.. lol) and he did jump on the ice but didn't go all the way over to the congratulatory line for Ryan Miller. He just came out at the end... doesn't look good, but I hope he's just a little sore and it's nothing serious. My boy is on fire, you can't shut him down now with an injury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

Post game EDIT: Just saw the new Green Team commercial. How adorable is Goose? And Hellllooooo Mr. Montador. I LIKE the new hair. I liked it long but the short and messy thing might be even hotter. Not gonna lie, I have the hots for Monty. :)


There is hockey- real, live, regular season hockey on my television right now! :) YAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!

And my boyo Sharpie got a point. Hossa took the goal, but that's okay- because I have both of them on my fantasy team(s). Not the same team or league but they are both representin. The stinky Avs are winning at the moment (early in the 3rd) but there is still time.

My nose itches. Just wanted to share that.

C'mon 'Hawks! Where's your Defending Stanley Cup Champs "swagger"? They seem quite fond of that term tonight.

Colorado is blocking shots left and right on this power play. Wow.

Man I have missed hockey. Have I said that lately? But guess what? HOCKEY IS BACK!

Wooohoo just saw a clip from Jordan Eberle from Edmonton's goal. It was pretty. He's on one of my teams. :) But man oh man, what is up with the Oilers' uniforms? They are uuuugly. Looks like retro night or something and that is just not necessary. Shorthanded goals are great though.

SHARPIE SCORES! Great heads-up play to grab a loose puck in front of the net. I love that man. Now we're tied.

Out of town update again- Eberle has another goal- this one a PPG. What a nice fantasy addition!

Oh man now they are talking about Sharpie and how awesome he is (duh) and they showed one of those nice little cut-away videos where he turns around with a hockey stick over his shoulder.. and ooooh my I had to rewind it and watch it again. Those EYEBROWS. I'm a little puddle of goo. Sorry, I'm embaraassing myself.

Let's get back to hockey. It's overtime.

Awwww. Poo. The Avs won. :( Oh well, it's just game 1 of 82. There's time. Turco looked a bit sloppy at times tonight. He needs to be better but it wasn't a bad game.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

spice it up

Today is Wednesday.

Hockey starts tomorrow! for really for realz. :) I am soooo excited and ready to roll.

So, in honor of the return of hockey, I present you the return of Hockey Separated at Birth.. I am going to try and make it a weekly thing again, because I enjoy doing them. (It may also help me to post more..)

This one was inspired by a post that Anne wrote over at Queen City Sabres about the Kings. Enjoy!

Today we have:

The ever-lovely (even though I won't watch "Supernatural" because it's too creepy) Jensen Ackles


LA Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier.

Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge. Anne used that pic of Bernier and I was immediately struck with the likeness.. and some definite hotness. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

damn it feels good to be a gangsta

WOW. I went to the Sabres/Flyers game tonight and it was fun.

Now, granted, the Flyers were really the Philly Phantoms (AHL) and I had only heard of about 4 guys on the ice (literally, I think the only names I recognized were Shelly, Carcillo, Guerin and Mezaros.) But all of that is beside the point because the Sabres scored 9 BEAUTIFUL goals and won the game 9-3 after falling down 2-0 about 5 minutes in.

It was a ton of fun. I had my youngest nephew with me and he had a good time counting all the goals and cheering. :) It was great to be back in my brother-in-law's awesome seats in section 116. I missed hockey in a serious way. :) I know it was just the preseason, but the Sabres played hard all night and didn't give up when they had the game in the bag. Every goal was a work of art and many were from a lot of determination and excellent passing.

I love love love the Roy-Stafford-Ennis line. Such energy, such skill! Sign me up. (and don't lose it, boyos!)

I still hate Tim Connolly. He looked completely useless and LAZY out there tonight. In a game your team is DOMINATING, you should be more involved. Blah on him.

And Royzie was top-notch tonight. He was all over the place. THIS is the Royzie we know he can be.. lets just hope he remembers it too. : )

Let's Go Buffalo!!!

I am SO ready for the season.