Monday, November 30, 2009

Doings around the league

Well.. what an interesting night in the NHL. Ovie (I do like him but I can't condone this) got what was coming to him- dude you don't hit someone knee on knee- it just isn't cool my man.

Bad form.

And Keith Ballard- W.T. F.??? I don't even know what to say about that.. I can get being mad when a guy misses on a breakaway but still has time to score.. but WATCH YOUR STICK! Don't hit your own goalie. Yeeeeesh.

In other news, the Sabres won and Ryan Miller got another shutout. Way to be! :) He looked so relaxed and collected after the game. He looked pretty well rested, for a guy who just played out of his mind 3 nights in the last 4. Impressive. :)

I mostly listened to the game tonight but I caught glimpses of the action as well. The radio feed and VS were not in sync, so it was like I was living in the future- I would hear things before I saw them.. weird.. so mostly I just listened and sneaked a view every so often for a replay or some such.

I did spot Monty's fight, such as it was. And I will say that kinda really dig him. I think he's hot, not gonna lie. I like me a man who isn't afraid to be scrappy. Just sayin.

Oooh shiny- Blackhawks and Blue Jackets tomorrow night. I think I'll try to watch that! :)

Whoa, the Blue Jackets scored 2 empty net goals? WOW. And tooo R. J. Umberger, good job with the hat trick, buddy.

Oooh, Drew Miller plays for the Red Wings now? That's cool.

And that's about all I have for tonight, faithful readers. Stay tuned...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A little self-love

Hello out there, all my adoring fans (or those of you bored enough or crazy enough to like this silly blog! ;) )

The fun folks over at The Arena are running a Sabres blog-off.. and somehow I got nominated! I feel so special.

If you are of a mind, feel free to vote for me (and your 9 other favorite Sabres blogs, many of which I also read.) And while you're at it, check the place out, it's pretty neat.


Friday, November 27, 2009

something strange is going on

I'm attempting a live blog for the first time in a long time, we'll see how it goes.

This is a really bizarre game time. A lot of the games today are at odd times. I know it's the day after Thanksgiving and all but it's a Friday. Weird.

I know I've said this before but I really dislike the Flyers' uniforms. The colors are just garish and the way that the names look pasted on.. it is old and strugglin lookin. Not a fan of them at the best of times, and this throwback look makes me want to hurl- and possibly gouge my eyeballs out.

I am a little cranky today so if the Sabres start playing like crap, it's going to get ugly. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with my fam- my parents, brother and one of my sisters made the trek and I have tons of things to be very thankful for. However, I am currently having hideous menstrual cramps and still suffering from what I call the 'food hangover' of Thanksgiving, this feeling huge and hurting, bad combo.

But if the Sabres decide to play well (for once) and actually WIN while I'm watching, that will make me feel better! *hint, hint*

So far I haven't commented on the game at all. That's not a good sign. Even though I've got the game on, I've been typing this and answering endless questions from the nephew (not that I mind too much, I think it's adorable that he likes hockey so much) but it's a bit distracting. I need to focus.

GOOD EFFORT, STAFFY! A nice end to end rush with Timmy and some hustle by Drew results in the Sabres first goal. :) THAT is what we need to see, hustle, initiative, and a good heads-up play. Please, sir, may I have some more?

I missed the whole Kaleta/Ross incident (was folding laundry) but I would appreciate some input about the whole deal if anybody wants to enlighten me.

I'm bothered by the fact that for some reason either my TV or the feed is declining to show me the score and time and all that. Oh wow, it just came back.

WHOAAAAA wait a minute. HOW was that a 2 minute roughing call when Richards (even if it was unintentional ) got his STICK up in Myers' face? Yeesh. And now Laperriere got whacked in the face with the puck. Man oh man.

It still feels weird to be watching hockey in the middle of the day.

Roy, when you try to run through 3 guys with the puck, it's usually not going to work. Just a note. What kind of messed up power play is this, Sabres? YOU have an extra man... did you fail to notice this? Oh, look- power play is over. Not like it mattered too much to the Sabres.

WHAT THE? Helloooo Sabres, how did you let Richards be alone in front of your net? I only could see 1 d-man on that play, and it was Montador, he was covering Carter.. who was (supposed to be) on Richards? Hmm I think it should have been Butler. Oops.

OH NO OH NO OH NO WHAT?????? How did the Flyers just score again? EWWWWWWW NO! (oh and btw, RJ, it bounced off Timmy Connolly, not Tallinder or Myers) That was a knuclepuck if I've ever seen one!


Awwwww Goose loooked so uncomfortable while his Dad was talking..
Royzie, what is up with that hat? LOL
Lindy also looks awkward to have his Dad talking about him.
Montador looked a bit like Royzie there, not sure what was up with that.. I've never though that before. I love his hair though, just gotta say. /fangirl
The boys are cute, they seem like they must be modest young men.
YAY thank you Sabres for FINALLY giving us a little something of the boys off the ice. I like seeing all of their dads- I hope they post that video online.. so I can re-watch it and analyze it. Hahaha

It's snowing. Like raining snow. This happens often where I live, but this is only the 2nd time it's snowed this year. I'm not one of those people who hates snow- I like it! So, it's about time. :)
---back to the game--

And, we're back! Rivet and Carcillo do a little dance (make a little love, get down tonight) and that wasn't terribly exciting. I'm a little scared of Carcillo- he's kind of a beast so I'm glad Rivet was able to live through it.

Gee guys, really? Way to negate a power play. (not like we can do anything with it anyway) Holding the Stick is just one of many hockey phrases that sound dirty. (yes, I'm 10 years old)

WOOOOOT The Sabres finally remembered that power plays mean they have ONE MORE GUY on the ice than the other team does.. and used it! Good job Goose! I mean HONK HONK HONK!

Wow, Butler is one of 2 players in the NHL born in Missouri? What an interesting stat.

Oh my, what a commotion- Rivet and Carcillo pt. 2. That was a bit more spirited... and I love how Carcillo flew over for the fight. It was a little wild.

I missed the end of the 2nd period because the little guy and I went outside to catch snowflakes for a while. But the score is still 2-2 so that's good.

---- Intermission Part 2-------
More chatting with the Papas. :) WOW Ryan Miller looks like his Dad in a serious way. I think I've noticed that before but man.. that is bustin.

I find it interesting that the Supercuts commercials only show men. Do they really think that men are the only people watching hockey? C'mon.

Goose has 6 goals for the season? Good for him. Some people (Derek Roy, I'm looking at YOU!) need to step it up..

----3rd period----
What is with the officiating today? That was obviously a high stick on Kennedy and yet no call? The Flyers guy (didn't get his name) WENT TO THE BOX. he knows he did it.. yet they can't call it? LAME.

Wow Laperriere is a hard core dude. I remember him from when I first started watching hockey. I mean, really- take a puck the mouth, go away for a while, come back with however many stitches and less 4 teeth.. and keep playing? WOW.

WOOOO Connolly- "Top Shelf where mama hides the cookies!" GOOOOOD JOB! And WOW, that was s siiiick pass by MacArthur-- 3-2 Sabres! (now, please remember how to play hockey for a while, guys.)

Harry Neal- must you always talk about how the Sabres haven't allowed a PP goal- IN THE MIDDLE of a power play? That is asking for the Flyers to score! C'mon dude, don't you understand the power of hockey superstitions? Yeesh, man!

How unnatural is Derek Roy in that stupid Celino and Barnes commercial? I mean, it's awesome that he's donating money (if he ever scores another goal) but he is a terrible actor and he can't even say 'hello I'm Derek Roy' and sound like he means it. Pathetic.. but at least it makes me laugh.

WOOOOOO Wait a second- now it's 4-2.. that line of Connolly, Stafford and MacArthur is just ON FIRE today! I like it I like it!

Um, really? The tripping call on Butler was WEAK. He was going for the puck- had the puck ON his stick, and the Flyer just ran into his stick. Once again, that is a weak call. It ended up not being a big deal as the Sabres killed that penalty, but I am not impressed.

I know why I don't do this more often.. these get long because I always find that I have more to say than I thought I did.

What happened to Goose? Why is he broken?

oooh RJ, you made my day by saying 'A little too much mustard on that one'. I love that phrase so much! :)

Oh no! Poor Rivet.. he's been so solid this game and now he goes down awkwardly into the boards. It looks like he jammed his leg/knee/something. Whatever it is, it's NOT GOOD. :(

ANd those bastards in Philadelphia frickin BOOED him! I've heard that they do that.. but I've never noticed firsthand. What a lack of class. I mean seriously that is just disgusting. Regardless of your team affiliation, they are HUMAN beings and when you see someone get hurt, you shouldn't boo him as he leaves the ice. That is just Low. I am sickened.

C'mon Ryan Miller! He has been pretty ON today, just a little over a minute left, baby.

Dude, when they showed the guys on the bench during the timeout, Mairsy looked like he was gonna kill someone with his eyes. And, just for the record, Scott Hartnell has HIDEOUS hair!

Alrighty, the Sabres won! AND (more importantly) they played a good game. Great job, guys!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

where y'all at?

Stoooopid Sabres.
Stoooopid Senators.

I HATE the Sens soooo much! WHY is it so dang hard for the Sabres to play well against them? Why is impossible to beat them? WHY?!

Argh. Ottawa, your city is lovely, the Rideau Canal rocks my socks right off, and I really want to visit in the spring to see the tulips, but by golly I DESPISE your hockey team..


And nobody commented about my buddy 'Tim Connolly'? I thought I'd get at least one.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've been savin it

I met Tim Connolly!

I wanted this to be its own post.. but check it, guys and gals:

Pretty cool, eh?
















Now it looks like one of those stupid chain letter e-mails. Haha. No peeking!

In all seriousness, I did not meet THE Tim Connolly, or even someone of that name, though the fella in the pic, whose name is Mike, btw, looks an awful lot like our buddy Timmy. Photobucket (refresher pic)

Mike is friends with my friend Bryan and was at our church's dinner dance on Saturday night. I couldn't help but notice he looked like Tim, and I pointed it out.. He said he gets that a lot. Once, he was at a bar and was upstairs (I take it there was sort of a balcony thing going on, you could see the 2nd floor from the ground floor) Ryan Miller and some other Sabres- he can't remember all of them, thinks Pommer was one, walked in. Mike was there with his friends. The next thing he knew the bartender was giving him a drink. Mike says- 'who is this from?' the guy responds that it's from 'your friends..' Mike looks at his buddies, no one did it. Bartender says- 'Your friends the Sabres, downstairs.' So Mike goes down and walks up to Miller, says "thanks for the drink, buddy." Ryan is like.. uh do I know you? Mike tells him that Miller bought him a drink, and he was upstairs. To which Ryan Miller replies "We thought you were Tim!" Hahaha great story and I could totally see it.

So that's an amusing Sabres bit for today, as well as this week's hockey SAB- my new friend Mike, and Timmay Connolly. (this is Tim's 3rd appearance as a hockey SAB, and I don't even like the guy all that much. Wow.)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

quite a few

Wow, it's been some days since the last post I made. Sorry for being a hockey-slacker! I'll try to get back into it. it's not that I don't care, it's just that I've been busy this week. I haven't seen a Sabres game since the terrible effort against the Flyers. I missed that pathetic show in Boston, as I was taking in the much more entertaining "Guys & Dolls" in Springville, was having a girls night (much-needed) with my friends on Wednesday, took my nephews to see the NU Purple Eagles (lose) on Friday and at a dinner dance for church last night.

However, it seems that the Sabres are back on track, at least for the moment. I heard the end of Friday's game, and I liked what I heard. :) I've read about the other 2 and it's good stuff. I am happy that the boys are playing with an edge and standing up for each other. Royzie finally seems to have remembered how to score goals, which is great, Miller owns everyone, and we are still getting scoring from all 4 lines. There is much to be thankful for, and I just hope the boys keep pushing and don't let up just because they got a couple of wins.

I watched the first part of practice on Thursday, as the boys were at the Pepsi Center, and I was there with my nephew, as we usually are on Thursdays. He is so into hockey.. it's just super cute. And he asks me to identify all of the boys as we see them.. it's pretty funny.

Some random observations from practice:
-before hitting the ice, the Sabres usually go to the upper level of the facility to lift weights or some other manner of off-ice warmup sort of exercise. It's ONE flight of stairs, BEFORE they do any work. Yet half the guys take the elevator. Seriously, dudes? The ELEVATOR? I think they crammed 10 guys into it on Thursday for one trip. It was a bit silly. All of you Gaustad fans will be happy to know that Goose is saving energy by taking the stairs. ;)

-James Patrick is extemely foxy. I have not really, properly noticed this before but it is so true. He is just suave and very good looking. I felt that I should share this since I was really struck by it on Thursday.

-You can tell that Patrick Lalime has children by the way he notices little ones. I had my nephew with me, and we were sitting in the rink near where the Sabres took the ice. Lalime was the first player out and he looked over and smiled and waved his glove at my nephew. It was really cute. Matt Ellis also noticed and waved. This is not to take anything away from the other guys, because I understand that they are there to work and they are focused, but those small gestures really meant a lot to me and the little guy.

-I hinted at it in my previous post, but it's time to come out with it. I AM TOTALLY INTO STEVE MONTADOR. I know next to nothing about the guy, and he's not even the sort of hockey player I typically notice/go for, but there is something about him that has captured me. I've been puzzling through it in my mind for days now and I can't quite explain it, but I can no longer deny it. Maybe it's the fact that he played right defence, and because our seats are 2nd row just inside the blue line, I see him up close and personal when I go to Sabres games, maybe it's the hair (I do like a man with good looking, long, hockey hair), maybe it's the hawk-eyed gaze and how focused he is on the ice- man lemme tell ya, that dude is SUPER tuned in to the game when he's out there and concentration is HOTTT-, maybe it's his crazy gap-toothed smile, but whatever "it" is, he's got it. And I'm in. I need to research him more, and I may post about him again soon but there it is. Y'all heard it here first.

That's all for tonight, but hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a fantasy hockey recap *I ignored my teams all week but actually had a decent showing* and then a very special announcement and possibly a hockey SAB. No guarantees, since this is the final week of rehearsal for a play that I'm in.. but I will try!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

oh me oh my

Dear Sabres,

That was pretty pathetic. Can we please just forget tonight happened? Well, except for Royzie's goal. I'll keep that.



P.S. Hank was pretty badass tonight- with the end-to-end rush and all. Well played, my lad.

P.P.S. I think I might have a teensy, tiny little thing for Steve Montador. Don't ask me why, I'm still trying to figure it out myself. I'll get back to you when I know more.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Also, Tyler Sloan scored a goal for the Caps tonight. He's been randomly playing on the left wing. Good for him! :)

Yay hockey! More to come- I was AT the game tonight and I have some thoughts but I'm really tired.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I figured it out

Guys, I know why Derek Roy isn't scoring goals:

it's MY fault!

See, when I got my Roy jersey for Christmas, almost 2 years ago, the Sabres had that pathetic 10 game winless streak, and Royzie didn't score a single goal in that stretch. Before that, he was the team's leading scorer- pts AND goals.

Then he finally broke out of that slump (and the injury that happened during it) and scored a hat trick in that bust-up of Atlanta and actually did very well for the rest of the season. That was the time when Royzie and Pommer were in the Top 5 goal scorers for the 2nd half of the year. Ah, memories.

Flash forward to this summer. I met Derek Roy in August and had him autograph my jersey. He hasn't scored a goal since.

I think I even joked that I hoped it didn't curse him, and here we are, 10 games into the season and Roy has 8 assists and ZERO goals.

I blame myself. Apparently my fandom is dooming my boy. I shall have to renounce all Derek Roy love until such time as he finds his scoring touch again.

I'm quite sorry to have deprived the Sabres of a top scoring threat, but I am quite happy that the rest of the boys have stepped up. So, from now until he gets his act together, I shall try to treat Derek as "just one of the boys" and give him no more notice than I would.. say, Steve Montador.

Derek, you're on notice.