Saturday, October 31, 2009

this kid is too cute

So.. i was at the Pepsi center on Thursday, as per usual, to take my 3-yr old nephew skating.

And who should we see when we exited the rink but Tyler Myers, Mike Grier and Tim Kennedy!

Benjamin (my nephew) was fascinated- he LOVES any sort of "hockey guys", and just stared at them. It was cute. He said "Sam, who are those hockey guys?" and I told him they were Sabres. He just kept looking. Hahaha. Then we took off our skates, and I saw Royzie wander by. We had some time, so I told Benj that we could stay and watch the Sabres skate for a few mins.

So we go into the rink where they were skating, and they wander out.. I point out who is who and he is wide-eyed and loving every minute of it. I noticed that Goose wasn't on the ice, and I mentioned it to Benjamin. He loves Gaustad- probably has to do with the Goose name- he always calls him "Paul Gaustad Goose" like it's all part of his name, LOL.

So he wants to know where Goose is.. and I say that I don't know. I tell him that maybe Goose wasn't feeling well- he can relate, having just had a bout with the flu himself and telling us that he "wasn't feeling very well" for a few days. Then Benj tells me that that wasn't it, but rather Paul Gaustad Goose wasn't playing hockey
"Because he didn't do his schoolwork."

That cracked me up all day.. I'm pretty sure that wasn't why Goose was absent, but it was way too cute for me. The kid knows- hockey is fun, and you can't have fun if you didn't get your work done. LOL
Of course we know that Goosie IS sick. :( Hope he's up and at 'em soon!

I didn't see or hear tonight's game (I'm in Ohio) and it seems that I didn't miss much. All I have to say is OUCH!

Oh wait, I do have something to say- HOW DOES ROYZIE STILLLLLL not HAVE ANY GOALS? Get on it, my man!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I need to catch up

I haven't posted in a week and a day.. EEK! In that time, I have been a game (Friday) and watched 2 others. I should get on with the writing. I also managed to catch a cold along the way, so I've been feeling a bit blah and haven't been internetting as much as usual. SO instead of some long-winded (me? long-winded? surely ye jest!) post, I think I'll throw some bullet points out there and do it the easy way.

-The game was fun.
-I really liked the tribute to Marty Biron. It almost brought a tear to my eye. Well done, Buffalo. :)
-I think the applause when they announced Myers' goal was the loudest it was at any point the game. We love this kid!
-Myers is the real deal. He will make some rookie mistakes (see: his mis-read on Max's goal Saturday) but he has such skills that we have to keep him! I might say more on him later.
-woohoo for 6 goals! :) I like it when that happens.
-Sitting next to me for the game were 2 fellas from Los Angeles, who were on a hockey road trip. They were really neat to chat with and are blogging about it, so check 'em out! :)

-I missed most of the game and most of the goals BUT..
-Poor Max. It was clear that his time in Buffalo was up, and it's not like he skipped town to spite us, but he was very popular here so it was a bit rough for him to get such a reception. Of course scoring against us didn't help his case!
-Say what you will, but if you watched closely, Myers kinda misplayed Max on his goal. Not saying that he could have stopped it (Max can be super dangerous when he's ON), but Myers stayed with him, then kinda backed off. I don't think he was prepared for the speed that Max is capable of. Not a black mark on the Wunderkid's record or anything, but something that I noticed that a more seasoned d-man (or someone who had played with Afinogenov before may have done differently)
-The Sabres looked tired.
-WHY do we always play Lalime against Atlanta? This never ends well. I am always defending Lalime because he often gets thrown into difficult situations.. maybe next time can we play him on game 1 of a back-to-back when the boys have fresh legs? Dunno.. just a thought.

-DUDE. 5-1 after the first? Sign me up for these Sabres! :)
-Darth Vader and storm troopers dropping the puck? 'Nuff Said. :)

I may scratch up a SAB for ya soon to make up for missing it yesterday but no promises..

And one other thing, to close:

Mike Grier: 2 GOALS
Tyler Myers: 2 GOALS
Patrick Kaleta: 2 GOALS

Derek Roy: 0 GOALS. Yes, you read that right.. ZERO GOALS.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Fantasy Hockey Roundup Week 2

Here it is for Week 2:

Trick Nashties (IPB AmazingLeague)
Record: 5-5
MVP: Bryzgalov was a super stud for the 2nd week in a row (who knew?) with 3W 0.95 GAA, a .959 Save% AND 1SO
Honorable Mention: Henrik Zetterberg 1G 3A 1PPG and 13SOG
Most Useless Team Member: Martin Havlat- 0G 0A -2, 1SOG LAME!
Into The Boards: (Cincinnati Cyclones League)
Record: 0-12-3. Yeah, you read that right.. I won ZERO categories. My team needs some serious maintenance. GRRRR I seriously got owned in faceoffs and shots on goal!
MVP: Sharpie led the team in points again, he really is a stud.
Honorable Mention: Marty Brodeur. 2W 1.96GAA, .923 Save% and a shutout
Most Useless Team Member: Marc-Edouard Vlasic- 0G 0A 0everything but a -2 and 5 SOG. STRUGGLIN.
RedRogues (Z is for Zamboni)
Record: 4-8-3
MVP: Sharpie owned again with 2G 2A 4Pts +2 and 12SOG
Honorable Mention: Steven Stamkos again with 2G 2A 2PPG and 23 Faceoffs but his -5 Sucked!!
Most Useless Team Member: Danny Cleary. NO points whatsoever. Not even any PIMs but he did get 4 SOG. Oh and he also hooked me up with a -1.

So.. I need to pay closer attention to these guys and do some tinkering, but I have been busy and not very internet-y for a while.. so I'll get there eventually. Good thing there's no money on this or anything.. hahahaha

Eventually I'll come back with some thoughts about the Sabres.. if I can ever sit down long enough to write them all up.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sabre Sightings!

Today I took my 3-yr old nephew skating at the Pepsi Center. We do this often on Thursdays, since he is learning to skate, and they have a preschool skate in the mornings on Thursday, which are not too busy for us otherwise. He did very well. It was only his 3rd time with his new hockey skates. (I bought them a few weeks ago and when we tried them on he said 'They're cozy!' You may all ooh and aww now. LOL)

So anyway, there we were. I had a vague thought that the Sabres might be at the Pepsi Ctr today because of the Lady Gaga? concert at HSBC.. so I was not surprised when one of the ppl working commented on my nephew's Sabres shirt and said we could watch the Sabres later.

Well, we finished skating around the time when the fellas were wandering in and warming up before hitting the ice. We couldn't actually stay to watch them skate- we were meeting my sis for lunch- but we did see some of the guys. Butler, Tallinder (WOW he has skinny legs!?), Lydman, Mair ( I think), Lalime, Grier, and 2 guys I didn't know on sight (they had hats on) walked by and kinda glanced over as we were taking our skates off and putting shoes on (there was no one else there) but that was about it. Though when we first came out from the rink we were on, there was one guy down the way, with shorts and a Sabres sweatshirt on. He was just kind of chillin, walking around a little. When he passed us, he looked over and smiled. It was Ryan Miller. :) (He also has stick skinny legs, but I already knew he was a beanpole LOL) It was a nice little smile though. I wish we could have stayed to watch them skate, but they weren't on the ice and we had things to get to. it was still cool.

Oh and I LOL'd when I saw a van out in the parking lot, replacing the glass on one of the Sabres' windshields. I mean, I know that the glass places say they can "come to your workplace" to do the work, but it struck me as amusing, none-the-less. It was a fancy sporty car too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is freaky

I promised to get back on track with the Hockey SABs so I found a really good one for today. It hit me completely randomly.. I just grabbed on the first name I came up with, which was for some reason (I was looking at my fantasy stats right before this) Ethan Moreau. I couldn't picture his face in my mind, though I had a vague recollection that he was a nice lookin fella. Little did I know just how nice.

So I called up some google images and what to my surprise did I behold but? Moreau looks quite like one of our beloved Sabres. But don't let me tell you, look for yourself:

-Ethan Moreau of the Oilers


-Paul 'Goose' Gaustad of the Sabres.

Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge. It might all be in my head, but that is kind of uncanny. They could be brothers.

C'est tout!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holy Goal Scoring, Batman!

I actually missed most of the game tonight- I was in and out of the room and missed all of the 2nd period.. but caught the highlights and all I can say is..

HELLO Buffalo! We DISMANTLED the Red Wings tonight. Just out and out owned them up one side and down the other. I can't comment much on individual play but anytime the Sabres want to score 6 goals and only allow 2 I will take it. :) Also, superb work on the Penalty Shot, Mr. Miller.

And I forgot to set my fantasy team (again), whoops. Good thing for me I left Osgood on the bench so I didn't have to absorb his 9.16 GAA! WTF Ossie? Where you at, my man? I mean, I'm glad it happened against the Sabres but whoaa..

That's about it for the moment. I think I'll even have a hockey SAB for us tomorrow. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fantasy Hockey roundup Week 1

Y'all probably don't care too much, but here is how my fantasy teams' first week went:

Trick Nashties (IPB AmazingLeague) *and, much to my dismay, and a late drafting order, Rick Nash (the inspiration for that brilliant moniker) is NOT on my team. How rude!*
Record: 5-4-2
MVP:Patrick Sharp: Not only does he up the hotness factor of my team by like a zillion points, but he also had 3G, 3A was a +3, all 3G were PPG and he lead the team with 15 shots on goal. Well done.

Runner-up: Ilya Brrzgalov with 2 W, a Shutout and 1.34GAA (to balance out Osgood's 4+GAA)
Most Useless Team Member: Chris Osgood. 0 Wins and 4.06 GAA and .826 Save% OUCH!
Into the Boards (cincinnati cyclones league)
Record: 4-10-1 (got my butt kicked by my best friend!)
MVP: Sharpie owned that team too, but I'll give it to Teemu Selanne with 4 G (2PPG) and 13 shots. He also had 2 PIM for me
Runner-up: Rod (the Bod) Brind'Amour. His 25 Faceoff wins is almost half of the entire team's output. DAMN.
Most Useless Team Member:Nathan Horton. 0Pts and -4. Way to go, champ!
RedRogues (Z is for Zamboni League)
Record: 5-8-2
MVP: Sharpie is also in this league, but Patrick Marleau outplayed him just a bit. Marleau owned with 5G, 1A, +1, 1PPG, 1SHGoal, 1Game winner, AND 25 faceoffs. IMpressive!
Runner-up:Steven Stamkos is doing well so far in his sophomore season with 2G, 2A +3, 1PPG, 20 shots and 31(!) faceoffs. :)
Most Useless Team Member:Filip Kuba- he is currently injured and has missed a few games, but not before earning a -2 rating in a game first! BOOO!

I will try to do this every week then at the end of the season we'll see who has earned the most MVPS, Runner-ups and MUTM Awards and have a ceremony! (and yes, you can be sure I'll write some speeches. HAHAHA)


Red Wings and Sabres tomorrow. It should be a good matchup. The Sabres usually play pretty decently against the Wings (and almost always end up losing in the end) so we'll see. I hope they can at least score some frickin goals!!! And Osgood is the starter, and he's been a bit swiss cheezy lately so maybe that will continue!

let's go Buffalo!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome all welcome all welcome all my friends

Yippie, I went to my first (reg season) Sabres game tonight! :) It was grand.... oh how I love hockeytime!

Some thoughts on the game:

-I really liked Myers. He played pretty solidly- but he does occasionally get caught too deep in the zone- however, he was not bad for only his 2nd game. :) And his heads-up play to keep the puck in the zone for that first goal was REALLY GREAT. (and right in front of me) Good job!!

-The dudes behind me were raggin on Butler all night.. I didn't think he was that bad, but seriously, I was not happy with Hank. (sorry Heather!) He seemed lazy tonight, or slow. He shied away from contact and wasn't playing with much hustle. It was disappointing and I have no idea what is up with him but I want old Hank back.

-Royzie was decent. He made some really slick plays a few times and had some great chances.

-I really LOVED the pressure the Sabres managed to keep FOR THE WHOLE GAME. They really didn't let up the pace at all and it FINALLY paid off for them. That was really great to see because that is something they have certainly struggled with.

-Miller played very well tonight. He came up with some SICK saves and the right time to keep the boys in it. That is the Ryan Miller we all know and love and that's who we need to see night in and night out. I think his stellar play really kept the boys going.

-I liked Montador. He was good on the point during those power plays especially.

-Speaking of the power play, they have to got to get that in gear. They finally put one away after 29038098654 minutes of PP time. (which is not to say they didn't have chances galore, but it was grand for one to finally go in!) Gotta work on taking advantage of that opportunity.

-Go MacArthur. He had a rough pre-season but looked pretty great tonight with the goal (a really smart play to hold on to the puck like he did.) and an assist on Vanek's goal. Good on ya, Clarke.

-Kaleta was fantastic tonight- super feisty: fighting, hitting and drawing penalties left and right, just like he's supposed to. He's fun to watch. Goose was ready to go with Upshall too, but I think Scottie was afraid. Haha.

-Jason Labarbera. WHOA. This dude is not amazing (career stats-wise), but he sure played a good game tonight. I was somewhat surprised to see him in net after Bryz had the shutout against the Pens last night, but it worked out pretty well. The Sabres had 39 shots on goal, and he stopped all but 37. That is not too bad of a night, if I do say so. He should feel pretty okay about it, all things considered.

-I had so much fun being AT a Sabres game again.. ahhh hockey. :) I started a few "Let's Go Buffalo" cheers. (if you heard some from 116, that was me, and the dudes around me LOL) I love love love that!

-The guys next to me were hilarious. The guys behind me were fun too, and one of them was super hot. He plays hockey too, and spent all game pointing out little things the players were doing to the kids he was with. It was really neat to listen in.

-I took a few pics tonight, and they are on facebook, along with some other random ones from the day.. Link is HERE, and hey, add me as a fb friend if you haven't already! :)

-Ran into Clare, Frostee, Kim and Kelsi (who I was meeting for the first time) in the concourse. That was cool- great to see you ladies! :)

And I think that's about all I have. A great Sabres win tonight. Hopefully more to come! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Time to revive the ole standby of Hockey Separated at Birth! (I will try to have a new one every Wednesday of the Season.. and as always if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to send 'em in!)

So I bring you the first one of the 2009-2010 season:

-Mike Modano of the Stars


-Kevin Costner- circa 1991- a la "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves"

Separated at Birth? YOU be the judge!
I think the resemblance is most striking in the Robin Hood days, from the obvious standpoint of the mullet, etc but there is definitely some correlation between the two, non?


I think that eventually I'll revive my hockey songs-- I have a few I still need to share with y'all, and maybe one day I'll write some new ones. I need to get this blog back into shape, since the season is underway! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

There is some more hockey on my tv

YAY I'm watching the Devils and Rangers. It's a decent game.. I do love the Devils so it's nice to see them on tv, even though the Rangers are winning at the moment. It's almost the end of the 2nd period.

So, while I take in this scene, I'll post some randomness.

I hope y'all don't think that since I've been gushing over Sloaner so much during the preseason, I have forgotten about my Sabres. I still love them of course and I'm super happy that hockey is back, but I am just excited about my boy. I mean, I saw his first pro game, ya know? So now that he's in the big leagues, I just can't help but get all excited for him! (and maybe next time he'll LOOK at me during warmups LOL)

Can I just say that the commercials for the powermat wireless charger are *bleeping* obnoxious? I mean, if you can't promote your product without (implied) profanity, it can't really be that bleeping good then, can it? Whatever.

So anyway, back to the Sabres. I watched Saturday's game while reading everyone's opinions of Saturday's game.. on Sunday. So I dunno.. I think the game was decent. I liked the feistiness the boys were showing, and the willingness to step up for each other and lay down some smack, though there were no actual fights. I did LOL when Pommer was grabbing Hal Gill. Good effort! ;)

They clearly need some more goals, (duh) and where was Vanek?, but overall, I think it was a decent start to the year. Remember that hockey is 82 games, and yes, each game and each point counts, and there is much to improve on, but I was good with what I saw.

I'm going to Thursday's game, so hopefully I'll have some comments with a little more depth to them.

I could do without the Celino and Barnes commericals with Derek Roy. EWW. I mean, great on ya, Derek, for donating money to the Diabetes Foundation or whatever exactly it is, but why them? Yick.

Side note, (one of) my dream job is an NHL analyst.

Side note #2-Why is Engblom not wearing any socks? I'm scared.

Oh and may I please just say that Michael Del Zotto is really good looking? Because he IS. He's about a zillion years too young for me (cuz I'm an ancient old hag at 28, LOL) but I can look, eh?

EWW remind me that I don't like Chris Pronger cuz he's a punk and he plays nasty and mean. (but dammit, he's got that gap-toothed smile that makes me melt anywhere else.) I'm just not allowed to see him off the ice because then I forget that I.DON'T.LIKE.HIM and think.. "Ooh he's cute...WAIT EWW That's Pronger!! GROSSSSSSS!"

Sorry, feeling a bit on the girly side. I don't try to hide that I look at players beyond their hockey stats. It is just a way of life. Doesn't mean I know anything less about hockey, but some things just need to be discussed. LOL

I want pizza! But we have no pizza at my home so I guess that's not going to happen.

I slightly love the NHL2K10 commercial with Ryan Kesler. :) He's awesome. Speaking of commercials, I think the dude from the ones is totally cute. LOL does that make me lame? Probably but there.. I said it. Haha

Whoa Rangers Asst Coach Mike Sullivan is kinda scary. He was reaming his boys a new one after that boarding penalty in the 3rd.

C'mon Devils!! Y'all have a power play, do something with it!

Is it me, or is it totally weird to see Rob Neidermayer playing for the Devils?

Really, even on VS, we have to point out that the Hobey Baker is the 'Heisman of Hockey'? WE KNOW THAT! Speaking of Hobey, I really need to read some more books about him.. the guy was pretty fascinating!

UUUUGHH the Devils lost. :(

C'est tout.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bring it on

WoooO! There is hockey on my tv, for the first time since June. YAY! Some observations from tonight's matchup between Washington and Boston.

-Glad to see Engblom still has the mullet. Keep it going strong, brother. ;)

-Sloaner make the cut, but he's not playing tonight. He's the spare 'D' man.

-YAY it wasn't Christine Simpson doing the intermission interview.. I can't stand that girl. Of course, now I have an exclusive interview with Sid to look forward to.. think I'll pass.

-Is it me or are car commercials getting weirder and weirder? You have the people who look like "flowers' in the.. I think it's a Prius commercial.. then I just saw that weird one for a Honda Insight. It's a CAR.

-EWWWWW we were just treated to a show of Sid's perve-stache from last year's playoffs.. GROSS. I did not need to be reminded of that. LOL

-I need to find the "Top 10 THings You'll Never Hear a Hockey Player Say" from Letterman last night. It may have been the Rangers (puke) but that is bound to be funny! And even funnier is how wooden Drury is when he presented his line. Could you make an effort, dude?

-I'm not going to lie- I absolutely adore hockey. You guys know this. I'm not a Sabres fan, I'm a hockey fan who likes the Sabres. (and other teams) That being said, I am ecstatic to see hockey on tv again.. but I don't know if I'll sit through this whole game. It's not a bad game, and wooo!hockey! but I am in the middle of a fantastic book right now and I'd really rather read.. so I think I'm going to do that and check up on hockey later. Maybe I'll catch a bit of the Canucks/Flames game on CBC tonight. And I will most certainly check the Sabres on Saturday! (I'm GOING to the game next Thursday.... wooo!)