Monday, April 28, 2008

Time for some fun analysis

Have I mentioned lately that I love Google Analytics? It's hilarious. Let's check out my keyword searches:

"dion phaneuf has an annoying voice"
- I particularly enjoy this one since I have never heard mr. Phaneuf speak, much less commented on the fact. He does have creepy eyes, which I think I mentioned a few posts back but I fail to see the connection. It makes me LOL though.

then it gets interesting. There are 2 recurring themes, Derek Roy and Travis Rycroft.
We have:

Derek Roys Girlfriend
Derek Roy AND girlfriend
Derek Roy girlfriend- x2
Derek Roy's Girlfriend - x3

my goodness, someone is curious. This one almost makes sense, seeing as I discuss Derek Roy so very often, and have actually used the phrase "derek roy's girlfriend" before in jest. But still, that's a lot of searches about the same topic. I am pleased to see that the one with the most searches is the one that is grammatically correct at least. ;)

then we come to Mr. Rycroft:

Travis Rycroft Girlfriend
Travis Rycroft Pictures
Travis Rycroft 2008
"Travis Rycroft"
Travis Rycroft- x3

For a guy who doesn't play for the Sabres, he's sure attracted a lot of attention. And since I only mentioned his name once, in passing, it's even more surprising. Although I can see why ppl want pics of Rykes, he's a very attractive man-

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: (he's the one on the right, obviously)

But.. while I did work for the Utah Grizzlies for a year when he was there, that was 2 years ago and I have barely spoken to him since then. I don't know anything about his girlfriend, though he didn't have one when I knew him, and though I do have some other pics of him, I've never mentioned it before in my blog. ;) But again, I could talk about Travis all day long. He's a great guy and a decent hockey player. He's very hard-working on the ice, and that counts for a lot more than just points. ANd did I mention he's gorgeous? Cuz he is probably one of the most attractive people I have ever known. Ever. But he's not an asshole. He is a genuinely good person. He was probably one of the most attentive listeners, especially among hockey players, that I have ever encountered. I interviewed him for the radio (one of my many jobs, and the most fun of them all, when I was with the Grizz) and his interview was far and away the best one I had. And he was randomly touchy-feely, in a non-creepy way. He's just come in and put his arm around me and ask me to fax something, or situations like that. and I can't say that I minded too much.. ;)

Anyway there it is. I could go on about him, but I'll spare you. For now. ;) In case any of my random Utah visitors sees this- say hi to him for me, eh? ;)

I think that's enough for now. a nice trip down memory lane.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

in the eleventh hour

I am not too happy with the way the first round turned out. Only the Wings are still standing of my teams! They will play Colorado, which is good I guess. It should be fun at least. I wanted Calgary though! I don't like San Jose. Yuck.

and I had to think long and hard about a Hockey Separated at Birth for today. By the way, if anyone wants to e-mail me a suggestion for a SAB, I'll happily accept them. But this is what I've got for today:

Henrik Lundqvist of the Rangers and
Actor Goran Visjnic (he has a good hockey sounding name) of ER. (or at least he was on ER, don't know if he's still around or not, I haven't watched in years)

Separated at Birth?


That's all folks!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Finally one of my teams is getting it together. Osgood got himself a shutout today. Well done my boy, well done. And the Wings move on. Yay! Their opponent is yet to be detirmined, as the Flames are still playing but it will be Calgary or Colorado.

that's all I've got today.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

is not another happy hockey day

BOOO! What is wrong with my teams? The Devils are done. and how much do I hate Sean Avery? It knows no bounds. He's an asshole supreme. And he called Marty Brodeur a "fatso". wtf dude?

Blah. I'm with Heather B., I think I am still waiting for the Sabres series to start. Spring means playoffs! And the fact that the Sabres aren't in it, and the Devils are done means the only team I actually like still is the Wings and who knows if they are going anywhere. (THough they did FINALLY start Osgood last night, and he got them a win- go figure)

I did watch part of the SJ/Calgary series the other night- thursday. I caught the 2nd period, then went to bed. Ryan Clowe (it's Clow-EE, CBC guys) is an asshole. I don't like him at all. And to make it worse, I know that he and several other guys on the Sharks hooked up with my skanky former friend when they were in Cleveland and she worked for the team. GROSS. it was really bothering me. and Dion Phaneuf has creeeeepy eyes!

so yeah, hockey is not going my way this spring and it's sad.

that's about it for today. I'm going to do some yard work for a lady who needs help. Enjoy the sunshine!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

is not a happy hockey night

argh. What a crappy hockey night. Hasek reeked up the joint- AGAIN- HELLO Detroit, will you please start Osgood next game?! idiots!

The Devils lost. Grr. I watched part of the game, and it seemed like every time I left the room the Rangers scored. yuck> I hate the Rangers and all their bastaard free agents. Gomez and Drury, you are so dead to me.

In happier news, Ottawa got SWEPT!!!!! Whuuhahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahaha!

And I got my Nintendo games I ordered on Ebay today! (I got the system the other day) It's 2 of the most ghetto-ly awsome games ever- Solstice and Base Wars. Rock on dude. Talk about a time warp.. LOL I love it!

now my thumb kinda hurts though.. LOL

And since it's Wednesday, I must give you a Hockey Separated at Birth. This one is kind obvious but necessary and I'm very tired and it's been a busy day so I didn't want to have to think too much. I give you...

Bozo the Clown AND Brian "Soupy" Campbell

Separated at Birth? You be the judge. ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

hasek you are an old man

Way to suck for the Wings tonight old man! I want Osgood!!

I tried to watch some Avs/Wild but I hate the Avs (and it's like a time warp with foote and forsberg back in the fold) and I jsut dont know enough about the Wild. I sat through 1 period, though I tossed it to CBC cuz the VS guy had an annoying voice. Harry Neale was doing the color on CBC. That was WEIRD.

I loved the Bud Light commercials on CBC- hilarous! and woohoo Subway representin!

I think that's it for playoff game 3s for the night. Oh yeah.. bye bye Ottawa! Suckers!

blah blah

Ok well I guess I'm not seeing Collective Soul tomorrow cuz I can't find anyone to go with me!

Darn it! I was maybe even going to get some sweet hookups like getting to meet the band?! AAARGGGH. but I can't go by myself.

Does anybody want to go to Rochester for a sweet concert tomorrow? I will totally drive and pay for your ticket.

tell me ASAP! EDIT: Nevermind. We're taking my nephews to the zoo today. that will be fun. I'll have to see CS another time. Drat!

It's so not fair- my sis would be so here buuuutt she's in Iraq. Stupid Army. Grrrr.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Job Marty!

Yaaaaaaaay Waaahooo John Madden! The Devils win it in OT and now the series is 2-1. Much better. And I got to watch most of the game. Double wahoo! :) I also took in part of the Caps/Flyers game- meh on the outcome, but good for Biron since he's on my fantasy team!

I flipped back and forth between CBC and VS so I saw some snippets of the Habs/B's game. Missed the game winner though. Bleh, I don't like Boston! But the game was pretty interesting. Those Montreal fans are NUTS! And the Garden was seriously loud. Good job fans.

That's it for me for today. I hope to watch some of the Wings action tomorrow- and maybe even the Wild/Avs or the Penguins or whatever is on. but I'm afraid I'll miss the Devs on Tuesday (if I go see Collective Soul, which I am still planning to do) but maybe I'll DVR it. Now it won't be elimination at least! Phew!

Yay Playoff hockey!

and seriously, has anyone noticed how Ovie sprouted a serious beard overnight? Madness!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Recapping the Sabres Part 2

So all that random dramatic stuff I said in the beginning of the last post? Who knows where it came from, because that is not where the writing went but oh well. Now here is a breakdown of what I liked and didn't like from each player, and some thoughts on everybody. Again, mostly for my own record, but feel free to comment as you wish. :)

In numerical Order:

3- Mike Funk- 4GP, 0Points, OPIMs and -3
he didn't play too many games, but seemed pretty decent when he was out there. He's a pretty decent skater for such a big guy. We could see good things out of him in the future.

4- Nolan Pratt- 55GP, 1G, 6A, 7pts, +1. 30PIMs
Overall, I was pretty happy with Pratt. He came in fairly early in the year but established himself as a steady, stay at home D-man and didn't make too many horriffic plays. Pretty reliable as a 4th or 5th guy. keep him around!

5- Toni Lydman- 82GP 4G 22A 26Pts +1, 42PIMs 1 PPG
I like the PPG there Toni my man. He was very good at times and pretty strugglin at others. Much like the whole Sabres team. Sadly, it seemed like night when he (and his partner in crime, Tallinder) were ON, the rest of the Sabres were weak, or Miller was letting in softies or some such. The team had such a tough time gelling this year and that hurt them. However, I'd surely keep Lydman around, he's got it in him to become mroe consistent and be 1/2 of the #1 pairing every night. He ate up tons of minutes, AND played all 82 games, which is something to be said, especially with the injuries we had to the D this year.

6- Jaro Spacek- 60GP 9G 23A 32Pts +7, 42PIMs 7 PPG
I think the last stat is most telling there- I'm impressed. In comparison, he had 1 PPG on last year's killer team. Hmm. I've gotta be honest with you guys, I was not expecting much out of Jaro before the season started. When the Sabres picked him up 2 summers ago I was like.. ooh woo Spacek. They talked about how great he was and all I could remember was his less than stellar play for the Blue Jackets for a while, and his strugglin-ness for the Oilers in the finals of 06. Last year he was decent but year he really seemed to step it up and be a leader for this floundering young club. Spock is an oldtimer and had somewhat of a calming influence on the team. And he played much smarter- and tougher!- than he used to. I was overall very pleased with him. If he hadn't missed 22 games with injuries, it would have helped.

9- Derek Roy- 74GP 32G 49A *careerhighs all of them* 81Pts 46PIMs +13
Oooh Royzie, where to begin? I love this guy. He just does something to me, and while he wasn't quite ON every night (none of the Sabres were, lets be honest) this was a very good year for Derek. He set career highs in goals, assists and points and logged some sick ice time- 21 mins/night, good for first among Forwards and 4th overall. not too shabby. He and Pommers trailed on Ovie and Malkin in pts after the all-star break and he finished the season on a 13-game? (or was it 12) point streak. AND he was 18th overall in pts. That's not bad either, for a team that didn't make the playoffs! All the numbers aside, it seemed to take Royzie a little while to get going, but he really stepped it up and did some great things this year. I expect him to only get better. He's a very smart player, he knows how and where to use his teammates, and he's an extremely good puckhandler. Plus he's small and quick and not afraid to mix it up on occasion. ;) I like the feisty Derek, I want to see more of him next season. BUt he certainly proved his worth and I think he will be a leader and an offensive force on this team for years to come. (and thank heavens he's already locked into a 6yr contract!)

10- Henrik Tallinder- 71GP 1G 17A 18Pts +5 48PIMs
I thought Hank was pretty good this year. He had games in which he could have been better (they all did) but overall he was consistently steady and a defensive Defenceman. I like those guys. It's good to know that someone's got our team's back. ANd of course there was that killer shootout goal that beat MARTY BRODEUR of all people. Man that was awsome. :) For that alone, I'll love you forever Hank. ANd because Heather B. digs you so much, it just kinda rubbed off on me. ;) In any case my man, keep up the good stuff, fix the few bad things and I'd welcome you back any day of the week.

12- Ales Kotalik- 79GP 23G 20A 43Pts -5 58PIMs 12 PPG
Al, I wanted to like you, I really did. I thought it was nifty the first 11 times you scored on the one-timer on the PP. The other 3489756 times you tried it (before that last Montreal game) and didn't score it was annoying as HELL. You've really got to improve your repitoire. If you could do that I'd apprecite it a lot. I think the Sabres are done with you. You are not creative enough for their ideas. Or something. Kotalik was extremely frustrating to me, as you can see there, and I don't have much else to say. He didn't adapt well and it was not fun to watch. I think he can find a new home some where else and I'd be totally okay with that.

17- Marc-Andre Gragnani 2GP 0Pts -2 4PIMs
Dude, I really have nothing to say about this kid, he only played 2 games and I think I missed one of them. He looked decent out there, but he needs to develop some more. He's got potential though.

19- Tim "Tissue Paper Man" Connolly- 48GP 7G 33A 40Pts +4 8PIMS
Oh Timmy. I feel for the guy, really I do but maaaan he is fragile! And frankly, he's a good playmaker, but I think there is a little too much hype about how the team is 238945894756894057 times better when he's in the lineup. It's getting old already. Do I like to have him around (when he's healthy?) Absolutely. But the Sabres have to learn to win without him. I really hope his surgery this spring went well and he can come back and play a full season because he is a good player and he's nice to have on our side. I'd take him back, I'm just tired of hearing about him.

20- Danny Paille- 77GP 19G 16A 35Pts +9 14PIMs 3SHG
This was a good story. I like this kid! He plays hard, he brings lots of energy and he seems to want to be there every night. That's the kind of attitude I appreciate. I wish he could have gotten that one more goal, but hey 19 isn't bad at all. and 3 shorties ties him with Royzie for team lead. Not bad Danny-boy, not bad at all. Keep him, he will get better.

21- Drew Stafford- 64GP 16G 22A 38Pts +3 51PIMs
I don't know what to think about Staffy. He's very young (which always seems to surprise me when I notice it) so there is surely room for growth. He had a decent year, but there were large stretches when he was just invisible. He really needs to work on that and then we can talk business. He wasn't terrible, but I think he needs to play with a little more edge and drive. I'm not writing him off just yet.

22- Adam Mair- 72GP 5G 12A 17Pts -2 66PIMs 2 of his goals were Game Winners
I like Mairsy. He's that unheralded 3rd/4th line mucker who does the dirty work and gets very little credit for it. He showed up every night and played some serious in your face hockey night in and night out. That's great stuff. He may look like the joker from Batman, but he's a tough dude and it was nice to see him rewarded with some more ice time and some starting lineup calls later in the season. He was consistent, not always on the scoreboard, but with the intangibles that are just as important for winning hockey games. Keep this dude here, he's quality.

26- Thomas Vanek- 82GP 36G 28A 64Pts -5 64PIMs 19PPG
Vanek Vanek.. where to start with you? I maligned this dude hardcore in the beginning of the season. He was supposed to be THE MAN for the Sabres and he was not producing at the rate he should have been. Now I don't need 12 goals a night, but something a little more than what he was doing would have been good. Finally he got it in gear and started scoring like a madman, which was nice but next year can we please cut to the chase a little earlier? Thanks. I know there is a lot of pressure on Van, and he is very young but he need to live up to his potential (and paycheck) for him to be a good member of this team. He redeemed himself in the 2nd half but I really hope he comes ready to play from the START of next season, or it's going to be rough all over again.

27- Teppo Numminen- 1GP
Not much to say about your game Teppo but ya looked good out there! Teppo is hardcore awsome for even trying to play this year after open heart surgery. And he had a great attitude about the whole thing. I really hope to see him back in Buffalo next year, because we could use the veteran-ness.

28- Paul Gaustad- 82GP 10G 26A 36Pts -4 85PIMs
Goose is the man. he has really matured as a player over the past year or so. He is smarter out there, and uses his size better- and his skating isn't too bad. He is a demon in the face-off circle which is grand and shows up every night. He seems to be a leader in the room, just in a more suble, lead-by-example way and the team responds to that. Plus he's not afraid to drop someone for messing with his boys. And he teaches kids to read and exercise and is all about recycling so really, how could you NOT love him? :) The Sabres need to keep this one around big time. HONK!

29- Jason Pominville- 82GP 27G 53A 80Pts (team high) +16 20PIMs
Pommers proved everybody wrong this year. They all thought he'd be lost without Briere but guess what? He carried this team quite a bit this year. He quietly went out and picked up 80 pts. He was very consistent for such an up and down year for the team. He always seemed upbeat and ready to do whatever it takes to win. I love that he had the "C" for 2 months and wouldn't be surprised to see him with some sort of letter next year. If the Sabres don't re-sign him, they're IDIOTS and I'll cry. he is my #2 guy afterall.

30- Ryan Miller- 76GP 2.64GAA .906Save% 36-27-10 3SO
Miller drove me nuts this year. It seemed like there were nights when the team was rockin but he was totally out of it, but the nights when he was bustin, they couldn't seem to score. That's obviously not his fault but it was annoying nonetheless. He needs to be more consistent. Right now he's a good NHL goalie, and he's on the edge of becoming a GREAT goalie. I hope he can put himself over the line. And I want him to stay as a Sabre of course.

34- Mike Weber- 16GP 0G 3A 3Pts +12 14PIMs
Yeah you read that right- +12. That is outrageous! But great anyway. Apparently we play better with Mike Weber in the lineup. He wasn't around much but I certianly liked what I saw, especially later in the season. He's very young but he didn't look out of place in some very high pressure situations. I'd like to see more of him next year.
***Plus, Weber wins the Face First Into the Boards mascot competition after that hit during the Boston game. DAAMN that was hardcore!

35- Jocelyn Thibault 12GP 3-4-2 2SO
Poor Joce- he didn't really get a chance to play much. The sadder part is I think he's past the point of being a guy that can take on a bunch of games and get ya some key wins while your starter is resting. He's not a bad goalie,and with a better team in front of him (some nights they really hung him out to dry) he could be even more decent. He might be a good backup for a guy like Brodeur who can play 80 games and still be incredible or just a team with better defence. Frankly I don't see him in Buffalo next year. GOod luck to ya though TBone, it's been real.

36- Patrick Kaleta- 40GP 3G 2A 5Pts +1 41PIMs
Who doesn't love Pat Kaleta? The kid is just fun. He hits everything that moves. He plays with incredible energy and enthusiasm. He's just all around great and provides a spark to the team every time he hits the ice. he came up and stayed here for a while because of that energy. I hope to see much more of him soon.

37- Mike Ryan- 46GP 4G 4A 8Pts -4 30PIMs
I don't have much to say about Ryan. He was okay, didn't strike me too much one way or the other. I wouldn't mind seeing him around but he's got to do something more noteworthy to get more words outta me here. ;)

38- Nathan Paetsch- 59GP 2G 7A 9Pts +3 27PIMs
Hmm.. I don't know about Patches. Kinda like with Mikey Ryan, I can't seem to think of anything that stood out in particular about him. He was decent as a d-man, needs some work but could be the #7 dude on the bubble kinda guy. I dunno. I think Weber and Sekera are better but he's all right as a fill-in. How's that?

41- Clarke MacArthur- 37GP 8G 7A 15Pts +3 20PIMs
I love his name! Don't know why exactly, it's just very aesthetically pleasing. Moving on, he was a fun guy to watch. I liked the energy he brought to games and a hint of scrappiness too. I expect to see a lot more of him in Buffalo in the coming years.

44- Andrej Sekera- 37GP 2G 6A 8Pts +5 16PIMs
I liked Sekera. I think he played with a maturity beyound his years in some tough situations. That is a very good thing to have. I want him to be a regular next year.

45- Dmitri Kalinin- 46GP 1G 7A 8Pts -7 32PIMs
Poor 'Tri was often the scapegoat of all that was wrong with the Sabres, and that wasn't very fair. He's an okay D-man, made his mistakes, but they all did. I think he needs some work to get a little faster on the transition but overall I was not displeased with his season. I wouldn't mind seeing him as a Sabre at least next year.

55- Jochen Hecht- 75GP 22G 27A 49Pts +1 38PIMs
Yo-Yo was the surprise of the year. He took over the vacant "captain clutch" position and ran with it. He seemed to score the craziest goals from weird angles at just the right time. He was very underrated coming into the year but he definetly kept the Sabres alive in some situations they were strugglin with. He's a great leader too and a guy that the others seem to look up to. I really want to see him for years to come.

56- Steve Bernier- 76GP 16G 16A 32Pts -1 64PIMs
Welcome to Buffalo, Big Bear! He had 2 goals in his first game, then it took him a while for #3 but he was a decent addition. He's also rather young (aren't they all?) so there is room to grow for him. Bernier is a strong, physical player and I think that next season he will be more accustomed to his teammates and that will be good. I hope he is here next year, he brought good things to the team.

61- Maxim Afinogenov- 56GP 10G 18A 28Pts -16 42PIMs
Yeeeeesh Max, how are you a -16? I know that +/- isn't all that but woooow that's bad. He bugged me a lot this year. Max has mad speed and some good skillz but he CAN'T THINK ON HIS FEET! He is terrible about changing plans in the middle of a rush. He just gets the puck and goes as fast as he can, then shoots. If there is someone in the way.. well too bad. it's like this weird one-track mind thing with him. Which is why he will never be a truly great player, because he can skate like crazy and he's shifty but he's not a Smart player. He doesn't know what to do if Plan A goes awry- there is no Plan B with him. It's frustrating to watch, Plus he tends to take dumb penalties, also frustrating to watch. he and Al need to hop a plane to somewhere far far away. Your time here is done Max. Thanks for the memories.

76- Andrew Peters- 44GP 1G 1A 2Pts -2 100PIMs
Oh dear Petey. You are not a good fighter. At all. It's sad really, when your "fighter" can't really fight worth a darn. He's not very good as an enforcer, but not decent enough of a player to take a regular shift. he did get the token 1 goal and somewhere along the way scraped up an assist but really. Petey has always been a terrible fighter and probably always will be. he needs to work on his skating and stuff and maybe he can become a 4th line regular guy. Maybe. But he seems to be a decent dude off the ice, and he did make that funny video with Royzie so it's not like I hate him as a person, I just can't stand watching him circle and dance and not actually HIT SOMEBODY! But he's all we've got for now so I guess we'd better take what we can get.

^^Honorable Mention to 51-Brian Campbell- No longer a Sabre (thank goodness) but I'll discuss him a bit anyway. Soupy had fancy Spin-o-Ramas that never did anyone any good but looked nifty. He had mad giveaways in his zone that everyone seemed to forget about 2 minutes after they happened. (weird how that is) He made annoying commercials about excessive sweating and vericose veins. He squabbled over money and couldn't concentrate on playing hockey. And yet Buffalo still misses him. I DON'T! Soupy, you had your time here and it was sometimes good sometimes bad, but I'm glad you're somehere else giving some other goalie heart attacks with your giveaways and spinoramas. Have fun there. You'll always be a part of my original Sabres experience (the last 3 years) but it's time to part ways.

Phew. That seriously took me 2 hours to write all this stuff. I am so done. If you read it all, I applaud you. :) G'night!

Breaking Down the Sabres

I've been thinking about this post for a long time. It's the memoir of a season, I want it to be good. (for my own sake, if no one else's) Overall, it was a good year. It would have been better, of course without so many blown leads and a bit more consistancy but hey.. we can't have it all, all the time. They are still our boys and they still made things interesting (painful?) right up till the 81st game. That's worth a lot. And there were some killer good games in there, mixed with all the strugglin-ness.

So I'm looking at the good, and hoping they'll learn from it properly and have a better year next go around. Is it September yet?

So, to recap- I went to 4 Sabres games this year- 2 preseaon and 2 regular season. Each one was fun in its way-

Game 1- September 23, IN COLUMBUS. It was my good friend's 21st birthday so we went to a hockey game of course. It happened to be the Sabres and the Blue Jackets. Our seats were great, about 12 rows up behind the Columbus net. My group cheered for the Sabres (though most of them were really CBJ fans, we were just having some fun) and we were LOUDER than the whole arena with our Let's GO BUFFALO. :) So proud. The boys pulled one out in the shootout (back when they still knew how to do that) so that was rockin.

Game 2- September 29, v. Pittsburgh. I decided the night before that I really wanted to see the Sabres again. When I found out that there was a meet the team thingy afterwards, it was a done deal. I grabbed my friend Mary and we hooked it up. It was a fun game, and then I got to meet Derek Roy for about 10 seconds. It was glorious. And the Sabres won 4-3, so that was good as well.

Game 3- November 2- my brother-in-law got some tickets from the guy down the hall from his office- who has season tickets in the 200 level. Holy WHOA those are some killer seats. I went with my 4-yr old nephew. We had fun, it was pretty sweet to be the one to take him to his first game (well technically, he'd been to a couple of Niagara games with me, but this was his first NHL game). The Sabres played rather poorly and lost 4-2 but we had fun anyway.

Game 4- March 19- and I blogged all about it here in case ya missed it.
My next post will be about the players.. it's still in progress. Now we move on to the present..

It's so hard to watch playoff hockey this year when it's teams I don't care about. ( I wasn't able to watch the Wings last night and the Devils have yet to be on tv.) I saw bits of the Caps/Flyers tonight, that was a wild one. I was so mad when that traitor Briere scored 2 goals in like a minute, sandwiched around one by some other schmuck from the Flyers.. then I took a shower during intermission and got distracted for a while, to come back to a 5-4 game and watch the end. Good job Caps! It was a bit of a fun game, I like the run-and-gun style hockey.. sometimes. I hope every game isn't a shooting gallery but from time to time it can be good.

OKay now to go write my commentary on each Sabres player for the season. I'll be here a while..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday already?

gosh I am tiiiired. I spent the morning mopping and sweeping and the rest of the day raking leaves. We have a BIG yard and there were a TON of leaves in it. We're having this party at our house tommorrow and things need to look nice so I decided to tackle the yard. OOoooy if you ever need a good full-body workout, I suggest raking leaves for 5 hours I feel like an old woman. LOL But at least the yard looks nice and now we'll have some good leaf mulch to use on the garden in the fall. yeeeesh.

so I'll keep this one pretty brief. I'm still mulling over my Sabres season/player recaps but I need a lot of time to write those and time is not something I have too much of at the moment. Maybe this weekend?

Today I want to tell you that the Counting Crows' new album- Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings reminds me of the Sabres! Things like the chorus from the song "Cowboys"- This is a list of what I should've been but I'm not
"Anyone But You- It's almist perfect some of the time/I'm also sinking some of the time/I'm almost ready/ It's almost time/ For almost anyone but you
"You Can't Count on Me"-There's one thing you need to know/And that's that you can't count on me
and then the song "Come Around"- for all of the times that I go spinning up and down/When all of the things have died between us/Well we'll still come around/We will come around (Sound like Sabres fans?)

I dunno, it's just been speaking to me lately. It's a very good album- you should check it.

And to round out the entry, it's time for Hockey Separated at Birth #3:
Today we present Blue Jacket Rick Nash:

And Country Singer Jason Aldean:

Separated at Birth? It's not so obvious from the pics, but watch one of Jason's videos and MAN he looks like Ricky.

That's all for today. I'm still looking for a taker on the Collective Show which is TUESDAY (not monday) the 15th in Rochester.. Anyone? Anyone?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Playoff Predictions

Wow, this is interesting. I always make my predictions based on feelings and wherever the mood takes me, with very little emphasis on statistical analysis and in-depth breakdowns. I base my picks on what little I know about each team, and what feels right. Sometimes I'm way off, sometimes I'm dead on. (I did predict the Red Wings and Devils in the final of 1995- with the Devils winning, the only thing I was wrong about was the number of games. Oh and I called it all before the season started.)

So who knows? Here's what I've got- Playoff Predictions 1.0 (I'll change it as need be)

Round one:
1 Canadiens v. 8 Bruins- Montreal in 5
2 Penguins v. 7 Senators- Pittsburgh in 6
3 Capitals v. 6 Flyers- Caps in 6 (take that Danny Briere!)
4 Devils v. 5 Rangers- Devils in 6

1 Red Wings v. 8 Predators- Detroit in 5
2 Ducks v. 8 Stars- Dallas in 6
3 Wild v. 6 Avalanche- Wild in 5
4 Sharks v. 5 Flames- Calgary in 7

Round 2
Canadiens v. Devils- Montreal in 7
Capitals v. Penguins- Ovie in 7 (sorry Sid)

Red Wings v. Flames- Detroit in 6
Wild v. Stars- Minnesota in 6

Round 3
Montral v. Washington- Montreal in 7
Detroit v. Minnesota- Detroit in 7

Detroit v. Montreal- Montreal in 6

There it is. Again, this is not exactly scientifically based, but my own weird method, based slightly on a knowledge of hockey in general and a bit about the teams.

I still have to do the season breakdown on the Sabres, but this is not the time nor the place. stay tuned..

Monday, April 7, 2008

so much to say

I could ramble about the Sabres forever. I even plan to do a player-by-player breakdown of the season. But right now I just want to sleep.

The past several days have been insanely busy and I have barely had time to breathe, let alone process hockey.

Soon I'll write about the Sabres and make my playoff picks. and then there are those hockey songs..

just letting yall know I'm still here.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

rubbing salt in the wound`

Oooh ouch. The Sabres won that game, handily- which was great. Then there's the post game show, a very terse interview with Lindy- how much do I LOVE that man?! and a bit of a sad goodbye from the studio 200 boys. I think kevin was a little sniffly. "We'll be around"..

so I was feelin a bit down, ya know.. then MSG cuts to this show about the 1994 Rangers and SHOWS the end of that game, which just happened to be the END of my first season as a hockey fan. (and I was a CANUCKS fan, so I was not happy!) Oooh it burns! I can't remember if I cried or not that night, i sure as hell wanted to, I jsut can't remember if I did. I know I could barely watch that stupid game. The boys were there, dammit! I could not sit still, I wandered from the living room to the office and back all night. It was way too tense and in those waning minutes, with the whole crew at MSG losing their minds, I just saw my first hockey dream crumble into dust.

It was not a happy feeling 14 years ago and it still stings. My Pavel Bure was that close to a Stanley Cup and it didn't happen. He was almost the first Russian to have his name on the Cup.. but they couldn't get it done, and he never even came close again. :(

I have since had other teams win- the Wings and the Devils, and seen my fellas- including a team I knew personally- the Dayton Bombers of the ECHL make it to the finals to get swept, but nothing will ever match that feeling of pain on June 14, 1994. And those bastards on MSG just had to bring it back, tonight, when I was already feeling a bit hockey sad.

So I'm not in the mood to dissect the Sabres tonight. It was a good game today, and a good way to end the season- way to go, Thibault and Vanek! Also, way to be a team player, Royzie.. but I will save my season-ending recaps for another time.

I'll also get some playoff predictions going on tomorrow or monday, once the teams are set. Congrats to the Caps- I kinda have a soft spot for them. But I'm still pullin for the Devils and the Wings, those are my boys.

G'night everybody.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why don't you come on out and say it

Well the playoffs are a non-factor now for the Sabres. yeah, it's disappointing, but hey, who really thought they'd hang on this long? I mean we all wish we were in, but taking to the 81st game was an accomplishment in itself. They got shut down tonight by a sick defensive team with a very hot goalie. They sure had some chances, especially late, but Montreal was up to the task. I'd much rather see the boys go down fighting than just fold up and die.

So that's that. I think there might still be a chance that Ottawa wouldn't make it and I would love that. LOL I just can't stand those [expletive] guys. ;)

the demise of playoff hopes comes hard, I'm not gonna lie, but I've been here many a time before on many a level. And it's always hard, whether it's the 81st game of the regular season or game 7 of the Cup finals and your team didn't make it (been there too). But.. there is always next year, and there are always other teams to cheer for.

This is when it helps to have some allegiances outside of the Sabres. For whatever reason- it's your hometown, your first hockey love, you just dig some of the players-- it's good to have a backup plan. Or, barring that, just toss all the playoff teams that you don't hate in a hat and pick one. Lol that way you still have someone to cheer for!

We've still got one more game to see the guys so let's relish it, it's all we have until September comes around and it's pre-season again. IN the meantime, it actually felt like Spring today in Buffalo so maybe that means it is springtime and we can go out and enjoy the lovely weather and not have to be chained to our tvs (it's a willing submission, I'll admit) hanging on every goal or non-goal.

I'll do some serious reflections in the next while, but I want to wait until the season is all the way over for that. I have a lot to say about these boys and I want to do it right.

for now.. it's bedtime. I have to be up at 6:30ish again. grrr.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Boston got 1 pt tonight, Philadelphia got NONE. Take that Bucky Gleason! That article wins the assholery award of the day. What a jerk! Have a little faith, a little hope, will ya? Bite me dude.

speaking of the word "dude" I had a funny moment today at Taco bell. I happened to be sharing the restaurant with the memebers of the 16 and Under California Wave hockey team who are in town for the USA hockey National Tournament. They were acting like typical teenagers, goofing off and all (though seriously, who lets their team eat taco bell before a game?-- side note, they won the game, 4-2 so I guess it worked out)
Anyway, I think that every other word I heard was "dude". This is pretty normal for teenagers, but seemed to be a bit on the extreme side, which made me laugh, because after all, doesn't everyone in California say "dude" all the time? LOL It's like this guy who played for the Utah Grizzlies when I worked for them- Travis Rycroft. He was from somehere in British Columbia, and he had that stereotypical Canadian thing going on, he really did say "eh" about once a sentence. It was hilarious. And then he'd say things like, "Bet you didn't know I was Canadian, eh?"

Maybe I'm just easily amused. It's possible.

Non-hockey related but important news: Anyone like the band Collective Soul? If you don't, you should, but that's not the point. The point is that they are plaing in Rochester, at Water Street music hall on April 15 and I plan on going. I think I can even get some free tickets (my brother-in-law owns the building next door to the hall, so he gets hookups for stuff like that) but I don't have anyone to go with! (My concert buddy is my sister who is currently in Iraq with the Army.. blah!) Soooo, do any of you lovely readers want to go? Just a thought.. Let me know if you're interested and I'll see if we can work something out. They are an incredible band to see live, I highly recommend them.

Oh and it's Wednesday again, so here is Separated at Birth #2:

Adam Mair and Jack Nicholson (the Joker)

It's something about that smile.. "Loooooove that Joker".

There ya have it folks. I need some sleep, I've got to leave here early tomorrow for work. The Sabres live to torment the good citizens of WNY for another day, at least tomorrow's game is in their control. LET'S GO BUFFALO!

And don't forget about that Collective Soul thing. You can email me if you want to.. peace out yall.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

stayin alive part II

Wow. They sure know how to make things interesting.

I like it!

ANd there is still a chance. The Sabres live to fight another day. Tomorrow can decide it if Philadelphia and Boston win, if either of them loses, we still could make it happen.


That shootout was mad intense. Good job Miller! And Max, way to do something, finally!

and how nice of the Sabres to score a PP goal, instead of allowing a shortie.. again.

Roy's goal was sick. He wasn't even on his feet when he scored.

I'm so proud of the boys for gutting it out. Well done fellas!