Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We like to party

and by party I mean allow soft goals to kill our lead. Ugh Sabres, STOP letting them come back dammit!

I thought Petey's fights were actually pretty good, especially for him, Koci is a nasty piece of work and I dont know much about Janssen but Petey definitely held his own and got some punches in, which is more than he usually does. Well done, lad.

ARGH Royzie just blasted one off the post. a little to the left, buddy.

Legace has a 33.96 GAA for this game and .571 save %. That is PAINFUL. He's on my fantasy team. I might as well just concede the goalie stats for the week. I'm currently tied for 1st place points wise in the echl league. I'm one win shy of #1 though so I come in at 2nd. I'm in 7th in the IPB Amazingleague. Not too terrible. (of course that's where I have Legace with those stellar stats so who knows where I'll end up after this week.)

Oh and Alexander Semin is incredible. He has 5 points tonight- 2 G 3 A- and he's on my team! WOOO!

Speaking of Caps, Tyler Sloan is back in Washington. He's trying to keep himself in the NHL and it's awesome!

I love it when Hank Tallinder scores, he looks SO HAPPY! Must be because he knew that Heather B was at the game. :)

WHY don't each of the NHL's teams do a sexytime photo shoot like the skanky Rangers did with Men's Journal? I mean that's just not fair to the rest of the hockey world who HATES the Rangers (even if some of them look pretty nice in a suit)?

Oh crap. Timmy is broken again. Or at least not on the bench. He did get a nasty hit earlier in the period. Boo.

That's all the rambles I have for the moment. Time to finish the game and then read my sweet good book. Oh shoot and find a SAB. Stay tuned..

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Slyborg said...

I loved the mention of special consideration in their tailoring for their enormous booties in the Men's Journal article. Mmmmmmm