Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I got an e-mail from The Hockey News inviting me to re-subscribe. I have had a subscription on and off for at least 10 years now. I really do enjoy reading it, but let the subscription lapse when I realized that I had a 2-foot stack of UNread issues in my room. But I kinda want to have it around again. I do enjoy print media, even with the glut of internet-ness out there *much of it very good*, sometimes it's nice to have something to HOLD in your hand. I very much feel this way about books. I think the idea of e-books is great, but I still prefer bound paper and probably always will.

Anyway the point of all this is to tell you about a bizarre picture I found on the site. It was a photo teaser about the magazine, as well as the Draft Preview and Future Watch, 2 special issues of THN that you receive with your subscription. It also included a picture.. of either the season in review magazine or the Preview, I'm not sure which. I remember getting it but don't recall which one it was. It features everyone's favorite player, Sidney Crosby, holding The Cup. Fair enough, it was the Penguins who won last year. My issue is not with Sid, but the picture, and the photo editing..


So.. either Sid has a random 3rd hand no one knows about.. or someone miffed a photo editing job. Hmm.. I wish I still had the magazine around so I could check if it made it to the print copy..

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Dannielle said...

LOL, I had to show this to people. Sidney is super creepy. :p