Friday, February 9, 2018


YAY it's Olympics time!

Derek Roy is playing for Team Canada!

I'm watching the opening ceremonies and I need to blog about it.

The flag bearer from NZ is adorable.

Oooh Monaco's flag fella is cute too.

The commercial for The Voice making fun of famous people doing compilation songs/videos was great.

'Merica: go big or go home: 242 most athletes of any olympics ever.

Geez why do I always get teary-eyed about Americans in the Olympics? Country pride baby!

Montenegro's flag is cool

Mongolia's coats are serious.

Our team's gloves are ugly. The jackets are nice but the sweaters are dorky as heck.

Wow Bulgaria's neon green is... interesting.

Switzerland and Great Britain have competed at every Winter and Summer Olympics. Fun trivia for you.

Slovenia is in on the neon green action as well. What's the deal?

No South American country has ever won medals at the winter olympics? More trivia for you.

Ireland rockin the wacko neon green too.

I love everybody's scarves- Olympic scarves are boss

The Jamacians are bustin some great moves with their women's bobsled team

And Hungary is also neon green. Who knew that would be the color of choice.

Wow this North and South Korea showing up together is pretty beautiful though it makes you wonder... I do like how the Olympics can bring togetherness. I'm trying to roll with that.

Allright, now it's time for weird opening ceremonies stuff!

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