Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm not dead! (yet)

It's been 19 months since my last blog post.. no biggie.

And the irony of my last post being a resolution to "blog more' is not lost on me. ;)

I feel like I've kind of neglected hockey in the past couple of seasons. I didn't watch a single Sabres game on tv for 2 years *(we don't have cable anymore)* and only attended one (preseason) game last year. I did see the Canes in DC (yay Gerbe!) and the Red Wings in Philly last year, so I got a couple of live games. We didn't even get to the CBJ weekend with the nephews last season, (first time in 4 years) or the preseason Dannie b-day hockey game (first time in.. 7? years). Boo on real life getting in the way of my hockey dreams.  (and it's not like I've been out having fabulous adventures every minute either, my life has just been very busy with regular stuff.)

But I want to change that. It's almost hockey time again, and I want to return to my long-lost love. I miss it. I just renewed my subscription to The Hockey News, so that should help.

So here's to hockey!

Let's see how long it goes til my next post. (I'm aiming for a week or less.)

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